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Helping Children Grow - River to Coast Children`s Services
April 2011 Abril
Helping Children Grow
Mission Statement: Our mission is to nurture the healthy
development of children and parents in our community. We offer
resources, referrals and support to families and child care providers
in western Sonoma County.
Month of the Young Child/Mes del Niño Pequeño
Resources, Referrals, and Support / Recursos, Referencias, y Apoyo
Week of the Young Child: April 10-16, 2011/Semana del Niño Pequeño: 10 a 16 Abril 2011
National Child Abuse Prevention Month/el Mes Nacional de Prevención del Abuso Infantil
What is the Week of the Young Child?
The Week of the Young Child (April 10 16) is an annual celebration sponsored by
the National Association for the Education of
Young Children (NAEYC), the world’s largest early
childhood education association, with nearly 90,000
members and a network of over 300 local, state, and regional
The purpose of the Week of the Young Child is to focus public attention
on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the
early childhood programs and services that meet those needs.
NAEYC first established the Week of the Young Child in 1971, recognizing that
the early childhood years (birth through age 8) lay the foundation for children’s
success in school and later life. The Week of the Young Child is a time to plan how
we--as citizens of a community, of a state, and of a nation--will better meet the
needs of all young children and their families.
Budget Cuts: How they will impact
children and parents and child care &
support programs.
March 4, 2011 / A March 17, 2011 update on some
of the voting outcomes follows this letter by Donita
Child care took a devastating blow from a $500 million
cut as the Joint Legislative Budget Conference Committee
finalized their cuts to move the budget on to the Senate
and Assembly floors. The cuts are as follows:
• Stage 3 Child Care: Restores CalWORKs Stage 3
without any policy changes enacted during the
current year (April - June 2011)
• Across-the-Board Program Cuts: Reduces funding
to all subsidy programs, including pre-school, by
15 percent. Cuts $267 million in Prop. 98 funding.
• 11 & 12 year-old Eligibility: Eliminate Eligibility
for 11- 12 year-olds who use child care during
traditional hours. This protects care during nontraditional hours and exempts children with
disabilities, those at risk of abuse or homeless.
Cuts $38.5 million in Prop. 98 funding.
• State Median Income: Reduce Family State Median
Income (SMI) to 70 percent from the current level
of 75 percent. Cuts $30 million in Prop. 98 funding.
Centralized Eligibility List: Eliminate the Centralized
Eligibility List and transfer funds to direct child
care services. No cuts to funding.
License-exempt Provider Reimbursement: Reduce
License-exempt providers rates from 80 percent
of the licensed rate to 60 percent. Cuts $44.1
million in Prop. 98 funding.
Standard Reimbursement Rate: Reduce the
Standard Reimbursement Rate (SRR) by up to 10
percent. Cuts $109 million in Prop. 98 funding.
Family Fees: Approves a 10 percent across the
board increase to the family fee schedule. (unclear
how this would be implemented) No funding cut
amount noted
Quality Child Care Funding: Reduce quality child
care funding by $16 million in federal funds lost
from the one-time ARRA funding. Details of the
specific cuts to the Quality funding will be available
soon. (note: as of printing, these cuts include the
elimination of the License-Exempt Project, CCIP
cut 15%, Trustline, Consumer education, Health &
safety Grants cut 9%)
Additionally, the “refundable” portion of the
Child and Dependent Care Expense Credit was
eliminated. The core tax credit program is retained.
Proposition 10 Funds shifted to Medi-Cal: $1 billion of
State and County Proposition 10 funds will be re-directed
to the State General Fund to cover Medi-Cal coverage for
0 - 5 year-olds in the State. $950 million will come from
local Commissions reserves and $50 million will come from
State Commission reserves. It is our understanding that
there is an interpretation that this type of move WILL NOT
require an initiative.
It is hard to even imagine the impact of these reductions
across California and to the children and families that we
serve every day. Advocates will regroup tomorrow and
determine what options are available to us to counter
any of these reductions, but I fear there are few if any
The budget will now be up for a vote on both the Senate
and Assembly floors and it is important that you contact
your Legislators and let them know the devastating impact
of these reductions in your communities. While the voters
passed an initiative to allow the approval of a State budget
by a majority vote, it is still necessary to obtain a 2/3 vote
for an tax continuations or expansion, so this budget will
require a 2/3 vote to pass which means that all Democratic
Legislators plus two Republican Legislators in each house
will need to vote to support the budget bills.
After approved by both the Senate and Assembly, it goes
to the Governor for his signature and at that point he can
“blue pencil” additional funding if he so chooses, however,
he cannot add anything to the budget.
Donita Stromgren
Policy and Member Services Director
California Child Care
Resource & Referral Network
PMB 241 417 Mace Boulevard, Suite J
Davis, CA 95618
(530) 750-1127
Working to meet child care needs throughout California
Expenditure Reduction Budget Trailer Bills Pass
Updates from March 16 and 17, 2011, information from
Tim Fitzharris, Legislative Analyst, CDPI
On March 16th, both houses took up Budget trailer bills
and passed many of them, including the ones affecting
CalWORKs, mental health, and First 5 funding. On March
17th, the Budget itself was called up. The votes needed
weren’t there for the revenues. Relative to the approved
trailer bills, is a one-time funding sweep of $50 million
from the State First 5 Commission and $950 million from
county First 5 Commissions; for CalWORKs, reduced
benefits and eligibility. The Education trailer bill was
passed by both houses .
How do these cuts effect Child Development
programs and families receiving services?
What about the 15% cut in funds and its across-theboard implementation ?
The Trailer Bills states:
“The amounts appropriated (for) Preschool Education,
General Child Care, Migrant Day Care, Alternative
Payment Program, CalWORKs Stage 3, and Allowance
for Handicapped, reflect a reduction of 15 percent, to
be effective July 1, 2011, to all contracts. The State
Department of Education may consider the contractor’s
performance or whether the contractor serves children in
underserved areas as defined in subdivision (ag) of Section
8208 of the Education Code when determining contract
reductions, provided that the aggregate reduction to
each program specified above is 15 percent.”
What about Family Fee increases?
The Trailer Bill states:
Family Fees. “Notwithstanding any other provision of
law, the family fee schedule that was in effect for the
2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, and 2010-11 fiscal years
shall be adjusted to reflect the income eligibility limits
specified in subdivision (a) for the 2011-12 fiscal year,
and shall retain a flat fee per family. The revised fee
schedule shall begin at income levels at which families
currently begin paying fees, and shall reflect an
increase of 10 percent as compared to existing fees.
The revised family fees shall not exceed 10 percent
of the family’s monthly income. The Department of
Education shall first submit the adjusted fee schedule to
the Department of Finance for approval in order to be
implemented by July 1, 2011.”
How will families be "dis-enrolled from subsidized
programs ??
The Trailer Bill states:
“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, families
shall be disenrolled from subsidized child care services
consistent with the priorities for services specified in
subdivision (b) of Section 8263 of the Education Code.
Families shall be disenrolled in the following order: (a)
families whose income exceeds 70 percent of the state
median income (SMI) adjusted for family size, except for
families whose children are receiving child protective
services or are at risk of being neglected or abused, (b)
families with the highest income below 70 percent of the
SMI adjusted for family size, (c) of families with the same
income level, those that have been receiving child care
services for the longest period of time, (d) of families
with the same income level, those that have a child with
exceptional needs, and (e) families with children who
are receiving child protective services or are at risk of
being neglected or abused, regardless of family income.”
How has the Standand reimbursement rate been
Here is what the Trailer Bill states:
“Effective July 1, 2011, the maximum standard
reimbursement rate shall not exceed $30.94 per day for
general child care programs and $19.10 per day for state
preschool programs. Furthermore, the migrant child care
and Cal-SAFE child care programs shall adhere to the
maximum standard reimbursement rates as prescribed
for the general child care programs. All other rates and
adjustment factors shall conform.”
RCCS is pleased to present to you a
three-part workshop series
from the book title:
Infant /toddler learnIng &
development foundatIons
The Infant /Toddler Learning & Development
Foundations is an important component of the
California’s Early Learning and Development
System that describes competencies that
infants and toddlers typically attain during
the first three years. Participants will actively
engage in the large group discussion as they
explore the book and become familiar with this
valuable resource, based on state-of-the-art
information on early learning and development
and the best practices in early education.
RCCS se enorgullece de presentarles,una
serie de tres talleres basados en el libro
los fundamentos del
aprendIzaje y el desarrollo InfantIl de CalIfornIa
Resources, Referrals, and Support E Recursos, Referencias y Apoyo
Los Fundamentos del Aprendizaje y el Desarrollo Infantil es uno de los componentes importantes
del Sistema de Aprendizaje y Desarrollo Infantil de California que describen las competencias que
los infantes adquieren típicamente durante los primeros tres años. Los participantes van a formar
parte activa de la discusión y de la exploración de estos materiales de recurso tan valiosos basados
en la última información en el aprendizaje y desarrollo infantil y en las mejores prácticas de la
educación temprana.
Social Emotional Development / Desarrollo Socioemocional
March 16, 2011
Language Development / Desarrollo del Lenguaje
April 20, 2011
Cognitive Development / Desarrollo Cognitivo
May 18, 2011
RSVP Mendy 869-3613 x 117 or Olga 869-3613 x 103
Workshops will be at RCCS
2011 National Infant immunization Week April 23-30
Milestones Reached
Several important milestones already have been reached in controlling vaccine-preventable diseases among infants and adults worldwide. Vaccines have drastically reduced infant death and disability caused by preventable diseases in the United States. In addition:
Follow me to Kindergym ! Sigueme a Kindergym !
River to Coast Children’s Services now offers
Kindergym in Forestville!
Starting Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011
When: Wednesdays from 9:30 AM to Noon
Where: The United Methodist Church, 6550 Covey Road (near the intersection
of Hwy 116 and Covey Road in downtown Forestville)
Who: Designed for children ages 0 to 5 years, child must be accompanied by
their parent/guardian/adult childcare provider
Why: To have FUN while developing friendships, connecting with community
resources, learning parenting skills, and the latest about Child Development,
Health, Nutrition and Safety.
FREE! But donations are gladly accepted!
River to Coast Children’s Services ofrece ahora
Kindergym en Forestville!
A partir Miércoles, 02 de febrero 2011
Helping Children Grow
Resources, Referrals, and Support / Recursos, Referencias, y Apoyo
Call 869.3613 for more
Llame al 869.3613 para obtener
más información
Cuándo: Los Miércoles 9:30 AM hasta el mediodía
Dónde: En la Iglesia Metodista Unida, 6550 Covey Road
(cerca de la intersección de la carretera 116 y calle Covey
en el centro de Forestville)
Quién: Diseñado para niños de 0 a 5 años, el niño
debe estar acompañado por sus padres, tutores o
adulto proveedor de cuidado de niños
Por qué: Para divertirse al mismo tiempo que
desarrollo amistades, conectándose con
recursos de la comunidad, aprendiedo
técnicas de crianza, y lo última sobre
el Desarrollo del Niño, Salud, Nutrición
y Seguridad.
GRATIS! Pero las donaciones son aceptadas con gusto.
Follow me to Kindergym ! Sigueme a Kindergym !
River to Coast Children’s Services offers
Kindergym in Guerneville
When: Monday and Tuesday from 9:45 AM to 12:20 PM
Where: The Guerneville Veterans’ Hall , corner of 1st and Church Street in
downtown Guerneville.
Who: Designed for children ages 0 to 5 years, child must be accompanied by
their parent/guardian/adult childcare provider
Why: To have FUN while developing friendships, connecting with community
resources, learning parenting skills, and the latest about Child Development,
Health, Nutrition and Safety. FREE! But donations gladly accepted
River to Coast Children’s Services ofrece
Kindergym en Guerneville!
Call 869.3613 for more
Llame al 869.3613 para obtener
más información
Helping Children Grow
Cuándo: Lunes y martes empezando a las 9:45 AM hasta 12:00
Dónde: En el Guerneville Veterans’ Hall, en la esquina de
1st y Calle Church.
Quién: Diseñado para niños de 0 a 5 años, el niño debe
estar acompañado por sus padres, tutores o adulto
proveedor de cuidado de niños
Por qué: Para divertirse al mismo tiempo que
desarrollo amistades, conectándose con recursos
de la comunidad, aprendiedo técnicas de
crianza, y lo última sobre el Desarrollo del
Niño, Salud, Nutrición y Seguridad.
GRATIS, pero las donaciones son aceptada con
Resources, Referrals, and Support / Recursos, Referencias, y Apoyo
• Through
we can now protect infants
and children from 14 vaccinepreventable diseases before
age two.
• In the 1950s, nearly every child developed measles,
and unfortunately, some even
died from this serious disease.
Today, few physicians just out
of medical school will ever
see a case of measles during
their careers.
• In March 2005, CDC announced that rubella is no
longer a major health threat
to expectant mothers and
their unborn children, thanks
to a safe and effective vaccine, high vaccine coverage.
• In September 2010, CDC
announced that childhood immunization rates for vaccines
routinely recommended for
children remain at or near record highs.
Yet without diligent efforts
to maintain immunization
programs in the United States
and to strengthen them
worldwide, vaccine-preventable diseases will remain a
threat to children. As illustrations, it’s only necessary
to consider the 2010 California outbreak of whooping cough where over 8,000
cases were reported in the
state and where there were
10 infant deaths, or measles,
which takes the lives of more
than 100,000 children globally each year.
Information from:
Calendar April 2011 Abril Calendario
• 4/4 & 5: Kindergym in Guerneville, 9:45 to 12:20 at the Vets' Hall in
• 4/6: Kindergym in Forestville
• 4/5: Attendance sheets due in RCCS by 5 PM y Hoy es el día límite de las
Join us as
Rainbow Cattle Company
Give Back Tuesday
With Chef Dominic Maccario!
Donation : $5.00 OR MORE!
Hojas de Asistencia a las 5 PM
When: April 19, 2011 (starts at 6:00 PM,
• 4/11 & 12: Kindergym in Guerneville
with dinner service at 7:00 PM)
• 4/12: Parent, Provider and Program (PPP) Committee meets at 6:00
Where: Rainbow Cattle Company
PM at RCCS. Call Soledad at 869.3613 x 107 y El Comité de Padres,
Proveedores y Programas (PPP) se reúne a las 6:00 PM en RCCS. Por favor Why: Help support River to Coast
Children’s Services community
llamar a Soledad al 707-869-3613 x 107
• 4/13: Kindergym in Forestville
• 4/15: Evening of Honor, Una Noche de Homenaje 6-8PM, Mary Agatha
Furth Center
• 4/18 & 19: Kindergym in Guerneville
• 4/18: Provider Payday y Día de pago de los proveedores
• 4/19: Giveback Tuesday at Rainbow Cattle Co. starts 6:00 PM
• 4/20: Kindergym in Forestville
• 4/20: Provider and Parents Workshop,“Language Development” y Taller de proveedores y padres,
“Desarrollo del Lenguaje”, 6:15 to 8:15 PM, at/en RCCS, RSVP Mendy or Olga at 869-3613
• 4/25 & 26: Kindergym in Guerneville
• 4/27: Kindergym in Forestville
• 4/27: Board of Directors meeting y Mesa Directiva de RCCS se reúne, 6:30 at RCCS
• 4/27: Outreach Committee meeting 5:30 PM at RCCS y El comité de publicidad de RCCS se réune de
5:30 PM en RCCS
(16220 Main Street in downtown Guerneville)
Resources, Referrals, and Support / Recursos, Referencias, y Apoyo
RCCS! My parents
want FREE tax preparation!
River to Coast Children’s Services is a site where
parents can come to get FREE tax pREpaRation
assistance and get help applying for their EaRnEd
inComE tax CREdit. parents should call for an
appointment: 707.869.3613. Saturday appointments
available starting Feb 5, 2011.
You maY be eligible for these tax credits, even if You don’t owe income tax:
• Up to $2,100 from the Federal Child and dependent Care tax Credit and up to $1,050 from the California tax Credit for Child
and dependent Care Expenses.
• Up to $5,666 from Federal Earned income Credit (EitC)
• Up to $1,000 per child from the Federal Child tax Credit
• Up to $880 from the making Work pay Credit (if you haven’t already received it in your take-home pay)
but, You must file a tax return to get this moneY back!
Hola! Mis
padres quieren que la
preparación de impuestos
Usted puede venir a River to Coast Children’s Services
y obtener ayuda para obtener su crédito EaRnEd
inComE tax CREdit. Los padres pueden llamar y
hacer una cita: 707-869-3613. Se harán citas para
los sábados empezando el 5 de febrero del 2011.
deba usted o no impuestos sobre sus ingresos, podría obtener miles de dólares en créditos fiscales.
Si pudiera calificar para:
• Hasta $2,100 del crédito fiscal federal Child Caretax Credit y hasta $1,050 del crédito estatal California tax Credit for
Child and dependent Care Expenses.
• Hasta $5,666 del crédito fiscal federal Earned income tax Credit.
• Hasta $1,000 por cada niño crédito fiscal federal Child tax Credit.
• Hasta $800 del crédito federal making Work pay, si aún no lo ha recibo en su salario neto.
Para obtener estos crÉditos, debe Presentar ona declaraciÓn de imPuestos.
Visit us on Facebook:
What to do, What to do! APRIL 24 -- a date to put on your calendar.
What is it?? It’s the Annual Rio Nido Roadhouse Easter Egg Hunt, open to kids of all ages.
There will also be a marshmallow roast and hot chocolate plus an new event this year: the Peeps Diorama Contest.
The Egg Hunt begins at 1:00 p.m., and the Diorama Contest judging will be at 2:30 p.m.
Call 869-0821 for more information.
Save the Date
Reserve el Día
PROVIDERS! Save the date for a Pediatric CPR/first
aid training.
You can choose from any one of the following 2011
Saturday dates:
◊ March 5 ◊ ◊ June 4 ◊ ◊ September 3 ◊ ◊
December 3 ◊
If you wish to sign up for one of the trainings please
Stephanie Mashek, trainer at 887-2452
AND Mendy at 869-3613 ext 117
All trainings to take place at RCCS Conference room
2011 Evening of Honor
Una Noche de Homenaje
A Celebration of the Early Childhood Education Community
Una Celebración de la Comunidad
para la Educación de la Edad Temprana
Friday, April 15, 2011
Viernes, 15 de abril, 2011
6 - 8 pm
An Adult-Only Event – Solamente Adultos Por Favor
River area Child Care Providers: Do you know that
the Guerneville Librarian makes housecalls ?? You
can schedule a visit by calling Carol at 869-9004 x 5.
Light Refreshments - Refrescos
Honors & Recognition - Homenaje y Reconocimiento
Mary Agatha Furth Center
8400 Old Redwood Hwy, Windsor
Subsidized Families: FYI, Our Service
Delivery Area
Do you know someone who is retiring? Conoce a alguien que se va a retirar?
Please contact/Por favor comuníquese con
Laura Vallejo: [email protected]
Do you know someone who deserves or needs a “hug” award?
Conoce a alguien que merece o necesita un premio “abrazo”?
Please contact/Por favor comuníquese con
Cynara Martin: [email protected]
This event is sponsored by:
Este evento es auspiciado por:
Sonoma County Association for the Education of Young Children (SCAEYC),
Child Care Planning Council of Sonoma County (CCPC), Community Child Care
Council (4Cs) of Sonoma County, CAP of Sonoma County Head Start, River to
Coast Children’s Services, PaceAPP and SRJC Child Development Department.
• RCCS’ service area includes the West Sonoma
County Union High School district, the Sonoma
County portion of Shoreline Unified School
District and the Kashia Reservation School
• For AP funding: For families in the Alternative
Payment Programs, either the care must be
used OR the family must live in the service
area descried above.
• For CFCC Funding: For families in the Family
Child Care (CFCC) programs, child care must
be provided by our contracted providers in
the RCCS Family Child Care Network
Enrolled Parents: Your case manager will share
information about network providers with you.
Save the dates! Stand for Children Day: May 4th, 2011 in Sacramento
The annual Stand for Children day ia an opportunity to display our powerful collective commitment to California’s children through skillbuilding, advocacy, testimony and celebration.
Last year over 500 parents and child care supporters from more than 22 counties advocated on behalf of California’s children. Call RCCS for
information on how you can participate.
our referral policy
River to coast children’s services’ referral policy is based on
respecting parental choice. Responsibility for selecting child
care rests with each parent. RCCS assists parents in finding the
widest range of available child care and offers information to
help families evaluate available child care options. A RIVER TO
COAST CHILDREN’S SERVICES referral is not a recommendation
or a guarantee of quality care. Parents should carefully
interview and check references of potential child care
providers before leaving a child in their care.
La poliza de referencias de RIVER TO COAST CHILDREN’S SERVICES
respeta la preferencia de los padres. La responsabilidad de
escoger el cuidado de niños es de los padres. Asistimos a los
padres a encontrar la variedad más amplia de cuidado de niños
que se ofrece y ofrecemos información para evaluar el cuidado
de niños. Una recomendación de RCCS no significa una garantía
de calidad. Les pedimos a los padres que hagan una entrevista
cuidadosa y que examinen las recomendaciones antes de que
dejen un niño al cuidado de otra persona.
For Information on all licensed family child care homes and
centers call Community Care Licensing at 707.588.5026
Padres que están buscando información acerca de quejas
previas de una casa o centro con licencia para cuidar niños,
pueden llamar a Community Care Licensing tel. 588-5026.
River to Coast Children’s Services. 707.869-3613.
[email protected] /
Para registrar una queja llamen al mismo numero al River to
Coast Children’s Services. 707.869-3613.
Free Parenting Group
Friday Mornings at 8:30 AM
at Guerneville School
bein he fun b
g a p ack
aren in
e with
a manest parenting!
the b
Even hink of eve
Here is a chance to practice simple strategies
in a group that offers a safe, non-judgmental
environment , simple strategies you may not
have thought of. Find out what works for EVERY
parent. Learn simple ways to improve the
relationship with your children, maintain
control of your household and increase your
children’s cooperation.
Come to the school office to ask for the
room number & join us.
Call 865-1200 Ext. 103
Facilitated by D. Breeze Holloway MA, MFTI #62525
Your Government Officials
Jerry Brown
State Capitol Building Ste 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 445-2841
FAX: (916)445-4633
Senator Barbara Boxer
1700 Montgomery Street, Ste 240
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 403-0100
Fax: (415) 956-6701
Email: [email protected]
Senator Diane Feinstein
One Post Street, Suite 2450
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: (415) 393-0707
Email: [email protected]
State Senator Mark Leno
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Ste 14800
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 557-1300
Fax: (415) 557-1252
Email:[email protected]
State Senator Noreen Evans
50 D Street, Suite 120 A
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: (707) 576-2771
Fax: (707) 576-2773
Email: [email protected]
Assemblyman Wes Chesbro
50 D Street, Ste 450
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: (707) 576-2526
Fax: (707) 576-2297
Email: [email protected]
Representative Mike Thompson
240 Main Street, Ste 101
Napa, CA 94959
Phone: (707)226-9898
Fax: (707)251-9800
Email: [email protected]
Assemblywman Michael Allen
50 D Street, Suite 301
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: (707) 546-4500
Fax: (707) 546-9031
Click here to contact via email.
Representative Lynn Woolsey
1101 College Avenue, Ste 400
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: (707) 542-7182
Fax: (707) 542-2745
Assemblyman Jared Huffman
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 412
San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone: (707)938-8157
Fax: (415)479-2123
Email: [email protected]
Save this Date to celebrate
The 6th Annual
June 11, 2011
Enchanted Wine Country Evening
Korbel Champagne Wine Cellars once again hosts this celebration
of fabulous food, fine wines, fantastic auctions and music.
A great time for a great benefit:
River to Coast Children’s Services.
For details & to purchase tickets call RCCS at 707.869.3613
Enchanted Wine County Evening
Auction Items Preview
Anchor Brewing Company, tour for 8
Aquarium by the Bay, 2 gift certificates
BBQ Smokehouse, gift certificate
Cold Stone Creamery, one large cake
de Young Museum SF, admission pass for 4
Flavor Bistro, gift certificate
Getaway Adventures/Wine Country Bike Tours, "Cycle for 2"
Hilton Sonoma Wine Country, 1 night's stay
Korbel, 2 Cs of champagne
La Tortilla Factory, gift basket
Little River Inn and Restaurant, 18 holes of golf for 2
Northwood Golf Course, 9 holes for 2
Raindance Spa-The Lodge at Sonoma, 1 night's stay
Rainforest Cafe, 4 gift certificates
Safeway gift certificate
Twin Pines Casino and Hotel, 2 nights' stay and dinner
Following are the names of
River to Coast Children’s Services
Staff and their phone number extensions.
(707) 869-3613 / from the Sonoma Coast 1-800-994-3613
Donna Roper (Executive Director) 111
Kellie Nunez(Operations Manager) 105
Fran Levy (Bookkeeper) 106
Sally Ingram (Case Management Coordinator) 109
Soledad Cardona (Family Case Manager) 107
Tess Lowe (Family Case Manager) 114
Rosie Hernandez (Family Case Manager) 110
Mendy Behrens (Child Development Resource Specialist) 117
Cara Colombo (Child Development Resource Specialist) 112
Olga King (Child Development Resource Specialist) 103
Elaina Boyce (Community Resources Coordinator, Newsletter
Editor) 104
Vesta Griffith (Office/Reception) Front Desk Staff 101
Breeze Holloway, Counseling Intern. For an appointment, please
leave message & phone number at extension 153 and Breeze will
return your call.
ser Cel
vic ebr
e t ati
o c ng
hil 35
dre ye
n & ars
fam of
P.O. Box 16
Guerneville, CA 95446
River to Coast Children’s Services
P.O.Box 16/16300 1st St.
Guerneville, Ca 95446
Fax(707) 869-2616
email: [email protected]
River to Coast Children’s Services
Serving west Sonoma County with:
Help paying for child care
Referrals for child care
Resources for children and their families
Support for child care providers
Emergency Resources Program
Kindergym and Infantgym in Guerneville
Car Safety Seat Program
Counseling Program for children and their
River to Coast Children’s Services
P.O.Box 16/16300 1st St.
Guerneville, Ca 95446
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email: [email protected]
River to Coast Children’s Services
Sirviendo el Oeste del Condado de Sonoma
Referencias para el Cuidado de Niños
Recursos para los Niños y sus Familias
Apoyo para los Proveedores del Cuidado de
Ayuda Monetaria para el Cuidado de Niños
Programa de suministros de Emergencia
Gimnasio para Niños en Guerneville
Programa de Asientos de Seguridad
Programa de Conserjería
Annual Report Issue!
Inside this issue:
Important information on the current budget
cuts and what these cuts mean to child care
availabilty, cost and quality. Please read!
Printed with funds provided by the California Department of Education

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