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Summer 2015 - Holyoke Public Schools
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Holyoke Public Schools
Volume 13, Issue 4
A Community
Community Working
Working Together
Summer 2015
An Open Letter to the Holyoke School Community
End of the School Year
By Dr. Sergio Páez, Superintendent of Schools
Since I began as Superintendent in the Holyoke Public Schools, people have
worked tirelessly to implement new initiatives to transform our district. As you know,
the district is now in state receivership. As we proceed, it is important that we reflect
on how this transition can be turned into an opportunity to continue supporting our
students and our families. We have set a new tone for the issues related to our district,
and it is important that the existing foundation continues to be built upon. I believe that
changes in education are complex but are based on human capital and intelligent decisions which then impact resources and quality of programs.
The last two years have been professionally exhilarating and personally rewarding for me in my role as Superintendent. I want to acknowledge the commitment and
dedication of so many individuals and organizations in supporting the initiatives we recently started. The amount of work that has been performed is truly remarkable, and I
am very proud that we worked together to implement a comprehensive plan to improve outcomes and conditions for students in Holyoke. I wish nothing but success for
the students which will also prove, as we have always said, that every student can learn
and reach their potential in our public schools. In closing I’d like to:
Student Artist:
Jasan Bonilla, Donahue School
Inside this issue:
District News
School News
Remind parents/guardians to register your students for kindergarten and preschool (See page 2).
Praise our high school graduates (For a listing of college acceptances visit our district home page).
Felicitate Holyoke High’s As Schools Match Wits Team (See page 10).
After School
Applaud The Holyoke Early Literacy Initiative [HELI], for its recognition as a 2014 Pacesetter by
the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (See page 3).
Congratulate our Rising Stars (See page 3).
Commend Mark Todd and Shaylyn Fitzell-Stevens from Holyoke High School. Shaylyn has been
honored with the Partners in Excellence Teacher Award and Mark has been named a Massachusetts Teachers Association Boston Red Sox Most Valuable Educator (See page 10).
Announce that the Special Education Department has produced a new newsletter entitled Voices
for the purposes of providing information about special education issues, educators, programs,
happenings, and events (See page 2).
Thank those who supported the district's Instrumental Spring Concert, the Heart of Holyoke
Annual Student Art Show, and Holyoke High Drama Club’s To Kill a Mockingbird.
Encourage you to regularly
visit the Holyoke Public Schools
website for important communications. Summer programming
and back to school information
will also be available.
Thank you all for your hard
work and support. I wish you all
a safe and enjoyable summer.
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Edition Highlights:
● HELI Recognized as
2014 Pacesetter
● Rising Stars
● Pathways Graduates
● Special Education
Skating Program
● Students Rewarded for
Best Attendance
● Fall Athletics:
Tryout Information
Visit receive updates on district news, videos and photos.
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Page 2
The mission of the
Holyoke Public
Schools is to provide
opportunities for all
students to reach
their full potential in a
safe, secure, healthy
learning environment
while valuing diversity
and promoting
College Acceptances - Congratulations
Holyoke High and Dean Tech students!
Visit the district website
for Summer Information,
Visit the HPS district home page for complete listing— .
High School Athletics
Tryout Information: See page 12.
Learning Opportunities,
Community Literacy
Programs, and
Children must be 5 years old on or
before September 1, 2015
Holyoke School
Registration by Appointment Only
New Special Education
Mayor Alex Morse
Newsletter - Voices
Dennis Birks
Erin Brunelle
Accessible via the Good News
page on our district website.
John Brunelle
William Collamore
Irene Feliciano-Sims
Mildred Lefebvre
Devin Sheehan
John G. Whelihan
Rosalee Tensley
Call 413- 534-2007
Applications and registration
information are available at the Student
Assignment Office (57 Suffolk Street 1st
Floor) and on the district website.
For Parents/Guardians of Current Sixth Graders
For a student to enter seventh grade in September 2015, documentation of the following requirements will
need to be submitted to the school nurse by the first day of school
Physical exam (copy of exam or appointment date)
Two doses of Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine (MMR)
Three doses of Hepatitis B Vaccine
One dose of Tetanus (Tdap) Booster Vaccine (unless last tetanus booster was within the last 5 years)
Two doses of Varicella Vaccine (or physician documented case)
Connections Newsletter
Edited by: Judy Taylor [email protected]
Translated by: Luz Aguilar
“Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.” - Author Unknown
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Page 3
Rising Stars 2015
The district celebrated its 21st Annual Rising Stars on Wednesday, May 20th. Students were honored at a dinner
at Dean Technical High School for their academic achievement, leadership, and school/community
service. Congratulations students!
Martin Keane
Brayan Taveras
Hailey Butler
Sarah Cavanaugh
Laura Ernst
Brian Swierzewski
Maeliz Colon
Leika Munoz
Ann Cavanaugh
Siannah Santos
Imari Colon
Emily Marie Rodriguez
John Christopher Shea
Anna Price
Lizbeth Hernandez Almanzar
Jorge Velez
Karina Maldonado
Brissell Bonilla
Gabriella Martinez
Nashali Pagan
Nilmarie Velazquez
Patricia Haradon
Kaysha Rosado
Nathaliemalee Vazquez
Christiaan Boria
Ian Beauregard
Adriel Berrios
Kayra Ortiz
Melanie Feliciano
Naressa Kempadoo
Jose Serrano Acumulado
Luis Valentin
The Holyoke Public Schools and the Celebrate Holyoke Public Schools/Rising Star Committee extend a heartfelt thank
you to our kind benefactors—Peoples Bank, Holyoke Community College, Log Cabin/DelaneyHouse/D Hotel, and Holyoke Sporting
Goods. We would also like to thank Dean Tech’s Graphics Department for the invitations and banners as well as Richard Leso, Ken
LePage, Keri Penard, Gina Roy, Peggy Vershon, Virginia Roche, Edgar Robles, Phil Christofori, Barry Bacom, and Kirk Donahoe. We are
grateful to district staff and student families for encouraging these Rising Stars to reach their potential!
Holyoke’s Early Literacy Initiative (HELI) Named 2014 Pacesetter The Holyoke Early Literacy Initiative [HELI], Holyoke’s Birth to Grade 3 warning and rapid response systems to reduce and prevent chronic abGrade-Level Reading Campaign, has been recognized as a 2014 Paceset- sence are other efforts that are used.
ter by the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading for its measurable progress
on student attendance outcomes. Holyoke gained a total of 1,500 days of
HELI reaches approximately 5,000 low-income children in the communiattendance between 2012-13 and 2013-14.
ty. In partnership with the Holyoke Public Schools, HELI regularly tracks
The HELI Theory of Action focuses on the following four strategies:
students who are chronically absent as a key measure of its overall impact on student outcomes. “From before school programs at Donahue
1. District-wide efforts to increase Attendance,
School to the Walking School Bus at Kelly School, and many home visiting programs at other schools, we are seeing a real impact,” stated Mi2. Family Engagement,
chael Moriarty, local Grade Level Reading Lead.
3. Birth to age 5 “Kindergarten Readiness” and
Aligning Instructional Partnerships
Thank you to all of our HELI Parents, HELI Partners and HELI School
Leaders! We are honored to receive an award that recognizes our strategic, city-wide effort to ensure that all children are proficient readers by
the end of grade three. The success of our earliest readers depends on
the work of our schools, parents, and community members.
The Holyoke Early Literacy Initiative extended efforts to target school
attendance including a community-wide attendance awareness campaign
to help parents understand and own the importance of good attendance
and learn about the supports that address barriers to getting to school.
Additional strategies include school-level messaging, modeling, and incen- For more information about HELI, contact Megan Harding, Holyoke
tives to nurture a culture and cultivate the habits of excellent attendance. Public Schools Full Service Community District Manager at (413) 534Home visiting and a series of broader, on-going efforts to build early
2000 x248 or visit:
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at:
Page 4
Spring Intramurals in Full Swing
This spring, middle school intramural sports offerings included co-ed soccer
and tennis mixed doubles. Soccer practices began March 23rd within each
school and games were played at Dean Tech’s soccer field. Soccer playoffs
were held at Robert’s Field in June. Tennis teams practiced and played at each
middle school and a Double Elimination Tournament was held at the Holyoke
High School tennis courts May 1st through June 12th.
Congratulations to these athletes who had fun, stayed physically active, and
made new friends.
Visit page 12 for high school athletics tryout information.
Special EducaƟon SkaƟng Program at Holyoke High
Thank you to supporters of our Special Education Skating Program. The main focus of
this program is to develop relationships amongst all students while providing an opportunity to interact and have fun. Students from Holyoke High School, including over thirty
students with disabilities, returned to the Fitzpatrick’s Skating Arena this year to learn
and enjoy the magic of ice skating. Some used handicapped-equipped skate sleds and
walkers to facilitate their skating. The coordination of mainstream students and special
education students within the high school has enriched the program for all participants.
This program has developed into a perfect inclusion experience for all the high school
students involved.
Students Rewarded for
Best AƩendance
The Student Services Department recently sponsored an attendance contest. One class from
each K-8 school with the highest attendance for
the month of March was treated to an afternoon
skating party, which included pizza, popcorn and
beverages at Interskate 91 in Hadley, MA. The
event took place on April 16th, a half day for
students due to parent teacher conferences. For
more about the important role that attendance
plays in your child’s education, visit:
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at:
Page 5
Congratulations Pathways Graduates
While pomp and circumstance played, six
students from the Holyoke Public Schools Pathways to
Success Credit Recover Program donned caps and
gowns as they entered the Holyoke High School auditorium for their commencement ceremony. Mayor Alex
Morse and Superintendent Sergio Paez, commended,
and advised the students, prior to distributing their diplomas. Proud family and faculty members congratulated the graduates and joined them for a reception in the
Holyoke High School cafeteria. Congratulations students!
The Pathways to Success Credit Recovery
Program is designed for students 17-21 years of age,
who have dropped out of a Holyoke school program
and would like to earn high school credits, using a nontraditional online model while receiving scaffolding by
district educators. For more information about this
program, visit:
Page 5
By Judy Taylor
I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportuni es, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. ~Author Unknown
Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. ~Kongzi Families Explore the Ashley Reservoir
By Heather Sim
On Saturday, May 2, 2015, the Holyoke Public Schools CONNECTIONS program in partnership with Enchanted Circle Theater (ECT)
presented the third free, fun event in the “Explore, Grow, Create!” Family Fun Series at the Ashley Reservoir in Holyoke. After two successful events in
the series, held at the Holyoke Public Library and Smith College’s Museum of Art and Botanical Garden, CONNECTIONS and ECT rejoined to promote literacy through nature exploration. Through the Family Fun Series—part of the Holyoke Early Literacy Initiative—families are provided with
fun, creative, hands-on ways to engage their children in literacy and learning.
Thirty-one eager participants of all ages arrived on a bus provided by CONNECTIONS at 10 a.m. to the Ashley Reservoir. Children actively involved in CONNECTIONS, and their families, gathered in the sun by the reservoir to introduce themselves, discuss what they were most excited
about during the field trip, learn about the upcoming scavenger hunt, and collect a disposable camera to document their adventures throughout the
day. The families split into two smaller groups for a walk around the reservoir in search of all the items on the scavenger hunt, consisting of locating
turtles, frogs, water striders, bird calls, geese, ducks, and pine cones, to name a few. Students and families were able to explore, find, discuss, and
learn about their findings through collaboration with each other and staff.
After enjoying lunch, the group enjoyed a slew of literacy and nature-based expressive arts. All families were excited to take part in this
fun, educational opportunity to engage with their children and other families. Families then completed a short questionnaire, in which one family,
whom had attended all other events in the Family Fun Series, stated that she “enjoyed every minute of the trip, it was the best one yet! Keep them
coming, they just keep getting better!” Another wrote that her favorite part of the trip was “the time spent with my kids and other parents.” Overall,
families reported a high level of learning from this event. For more information about CONNECTIONS, contact Jorge Castellano at (413) 313-7710.
Dual Language Class Receives Visit from Link to Libraries
By Amy Burke
Metcalf’s Dual Language Kindergarten Class enjoyed a visit from
School Committee Member Erin Brunelle and Link to Libraries, a nonprofit
organization that promotes literacy by collecting and distributing new books to
local children and school libraries. The students listened intently while Erin read
aloud two stories—Knufflebunny and Pete the
Cat. Each student in the classroom was then
able to choose a new book donated by Link
to Libraries.
Thank you Erin for reading to our
students and thank you Link to Libraries for
your generous book donations.
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at:
Page 6
Students Receive New Book Donations
By Cathy Hebert
Donahue School students recently received over $300 in Scholastic Books donated
by New Vision Pioneers-Verizon. Member, Joan Carney, presented the books on
May 1st. New Vision Pioneers has worked for many years on literacy projects, donating dictionaries, books, and supplies to schools. The organization is the world's
largest group of industry-specific employees and retirees dedicated to community
services. Pioneers volunteer more than 15 million hours annually responding to the
individual needs of their community. We are very thankful for their donation and our
students are loving our new books!
Donahue Hosts Career / Community Expo
by Jaclyn Bedinelli
On Wednesday, April 29th, Donahue School held a Career/Community Expo for the middle school students and their families.
The purpose of this exposition style event was to get our students thinking about high school, college, and career planning, and to also
show the Donahue families the many services that the Holyoke Community has to offer. Numerous exhibitors joined us for the event
including Holyoke Community College, Holyoke High, Dean Technical High School, YMCA, Girls Inc., the Holyoke Police Department,
Boys and Girls Club, Holyoke Public Library, Behavioral Health Network, Gandara, Team Link, Gear Up, Career Point and much more!
The students and families enjoyed food catered by Fernandez Family Restaurant while listening to music and walking around to the many
display tables to see what the exhibitors had to present and offer in regards to services, activities and clubs. Over 250 students, family
members, staff, and exhibitors joined us for this event. We hope to offer the Career/Community Expo annually to the middle school
Summer Program Offering
By Kerry Savino
Morgan School is excited to be offering a summer school program for rising third, fourth, and
fifth graders. The purpose of this program is to reinforce concepts learned this year as well as support
students in their language, literacy and numeracy development for the coming school year. This threeweek intensive program will begin on Monday, July 13th, and end on Thursday, July 30th. The program will
be held Monday through Thursday each week and students will attend classes from 9:00-12:30pm each
day. Students will end their day with lunch.
Teachers for summer school will be implementing instruction based upon end of year data
from multiple sources. Each grade of students will rotate to three classrooms every day to create relationships with different teachers, while keeping the summer program engaging and interesting for the
students. Students will receive English Language Arts instruction, including guided reading as well as writing instruction. Students will also participate in a Mathematics class.
An interest form was sent home for parents to complete.
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Page 7
Memories from Second Grade
Written by eighth grade students who had
Mrs. Gamache for their second grade teacher
Mrs. Gamache, how long have you been teaching? Almost 50 years
How old were you when you started teaching? Almost 22
What other schools have you taught at? Kirtland, Lawrence and
Holyoke High
Have you always taught second grade? If not, what else? No, Biology
and Algebra and fifth grade at E.N. White
What is your favorite part about teaching? The children and teachers
Do you remember your students’ names from your first year teaching? Yes, Judy Fletcher, previous Principal at E.N. White, Edward
Caisse, Anne Messenger, Officer Edgar Robles, City Councilor James
Leahy, Diana Orlowski, current teacher at E.N. White.
What are you going to do when you retire? Set up a room at my
church with books to help children with homework and reading. It
will be open Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30PM.
Student Memories:
Karina Clemente—Some of my best memories come from that second grade class; from holding tarantulas and snakes to watching the
life span of butterflies and tadpoles and winning the teddy bear from
my favorite book. All were great experiences.
Mya Laboy—I remember writing a book in her class. It was memoirs
of our lives from the time we were born to how old we were. I also
Zoo on the Go Visits E.N. White
Left to right: Aracelis Acevedo, Anna Price, Tyshaun Diaz, Karina
Clemente and Mya Laboy with Mrs. Gamache
remember when we had caterpillars and took care of them until
they became butterflies. Then we let them go.
Tyshaun Diaz—I remember having pet tadpoles in Mrs. Gamache’s
class for the whole year. I also remember when they brought in a
tarantula, snake and scorpions.
Anna Price- When I was in second grade I enjoyed Mrs. Gamache’s
class. I remember doing things like writing never ending stories and
taking care of tadpoles. We did a lot of science experiments with
animals like snakes, frogs, spiders and butterflies.
Aracelis Acevedo—Mrs. Gamache was a good teacher and I remember her choosing me for best picture, which she put in the school
Students Earn Books
By Tammy Lawrence
By Tammy Lawrence
Once again the Tiger Pride Community Organization had the
FRIENDS of HOLYOKE Public Schools recently made available
hosting an awesome Scholastic Book Fair event! E.N. White
a $1,000 grant and E.N. White School's first and second grade teaching
families and staff worked together to place great books into the students'
teams took advantage of the organization’s generosity and hired Zoo on
hands and encouraged them to read.
the Go to come visit and benefit approximately one hundred stuClifford, the big red dog, helped advertise the fair while greetdents. These first and second grade students had the opportunity to
ing students and their families in the car pick-up line. Every classroom
observe and touch
visited the fair with their teacher in order to complete a wish list as well
many of the animals as view the books and educational tools. Many families chose to visit the
they have been learning fair before or after their parent/teacher conferences. An origami art
about in their class- station was set-up for anyone interested in learning how to fold "Under
rooms. This program the Sea" creatures; coloring pages of sea creatures were available for
helped address a need those wishing to color. A "Guess the Goldfish" raffle was in place for any
in the area of early student wishing to participate for a chance to win a small prize. As always, families could choose to exercise on the school's rock wall. From
literacy by building
the time the fair opened until the minute it closed, the "Under the Sea"
background knowledge
themed fair flourished with activity!
and essential experiIn the end, the fair was a huge success in promoting literacy,
ences which will enrich
producing scholastic dollars, and adding books to classroom libraries.
students' literacy skills Best of all it was a fun filled community event that provided positive
by building vocabulary memories for all involved!
and develop speaking
skills by generating
questions for the Zoo
Left to right: Heysha-Lee Vega, Carlos Soto, and Jeanchel Colon-Rivera (first graders) are introduced to a hedgehog.
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Page 8
Appreciation Afternoon
MCAS Kickoff Party
By Cathy Foley
Peck School held an MCAS Kickoff Party on
Thursday, March 26th for all Peck students and their families. Organized by Antonia Santiago, with support from
parents and teachers, the event was a fun night of information and celebration. Each grade hosted a table, manned
by staff, with general information and ideas for families
about preparing their students for the upcoming state
tests . For the students there was popcorn, refreshments, a
bounce house, a raffle and other fun activities. Many families attended the event and had a great time!
(Left to right) - Seventh grade staff Jeremiah
Barrett, Ann Kelly and Evelyn Melendez look
forward to talking with families.
Know the Danger
By Cathy Foley
By Sue Leary
In response to staff and student
feedback, an Appreciation Afternoon was
held for them on April 15th. The afternoon, set up by Peck administration and
supported by teachers, was to recognize
the hard work of students during the ELA
MCAS and the improvement in our
school’s climate and culture. Students
could choose between attending a dance,
watching a movie, and participating in volleyball and basketball games. Eighth grader
Ruby Garcia chose to play volleyball, “I
loved the chance to play – I played volleyball for a while on the Peck team and it
was cool to play against other kids from
Peck.” For each activity students were
asked to spend Peck dollars ,and students
with a pass could move between events.
Eighth grader Gillian Gormally stated,
“With my friends I chose to go to the
movie. I chose that because sports are not
my thing and I hurt my knee recently so I
can’t dance. Plus we wanted to chill and
hang out with each other. It was great that
they planned this for us.” Ron McCoy,
Assistant Principal reflected, “It was an
excellent opportunity to reinforce the use
of Peck dollars and for the students to
realize that their efforts are noticed and
On February 6th Mr. Ray Goulais
from Holyoke Gas & Electric came to Peck
School to talk with the fourth and fifth
graders about safety rules around high
voltage wires. The subject matter coupled
with his style of teaching kept the students
entranced. Student questions were well
thought out and the answers Mr. Ray provided, although sometimes gruesome, informed the students of how dangerous
electricity can be. Mr. Ray and the G&E
donated $10 Target Gift cards to three
students who created posters displaying
these dangers.
Poster contest winners include (left
to right), Nashalie Reyes, Alondra
Ramos and Emmanuel Rodriguez.
Congratulations students!
Dance the Night Away
By Cathy Foley
Organized by Antonia Santiago, Peck School held a Semi-Formal Dance on
March 20th from 5:30-8:00 PM for all students. Parent volunteers transformed the gym into a beautiful, magical space. Mr. Munoz, the D.J., played
music that inspired the students to get up and dance! Many students attended and had a great time. Eighth grader Emily Velasquez commented, “The
dance was fun and entertaining. The music was today’s music and a lot of kids
were dancing. It was great to see people looking elegant, all dressed up.”
Tree Planting Ceremony
by Cathy Hourihan
The four kindergarten classes from the Lawrence
K-3 Campus were invited to participate in a tree
planting ceremony at the Holyoke Public Library.
Students sang a song they had learned in their
Science Specials Class to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” – Leaves, Branches, Trunk
and Roots to the assembled dignitaries. Students
then rolled up their sleeves to plant six trees
alongside the library building and in the front
grassy area. Students dumped buckets of soil into
the holes and learned about the steps to planting.
There was a lot of excitement around dirt, and
finding worms and larvae in the piles of soil. Stu-
dents eagerly shared their knowledge about
what they knew about the different components of the tree and their purposes. Students wrapped up the event by enthusiastically
participating in an Enchanted Circle Theater
activity in the library.
Congratulations Karen Malley
Karen Malley, ESL teacher at Lawrence,
was awarded a Linda Schulman Innovation Grant for a project that will start
in September. Third grade English Language Learners will be paired with mentors who attended the Holyoke Public
Schools and have achieved success in
college and/or career. Students will
interview their mentors and write reflections about what they they have
learned about how to become successful adults. Videotapes of the interviews
and the written reflections will be part
of an exhibit at the Holyoke Public Library in November and December.
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Autism Resource Night
By Christina Trudeau
On Thursday, April 30th, McMahon School hosted the Third Annual Autism Resource
Night. The Holyoke Public Schools Autism Programs sponsored this evening for parents and
family members to learn more about the opportunities for their children within the Holyoke
Public School District as well as in the community. Families had a chance to speak with the
district staff and exhibitors as well as view artwork and writing by the students from the programs. We had many exhibitors participate such as the Special Education Parents Advisory
Council (SEPAC), Community Resources for People with Autism, Heart Beats Music Therapy,
Special Olympics and the Holyoke Fire Department to offer safety tips just to name a few! We
also held a bake sale and raffle to help raise money for the Autism Programs throughout the
district. A big thanks goes out to all of the exhibitors, families and staff that came to help and
participate. The Autism Programs would not be successful without you!
Students Enjoy After School Connections Program Offerings
By Kate Ritchie
truly enjoyed the clubs and are very
The McMahon School Connections program has been very
excited for our next year of implebusy this year. Some of our activities have included Fitness and Tennis
with Mrs. Barabara Tabin, and Robotics with Mrs. Yvonne Hillyardmentation.
Ordonez . Our Culinary groups led by Ms. Mannin and Ms. Collamore
have cooked up some very delicious meals. Ms. Yesenia Rivera introduced her groups to some amazing cake decorating tips including measuring, and estimating. Mr. Pfefferle taught students some of the core elements during his Wood Working Club. Students have also had the opportunity to participate in Hip Hop and Kung Fu, and have learned many
Mrs. Carmen Chatel has led many
fundamentals. Other students have loved joining Miss Isabelle and Mr.
after school art groups and some
Oliveras in Salsa dancing, Outdoor Adventures, Eco Kids, Magic, Mad
of their projects have included
Science with Enchanted Circle Theatre, Drummings, and Explore your
volcano making, painting murals,
and a recycling project which led
to the creation of “Miss Recycling”
All of the students at McMahon have worked very hard during
second from the left).
the first year of the Connections After School program. The students
Recipes Rock
By Melanie Wise
In creative efforts to increase family
engagement, Dr. Marcella R. Kelly Full Service
Community School now offers teachers a menu
of different activities for them to host in their
classroom. With the clever name Kelly a la
Carte, this menu incentivizes teachers to strive
to engage families outside of the typical parent-
Christian Figueroa helps Ms. Wise measure the
chocolate chips.
teacher conference format. The family coordinator and family liaison (Geisha Uroza and
Melanie Wise) then run the show, coordinating
the event from start to finish.
One of these activities, Recipes
ROCK!, was particularly successful. Held three
times so far in an eighth grade, second grade
and kindergarten classroom, parents joined
their students to consider the everyday use of
math and literacy in the kitchen. They voted on
a recipe to learn, then observed Ms. Wise
demonstrating said recipe. The students were
very eager to help in this process. Needless to
say there were no leftovers! Ms. Wise even
sang a catchy tune about the importance of
measuring while preparing food, which the
students quickly picked up, adding some of
their own lyrics. The integrative education
model goes a step beyond cognitive processes,
entailing physical and sensing processes, social
processes, and intuitive processes. Working
collaboratively to produce a common goal
through creative means brings a breath of fresh
air to the classroom. It also engages different
intelligences, captivating students who may not
be proficient in math or reading.
By providing outside-the-box ways
to bring parents into their child’s classroom,
Kelly School hopes to nurture positive family
connections, so the symbiotic parent-teacher
relationship can flourish. Only by educators and
parents working side by side can the future
generations shine.
The Walking School Bus
By Jackie Glasheen
Per request of Massachusetts Safe
Routes to School, Kelly School was invited to
present a workshop based on its success with
their Walking School Bus model. Kelly School
Project Manager Rebecca Masters, and Kindergarten Teacher and Walking School Bus Administrator Katie Engelson co-presented. A
Walking School Bus works a lot like a regular
school bus, with designated "stops" along the
route. Kelly staff meet students at designated
corners, every morning, and walk to school
together. Since last year there has been a 60%
improvement in tardies and absences of students who walk at least four days a week with
the bus. The Walking School Bus—It’s
free, fun, and safe!
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at:
Page 10
Congratulations to our As Schools Match Wits Team!
The students performed extremely well this year. Tune in to WGBY-TV and watch our
students as they perform in the finals and see who wins the title this year. For broadcast
schedule, visit:
Mark Todd Named a Most Valuable Educator
By Judy Taylor
Mark Todd, Choral Musical Director and Department Head has been named
a MTA Boston Red Sox Most Valuable Educator (MVE) for his outstanding efforts in
promoting student achievement. As an MVE, Mr. Todd received tickets to attend the
May 23rd Red Sox game, was seated behind home plate, and had the opportunity to go
out onto the baseball field at Fenway Park during a pregame ceremony. Per Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sergio Páez, “Mr. Todd truly represents the spirit of the Holyoke
Public Schools. His actions more than his words define the great accomplishments he
has achieved in the last seventeen years. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Mr.
Todd and want to thank him for making our schools and our community proud.”
Shaylyn Fitzell-Stevens Garners Award
By Judy Taylor
Shaylyn Fitzell-Stevens, English Language Arts Teacher and Chair of the Holyoke High
School English Language Arts Department, has been honored by Mass Insight Education with a Partners in Excellence Teacher Award for her work in the Advanced Placement Science Technology
Engineering Math (STEM) Program. She is one of 33 Massachusetts Advanced Placement teachers
who are being recognized for exemplary contributions to student success during the academic year
Holyoke High School Principal Stephen Sullivan stated, “Holyoke is fortunate to have
teachers like Shaylyn Fitzell-Stevens. Her first priority is always our students and their success.
Shaylyn is dedicated and committed to the students at Holyoke High School and constantly pushes
them towards their full potential. We are so proud to have Shaylyn recognized for this award, but it
comes as no surprise to us.”
Thanks to all who supported the Dodge for a Cause event hosted by
Holyoke High School Sport Management II class. Students were able to raise
$1,225 for Community Resources for People with Autism.
Red Cross Blood Drive—We were able to collect 52 pints
of blood during our Red Cross Blood Drive. Potentially,
this can help 156 people as each pint collected can help 3
people. The Red Cross staff could not have been more
complimentary of our students.
By Myles Sanders
GEAR UP at Holyoke High School hosted a GO PUBLIC! Event for sophomores and juniors
on April 6, 2015. GO PUBLIC! is one avenue used to engage the students into thinking
about their futures. We want the students to know how much success is possible at Massachusetts state universities, community colleges, and UMass campuses. One part of GO
PUBLIC! consisted of a college fair where state colleges were represented and students had
access to speak with Admissions Counselors directly. The other half of GO PUBLIC! allowed sophomores and juniors to hear firsthand experiences from college students. Students
to ask the college
questions and an emphasis on conThank
who supported
tinuing an education post high school was emphasized. In upcoming years, a college educaSchool
tion will be required for over 70% of jobs in Massachusetts. GO PUBLIC! is a tool GEAR
a Mockingbird.
utilizes to gain awareness and prepare students for undergraduate programs.
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at:
Page 11
SkillsUSA Championships
Puzzle Day at Springfield College
By Vionette Escuedero
By Vionette Escuedero
This year’s Massachusetts SkillsUSA Championships was held
in Marlborough from April 30th to May 2nd with approximately 2,500
participants. Students at Dean worked very hard to prepare for this
competition and we were able to send a representation of eight students, three of them competing in their respective categories — Hector
Cabrera in Diesel, Adeline Skuse in Carpentry and Anthony Skuse in
Metal Fabrication and Joining Technology. Our students were chaperoned by Scott Baronas, Carpentry teacher, John Sheedy, Precision and
Manufacturing teacher and Christine Larriu, Cosmetology teacher. We
also had Mike Jones from Graphic Communications acting as judge in
the competitions. The SkillsUSA Championships is the showcase for the
best career and technical students in the nation. The philosophy of the
Championships is to
reward students
directly evaluating
student performance and to
keep training
relevant to
Our students
were invited by the Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science Department at
Springfield College to participate in Puzzle Day on Thursday, April 23rd, during April vacation. Students from tenth grade participated in this event as part of the Math Boot Camp offered here at Dean.
At Springfield College students were challenged to use logic and their
math skills to solve math puzzles. Dustin Rose, Tenth Grade Math teacher and Sarah Alwon, Inclusion teacher, attended the event with the
students. Mr. Rose stated, “The students were an excellent representation of Holyoke and Dean specifically, as we were the largest group
there, despite our size of six. It was very impressive to bring our students and their zeal to a workshop at which they dominated in math and
intrigue, and learned about math as it can be applied to patterns and
puzzles—that math extends greater than just 3+x problems”. The students had lunch at the dining commons and were offered a campus tour.
Slave Narratives shared with Peck Students
By Mary Brazeau
On Monday April 6th representatives from Dean Tech's 9th
grade Humanities classes visited Peck School to present a collection of
Slave Narratives they published to the fifth grade students studying slavery. They read a story and answered student questions about slavery,
rights and writing slave narratives. Present with Mr. Cadigan and Mrs.
Brazeau are Lisbeth Hernandez, Genesis Ramos, Kiara Gonzalez and
Seth Robles. With Ms. Alwon: Felipe Cintron, Jean Feliciano and Mari
With Mr. Jones: Jaidalyn Santiago, Paola Rohena, Nekisha Rodriguez
and Ashley Berrios.
2015 Outstanding Vocational Technical
Student Award
By Vionette Escuedero
Karina Maldonado, the recipient of the 2015 Outstanding
Technical Student Award, is a student who has excelled in the Graphic
Communications technical program at William J. Dean Technical High
School. Her dedication to the program is seen on a daily basis and observed by many. Karina is the “go-to” student in her technical program
if there is a school related job to be done. She has beautifully created
many school flyers and pamphlets. In addition, Karina has demonstrated great discipline and perseverance in her academic classes, participating in rigorous course of study which includes Advanced Placement
courses. Her dedication to both her technical program and academics is
clear as she holds one of the top GPA’s in the senior class. Karina is
involved in many activities that benefit both her school and community.
Such activities include serving on the city of Holyoke’s Youth Commission, being founder/teacher of an art club at a Holyoke middle school,
and serving on student government as a grade 11 student. She has also
served as a tutor for
throughout the district.
Karina has worked at a
local food bank and
with a program called
Athletics continued
“teen techs,” (a proon page 11.
gram in which local
teens work with seniors to help them with
their technology).
Karina plans to continue to further her education in the graphic communications field and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in this field of study. This award is presented by the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators and the Massachusetts Vocational Association.
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at:
Page 12
Athletics—Tryout Information
Holyoke High School
[email protected]
COACH KEVIN ROBERTS (413) 532-8285 OR (413) 265-3295
[email protected]
B COACH-DAVE REINHART (413)-297-6555 [email protected]
G COACH-LISA HOLMES (413) 575-6816 ([email protected])
*If you don’t own a stick, we can advise you on the 1st day of tryouts
COACH JACKIE MOTYL (413) 563-5470 ([email protected])
[email protected]
COACH JULIE ROCHEFORT (413) 315-0649 ([email protected])
Dean Technical High School
COACH JOE DUTSAR (860) 202-9779
[email protected]
Aaron Reed #20 for Holyoke slides into 2nd Base.
ELIGIBILITY: STARTING NEXT FALL (2015-2016) SCHOOL YEARYou must have a current physical to participate.
Visit our Athletic Department webpage for updates to tryout information.
For Program Information, contact:
The Athletic Office, (413) 493-1683 [email protected]
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at:
Holyoke Public Schools
Holyoke Public Schools
Volume 13 Issue 4
Verano 2015
Una Carta Abierta a la Comunidad de la Escuela Holyoke
Fin del Año Escolar
Estudiante de Arte:
Jasan Bonilla, Escuela Donahue
Por Dr. Sergio Páez, Superintendente de Escuelas
Desde que comencé como Superintendente de las Escuelas Públicas de Holyoke, la gente ha trabajado sin descanso para poner en práctica nuevas iniciativas para transformar nuestro distrito. Como ustedes saben, el distrito se encuentra ahora en
administración judicial del estado. A medida que avanzamos, es importante que reflexionemos sobre cómo esta transición se
puede convertir en una oportunidad para seguir apoyando a nuestros estudiantes y a nuestras familias. Hemos establecido un
nuevo tono para los asuntos relacionados con nuestro distrito, y es importante que la base existente se sigue construyendo.
Creo que los cambios en la educación son complejos, pero se basan en el capital humano y las decisiones inteligentes que
luego impactan los recursos y la calidad de los programas.
Los dos últimos años han sido profesionalmente estimulante y gratificante para mí en mi papel como Superintendente. Quiero reconocer el compromiso y la dedicación de tantos individuos y organizaciones en apoyar las iniciativas que recientemente comenzamos. La cantidad de trabajo que se ha realizado es verdaderamente notable, y estoy muy orgulloso de que hemos
trabajado juntos para implementar un plan integral para mejorar los resultados y las condiciones de los estudiantes en Holyoke. Nada más me gustaría que el éxito para los estudiantes que también demostrarán, como siempre hemos dicho, que cada
estudiante puede aprender y alcanzar su potencial en nuestras escuelas públicas.
Para terminar me gustaría:
Recordarle a los padres/guardianes en registrar a sus estudiantes para kínder y preescolar
Felicitar a nuestros graduados de la escuela superior (high school) para obtener una lista de las aceptaciones de la universidad visite
nuestra página del distrito en ).
Felicitar el Equipo de Partido Wits de la Escuela Superior de Holyoke (Ver la página 10).
Aplaudir la Iniciativa de Alfabetización Temprana de Holyoke [HELI], Nacimiento de la Campaña a Nivel de Lectura de Tercer Grado,
por su reconocimiento como un “Pionero 2014” para la Campaña de Lectura a Nivel de Grado (Ver la página 3).
Felicitar a nuestros Rising Stars (Estudiantes Estrellas (Ver la página 3).
Elogiar a Marcos Todd y Shaylyn Fitzell-Stevens de la Escuela Secundaria de Holyoke. Shaylyn ha sido honrada con el Premio de
Maestra de Excelencia y Mark ha sido nombrado el Maestro Educador Más Valioso de la Asociación de Medias Rojas de Boston,
Massachusetts (Ver la página 10).
Anuncio que el Departamento de Educación Especial ha producido un nuevo boletín titulado Voces para brindar información sobre
temas de educación especial, educadores, programas, acontecimientos y eventos (Ver la página 2).
Gracias a los que apoyaron los siguientes eventos: To Kill a Mockingbird – Matar un Ruiseñor, el Concierto Instrumental de Primavera
del distrito, y el Corazón de Arte Estudiantil Anual del Show de Holyoke.
Le recomendamos que visite regularmente el sitio web de las Escuelas Públicas de Holyoke ( para
comunicaciones e información importante.
La programación de verano e información de
regreso a la escuela también estarán disponibles.
Visite y dale “me gusGracias a todos por su trabajo y apoyo. Les
ta” para recibir noticias, videos y fotos actualizadas del distrito.
deseo un verano seguro y agradable.
Dale me gusta Hoy!
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at:
Page 14
Aceptaciones en la Universidad
Visite el sitio web del distrito
para Información de Verano,
Oportunidades de Aprendizaje, Programas de Alfabetización en la Comunidad y
Guía de Actividades de
¡Felicidades a los estudiantes de la
Escuela Superior de Holyoke HHS y
de la Escuela Dean Técnica!
Visite la página del distrito de las Escuelas
Públicas de Holyoke para una lista completa:
Los niños deben tener 5 años en o antes del
1 de septiembre de 2015
Insciripción por Cita Solemente - Llamar al: 413- 534-2007
Atléticos de la Escuela
Información de la Prueba:
Solictudes e información de registración disponibles en la
Oficina de Asignación al Estudiante (57 Suffolk Street 1er.
Piso) y en el sitio web del distritoe.
Ver la página 12.
Información de Salud—Para Padres/Guardianes de Sexto Grado Actual
Para un estudiante entrar en el séptimo grado en septiembre de 2015, tendrá que presentar documentación de los siguientes requisitos a la enfermera de la escuela para el primer día de clases.
1. Examen Físico (copia del examen o la fecha de la cita)
2. Dos dosis de las Vacunas de Sarampión, Papera, Rubeola (MMR)
3. Tres dosis de la Vacuna de Hepatitis B
4. Una dosis de la vacuna del tétanos (Tdap) (a menos que la última vacuna antitetánica estaba dentro de los últimos 5 años)
Estudiantes Premiados por Mejor Asistencia
El Departamento de Servicios al Estudiante recientemente patrocinó un concurso de asistencia. Una clase de cada escuela de kínder
a octavo con la mayor asistencia para el mes de marzo fueron invitados a una fiesta de patinaje, que incluyó pizza, palomitas de maíz,
refrescos en Interskate 91 en Hadley, MA. El evento tuvo lugar el
16 de abril, por medio día para los estudiantes debido a las conferencias de padres y maestros. Para más información sobre el papel
importante que desempeña la asistencia en la educación de su hijo,
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at:
¡Felicitaciones estudiantes!
Espero que tus sueños te lleven a Ias esquinas de tus sonrisa, a lo más alto de tus deseos, a las ventanas de tus oportunidades y a los lugares más especiales que tu corazón ha conocido. ~Autor Desconocido Dondequiera que vayas, ve con todo tu corazón. ~Kongzi Page 15
Mientras las pompas y circunstancias jugaron, seis estudiantes del Programa Caminos Hacia el Éxito para Recuperación de Créditos de las Escuelas Públicas de Holyoke se pusieron togas y birretes al entrar al auditorio de
la Escuela Superior de Holyoke – HHS para su ceremonia de graduación. El Alcalde Alex Morse y el Superintendente Sergio Páez, elogiaron y aconsejaron a los
estudiantes, antes de la distribución de sus diplomas.
Orgullosos miembros de familia y de la facultad felicitaron a los graduados y se unieron para una recepción en
la cafetería de la Escuela Holyoke High. ¡Felicitaciones
El Programa de Caminos Hacia el Éxito de Recuperación de Créditos es diseñado para los estudiantes de 1721 años de edad, que han abandonado el programa de
escolar de Holyoke y desean obtener créditos de la
escuela secundaria, mediante un modelo de línea no
tradicional mientras reciben enfoques de aprendizaje por
los educadores del distrito. Para obtener más información, visite: Iniciativa de Alfabetización Temprana de Holyoke (HELI) Nombrado Pionero 2014 La Iniciativa de Alfabetización Temprana de Holyoke [HELI],
Nacimiento de Tercer Grado Campaña de Lectura a Nivel de Grado, ha
sido reconocido como un Pionero 2014 por la Campaña para Lectura a
Nivel de Grado por su progreso mensurable en los resultados de asistencia de los estudiantes. Holyoke obtuvo un total de 1,500 días de asistencia entre 2012-13 y 2013-14.
temprana y para reducir y prevenir la ausencia crónica son otros esfuerzos que se utilizan son otros esfuerzos que se utilizan.
HELI llega a aproximadamente 5,000 niños de bajos recursos
en la comunidad. En colaboración con las Escuelas Públicas de Holyoke,
HELI busca periódicamente a estudiantes que están crónicamente ausentes como medida clave de todo su impacto en los resultados de los estudiantes. “Desde antes de los programas escolares en la Escuela Donahue
La Teoría de Acción HELI se enfoca en las siguientes cuatro estrategias:
al Autobús Escolar Caminando a la Escuela Kelly, y varios programas de
1. Esfuerzos de todo el Distrito para aumentar la Asistencia,
visitas al hogar a otras escuelas, estamos viendo un impacto real,
2. Participación de la Familia,
”declaró Michael Moriarty, Nivel de Lectura Grado Local.
¡Gracias a todos nuestros padres, Compañeros y Líderes de
3. Desde el Nacimiento hasta los 5 años “Preparación para Kínder” y
HELI Iniciativa de Alfabetización Temprana de Holyoke! Nos sentimos
4. Asociaciones de Alineación en la Instrucción.
honrados de recibir un premio que reconoce nuestro esfuerzo estratégiLa Iniciativa de Alfabetización Temprana de Holyoke extendió co, en toda la ciudad para garantizar que todos los niños son lectores
esfuerzos para orientar la asistencia escolar incluyendo una campaña de
competentes para el final de tercer grado. El éxito de nuestros primeros
concientización de asistencia de toda la comunidad para ayudar a los
lectores depende del trabajo de nuestras escuelas, padres de familia y
padres a entender y poseer la importancia de la buena asistencia y apren- miembros de la comunidad.
der acerca de los apoyos que dirijan las barreras para llegar a la escuela.
Para obtener más información sobre HELI, favor comunicarse
Otras estrategias incluyen mensajes a nivel escolar, el modelado, y los
con Megan Harding, Administradora de Servicio Completo de la Comuincentivos para cultivar una cultura y cultivar los hábitos de una excelennidad Escolar de las Escuelas Públicas de Holyoke al (413) 534-2000 x248
te asistencia. Visitas al hogar y una serie de esfuerzos más amplios, eso visite :
fuerzos continuos para construir sistemas de respuesta rápida de alerta
Los Intramuros están en Pleno Funcionamiento
Los deportes de Primavera Intramuros de la Escuela Intermedia son Co-ed Fútboly
Tenis Mixtos Dobles. Las prácticas de fútbol comenzaron el 23 de marzo dentro de
cada escuela y los juegos se jugaron en el campo de fútbol de la Escuela Dean Técnica. Los playoffs se llevaron a cabo en Robert’s Field en junio. Los equipos de Tenis
practicaron y jugaron dentro de cada escuela intermedia. Una Eliminación Doble del
Torneo se llevó a cabo en la cancha de tenis de la Escuela Superior de Holyoke el 1 de
mayo hasta el 12 de junio.
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at:
Page 16
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and “Like” us to receive updates on district news, videos and photos.
Holyoke, MA 01040
500 Beech Street
c/o Judy Taylor
Media Center
Holyoke Public Schools
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