Bulletin June 26, 2016 - St. Paul`s Catholic Church



Bulletin June 26, 2016 - St. Paul`s Catholic Church
St. Paul’s Catholic Church
Office: 1515 8th Street South, Nampa, ID 83651
Church: 510 W. Roosevelt, Nampa, ID 83686
Tel: 466-7031 Fax: 466-7203
June 26, 2016
13th Ordinary Sunday / 13 Domingo Ordinario
I will
follow you
you go.
Saturday / Sábado:
Monday / Lunes:
5:00 PM English, Nampa
8:00 AM English
7:00 PM Español, Melba
Tuesday / Martes:
Sunday / Domingo:
8:00 AM English
9:30 AM English, Nampa
9:30 AM English, Melba
Wednesday / Miercoles:
12:00 PM Español, Nampa
8:00 AM English, Hospital
5:00 PM English, Nampa
6:00 PM Español, Iglesia
7:00 PM Español, Nampa
Te seguiré
a donde
que vayas.
Thursday / Jueves:
8:00 AM English
Friday / Viernes:
8:15 AM English, Old
Confessions / Confesiones
Wednesdays / Miercoles 5:00-6:00 PM
Saturdays / Sábados 3:30-4:30 PM
Baptisms / Bautismos
1st & 3rd Saturday of month 9:30 AM
1er y 3er Sábado del mes 10:30 AM en Español.
Marriages / Matrimonios
Contact the Parish Office at least 4 months prior to wedding.
Contactar a la oficina parroquial por lo menos 4 meses antes
de la boda.
Anointing of the Sick / Unción de los Enfermos
Any time. Contact the priests at the Parish Office
A cualquier hora. Contacte a los sacerdotes de la parroquia
Segundo sábado del mes, 10:00 AM.
Christian Initiation for Non Catholics (RCIA)
Interested in becoming Catholic or learning more about your faith?
Contact Deacon Mike 466-7031
June 26 9:30 am Nampa: Roman Reyna †
9:30 am Melba:
12:00 pm Nampa: Adela Alvarez †
5:00 pm Nampa: Pro-Populo
7:00 pm Nampa:Jose y Brenda Guerrero †
June 27 8:00 am Nampa: Connie Culver †
June 28 8:00 am Nampa: Michael Smith †
Wednesday June 29 8:00 am Nampa: Steve Schaubel †
6:00 pm Nampa: Armando Enriquez,Jr. †
Thursday June 30 8:00 am Nampa: CWL members
July 1 8:00 am Nampa: Maria Solis
July 2 5:00 pm Nampa: Harry Rosenberry, Sr. †
7:30 pm Melba:
St. Paul’s / San Pablo
Envelopes & Loose Collection / Sobres y dinero efectivo
6/19 Offertory $9,712.50
Phase II
$ 3,210.00
Children’s Collection……………. $330.00
Colecta de los Niños
St. Joseph’s / San Jose
Envelopes & Loose Collection…. $514.29
Sobres y dinero efectivo
Pastoral Council, St. Paul’s:……….. Nancy Harmon
Pastoral Council, St. Joseph’s:……. Chan Cabalo
Parish Finance Council:……………. Kurt Batey
St. Paul’s School Board:…………….Rusty Bengoa
Mt. Calvary Cemetery Board:……….Ted Rush
Comite Latino:………………………...Fr. Carlos Rosero
Perpetual Adoration Coordinator :… Chris Johnson
Homebound…………………………..Judy Kimbrough
Vocations Committee:……………….Judy Kimbrough
Knights of Columbus:………………..Romel Reyna
Catholic Daughters of America:…….Barbara Marrone
Jr. Catholic Daughters of America:.. Mary Ann VandeBrake
Catholic Women’s League:…………Vickie Holbrook
Saint Vincent de Paul Society:……..Jim Daniels
Parochial Vicar:
Retired Priest:
Youth Ministry :
Children Religious Ed.:
Ministry & Volunteer Director:
Development Director:
School Principal:
Business Manager:
Administrative Secretary:
Father Caleb Vogel
Father Carlos Rosero
Father William Taylor
Michael Collins
Jose Luis Granados
Laura Reeping
Marisela Linan
Mari De Leon
Sheri Boicourt
Randy McCormick
Morrie Berriochoa
Gina Urquidi
Carol Amador
Jessica Ibarra
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Building Phase II /Edificar Fase II
Thank you to all who a ended the Town Hall
mee ngs and par cipated in the surveys.
Your input in invaluable as we move forward
and Build on Faith. Below are the top Frequently Asked Ques ons (FAQ) that parishioners are asking. In order to keep you informed, a new sec on in the bulle n will be
dedicated to Phase II. In future bulle ns,
please refer to the news box on page 6 called:
Where are we with the sale of the old Church
property? Can we sell in parts?
We are geƫng an updated appraisal of the
property. We had an interested party,
but due to the fire at the Old Mercy
Hospital property, the grant they were
counƟng on to buy both properƟes is
not going to go through. (It was based
on historical value) We are in good
posiƟon with this property because it
has no debt, and if sold it could raise
up to ¼ of the budget for our Phase II
Is a gym going to be part of the event center?
Yes. The social hall is planned for 10,000
square feet iniƟally and will have a couple of
basketball hoops. It will be built to expand to
20,000 square feet and then be able to hold
the annual Gala and be a flexible space for all
kinds of acƟviƟes.
Will the event center be connected to the
It will have at least a breezeway or colonnade.
(One parishioner later approached me to emphasize that it MUST be connected with an enclosed space, such as Holy Apostles and Our
Lady of the Valley).
Gracias a todos los que asis eron a las reuniones comunitarias y par ciparon en las encuestas. Su voz es muy valiosa al avanzar en Edificar
en la Fe. A con nuación se encuentran las preguntas más comunes (FAQ). Con el fin de mantenerles informados, una nueva sección en el
bole n estará dedicada a la Fase II. En futuros
bole nes, por favor refiérase a la caja de no cias en la página 6 : EDIFICAR EN LA FE-FASE II
¿Dónde estamos con la venta de la anƟgua propiedad de la Iglesia? ¿Se puede vender en partes?
Estamos recibiendo una valoración actualizada de
la propiedad. Tuvimos un comprador interesado,
pero debido al incendio en la propiedad
del AnƟguo Hospital , la subvención con
la que contaban para comprar las dos
propiedades no paso. (Estaba basada en
el valor histórico) Estamos en buena posición con esta propiedad, ya que no Ɵene
ninguna deuda, y cuando se venda podría
aumentar hasta ¼ del presupuesto para
nuestro proyecto de la Fase II.
¿Es un gimnasio va a ser una parte del
centro de eventos?
Sí. El Centro de eventos está previsto de 10,000
pies cuadrados inicialmente y tendrá un par de
aros de baloncesto. Será construido de froma que
se pueda ampliar hasta 20,000 pies cuadrados. Asi,
ser capaz de mantener la Gala anual. También será
un espacio flexible para todo Ɵpo de eventos y acƟvidades.
¿Va estar conectada la iglesia con el centro de
Habra por lo menos un pasadizo techado o columnata. (Una feligres, se me acerco a enfaƟzar que
debe estar conectado por un espacio cerrado, como en Santos Apóstoles y Nuestra Señora del Valle).
St. Paul, pray for us! San Pablo, ruega por nosotros!
St. Paul’s Catholic Church
Page 4
Many adult Catholics who are active in their faith have
nonetheless never been confirmed. During this Year of
Mercy, Bishop Peter is delegating to pastors and administrators the general faculty to confirm all adult Catholics
seeking the Sacrament on the Feast of Christ the King
on Sun., November 20. This allows adult Catholics to be confirmed
without undergoing the lengthy process more appropriate to catechumens or teens. If you are an adult Catholic who was never confirmed
and would like to receive that sacrament on either of those dates,
contact your pastor for instructions and join your parish community in
celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation with your pastor! Adults
who may have impediments to confirmation (e.g., marriage irregularities), should seek confirmation on the second date, Christ the King,
so that they have time to address these issues, if able to do so.
If you have not already offered your pledge to this year’s ICA, please
do so. We are counting on you to respond to this year’s theme, Follow Me. It reminds us to share our gifts for the benefit of our brothers
and sisters in Christ who need your assistance. Funds provided
through the ICA help to bring Christ’s comfort and support for the
many pressing needs and priorities that cannot be addressed individually or by one parish alone. To date, 11% of our parishioners have
contributed $77,430.00 .If you have not made your gift yet, it is not
too late. Please use the pledge envelope in the gathering area and
drop it into the collection basket. You may also make a pledge online
at www.catholicidaho.org.
Our Lady Queen of Heaven in Oreana has contributed $630.00.
St. Joseph’s in Melba has contributed $ 13,198.00. Congratulations, on meeting the ICA goal.
The St. Paul’s Juvenile Corrections Ministry team is looking for volunteers to help minister to incarcerated young people at the State Juvenile Correction Center, Nampa. Interested volunteers must be able to
pass an extensive background check, have a loving and understanding heart and the ability and passion to represent the Catholic faith to
our incarcerated young people. The next available training will be
July 16 at the JCC Facility in Nampa from 8-11:30AM. Contact :Ed
Burnett, Juvenile Corrections Center, Nampa Team Leader (208) 871
-1863 or email: [email protected]
The Catholic Women's League will meet at 7 p.m. June 23 at the new
Church. We will hold a regular business meeting, start planning for
our annual bazaar. The Hospitality Committee will serve Rootbeer
Floats. And don't miss the rummage sale on Saturday, June 25 at
Dempsey Hall.
CWL invites everyone to their rummage sale on Saturday, June 25
from 8am-2pm in Dempsey Hall. Come see our great bargains!!!
Ayusa Global Youth Exchange is a non-profit high school exchange
organization. Here in Nampa we have school spots available for
hosting an exchange student. Hosting a foreign exchange student will
expose your family to a new culture and perspective first hand while
making a difference in the student’s life. Please pray about
the opportunity to open your home and your heart to a student for the
upcoming school year. For information contact Ricki Sanchez 208757-0055 [email protected] or fill out an application at ayusa.org.
Looking for work, or know someone who is?
St. Mark’s Catholic Community is currently seeking candidates for a
school kitchen manager, school maintenance and facilities manager,
and parish facilities and maintenance assistant. Complete details for
application can be found at the parish website, under the home tab,
employment at St. Mark’s. Questions? Call Audrey, at 375- 6651.
May is the month chosen by the Church to honor the Virgin Mary.
Consequently, St. Paul's Respect Life Ministry will be saying the Rosary a half hour before each of the weekend Masses to pray that all
life—from conception until natural death—is valued. Please join us,
and if you would like to lead a Rosary please email:
[email protected]
Rachel’s Vineyard Post Abortion Healing Weekend Retreat
If you have been wounded by the act of abortion or someone dear to
you has struggled with the spiritual and emotional aftermath of abortion, experience the healing love of Jesus Christ on a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat. Participation is strictly confidential and offers a beautiful
opportunity to experience God’s love, forgiveness, and compassion.
Retreats are held annually at Nazareth Retreat Center as well as in
most of our neighboring states. Specific dates, alternate locations
and registration details are available by phone or online.Info: Gerry &
Susan (208)938-9797 [email protected] or Cindy (208)5712736 or visit www.rachelsvineyard.org .
New this Week
Saint John Paul II Parish in Idaho Falls, ID has an opening for a fulltime Youth Minister. This individual will work directly with the Pastor
and will be in charge of our Youth Religious Education Programs.
This person must be a highly motivated self-starter with the ability
to multi-task and to meet established deadlines and goals. The Parish is in search of a highly organized candidate able to work well with
both youth and adults. Pay and benefits are competitive. Please bring
a resume by the Parish Office during normal business hours to apply.”
St. Paul’s Catholic Church
Page 5
St. Paul’s Catholic School
Where is the summer going, we are already in the third week of
summer camp. On Tuesday we walked to the Library; what a
beautiful day for a walk. When entering the Library, Idaho
Power had a wonderful display for their 100th Year Anniversary. Before entering The Peanut Movie, we reviewed the display. Wednesday Bruce Wilson drove us to the Reel Theater
and the children filled up on popcorn and had a good laugh
watching the movie Zootopia. Thursday was our swim day and due to the rain we
thought our field trip was going to be canceled. Thanks to the YMCA in Caldwell
they saved the day.
This week theme was Western Week. We made cowboy hats and the children
were able to bring in their nerf guns. Laughter is a great medicine and at summer
camp it happens every day.
The Coolest Week of the Summer at
St. Paul’s Vacation Bible School
Thank you to all the families that
register to our Vacation Bible
School 142 children participated
Thanks to all the scholarship
donors, all of the adults and teens
that helped .
Youth Ministry
St. Paul’s Catholic Church
Page 6
If you are receiving them and not using them, please contact the
Parish Office to have your subscription cancelled. If, on the other
hand, you would like to receive them and are not – again, please
contact the Parish Office 466-7031.
All parents and godparents are invited to participate in the pre baptismal classes on July 19 at 7:00pm in the Church.
Please let people who are not able to attend Mass know that our
Sunday and Holy Day liturgies can all be watched on our website:
www.nampacatholic.church. It’s very easy to do. Scroll down on our
homepage and click on “Watch Live”. You can also watch archived
Masses. So if you open the website on Sunday at 2:00pm you can
watch the 9:30am Mass for that day. It’s a great way to stay connected.
May is the month chosen by the Church to honor the Virgin Mary.
Consequently, St. Paul's Respect Life Ministry will be saying the
Rosary a half hour before each of the weekend Masses to pray that
all life is valued. Please join us, and if you would like to lead a Rosary please email [email protected]
Strings and flute players wanted. We would like to add flute and
strings to our 5 pm Sunday mass. We are looking for players of intermediate to advanced skill level, violin, viola, cello, flute. For more
information, contact Mike Schaller, 697-8236.
Going on vacation? Please use Online Giving to catch-up on offertory. Go to nampacatholic.church and click on th Online Giving link,
it’s quick and easy. Your support during summer months helps sustain our parish.
All are invited to celebrate mass Our Lady Queen of Heaven in Oreana on July 16 at 10:00am.
If you or a loved one is unable to attend Mass because of illness or
incapacity to travel and would like to have a Eucharistic minister
bring the Eucharist to you at home or in the hospital or nursing facility, please notify the parish office or call Judy Kimbrough at 2495511. We will be happy to make arrangements with you. Spanish
speaking is available.
All are invited to celebrate mass Our Lady of Tears in Silver City on
July 17 at 1:00pm.
Join us for the second annual Silent Men’s Retreat in Boise the last
weekend of July (29, 30, 31) at the Nazareth Retreat Center. The Keynote Presenter is Thomas Smith and he will present ‘Building Your Life
on Pillars’. For more information, go to www.nazarethretreatcenter.org
or call Nazareth at 375-2932.
June 29th! Theology on tap!
Hi everybody! This is Joseph Ordaz you’re seminarian here at St. Paul’s
for the summer and we have been working on getting events planned for
our young adults in the area and here is the first. The date for this is
7pm June 29th at the Crescent brewery here in Nampa (1521 Front St,
Nampa, ID 83651). We will have a speaker, small raffle, question and
answer, and also first drink will be bought by Saint Paul’s! You can
throw this address into your GPS or we have some volunteers that
would be more then glad to meet you at Saint Paul’s and navigate you
there. Once again thank you for being here and I hope to see you all at
‘Theology on Tap” If you have any question please feel free to call the
Saint Paul’s office.
This is Joseph Ordaz you’re seminarian for the summer here in Nampa
extending a hand of invitation out to you all for altar server training. If
you’re interested here is some information you should know: Training is
on June 25th 11am, at the new church. Who’s invited? I would like both
new and old Alter Servers to come on out and participate. The only
requirements is that you’re child has completed first communion. Hope
to see a good turnout. God bless you and see you soon!
Midnight Rosary at 12am at Saint Paul's Church on Monday; June 27.
We will be praying a rosary for all your intentions in Spanish, English,
and Latin. This will take place at midnight and will end in-between 12:451:00am. You are all welcomed to come and bring any friends and family
along. Also, we will be going out for a snack after to IHOP.
We have a beautiful Adoration Chapel At St. Paul's. All parishioners
are encouraged to come and spend time in the presence of
our Lord. Open hours are: Sunday at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am and
10pm; Monday at 1am, 2am, and 3am; Tuesday at 1am and 2am;
Wednesday at 12am; Thursday at 12am, 1am, 2am and 3am; Friday at
2am, 3am, and 4am; Saturday at 12am, 1am and 4am. Please call
Chris Johnson at 467-0332 if any of these hours will work for you.
Adver ser of the Week
Mercedes-Benz of Boise
Please support these vendors who make our
bulleƟn possible.
St. Paul’s Catholic Church
Page 7
Muchos católicos adultos que están activos en su fe
nunca han sido confirmados. Durante este Año de la
Misericordia, el Obispo Peter está delegando a los
párrocos y administradores la facultad general de
confirmar a todos los católicos que están buscando el
Sacramento el 20 de noviembre, Fiesta de Cristo Rey. Esto permitirá que los católicos adultos sean confirmados sin tener que pasar
el largo proceso más apropiado para los catecúmenos o adolescentes. Si usted es un adulto católico que nunca ha sido confirmado y le gustaría recibir este sacramento en cualquiera de esas dos
fechas, comuníquese con su párroco para las instrucciones y únase a su comunidad parroquial en la celebración del Sacramento de
Confirmación. Los adultos que tengan algún impedimento para la
confirmación (ejemplo: irregularidades en el matrimonio,) deberán
buscar la confirmación en la segunda fecha, Cristo Rey, para que
puedan tener tiempo de solucionar estos asuntos, si son capaces
de hacerlo.
Encuentro Matrimonial Mundial Los invita a vivir una experiencia
católica, privada y personal entre esposo y esposa donde se nos
enseña una nueva técnica de comunicación.. próximo fin de
semana : Agosto 5, 6, y 7 del 2016 Mas información llamar a :
Francisco y Angélica Molina 208-800-9236
Alberto y Mercedes Aguirre 208-890-7983
Todos están invitados al grupo de oración todos los miércoles
después de la misa de 6pm.
La Escuela de San Pablo estará ofreciendo canastas de frutas y
verduras por tan solo $12. Para ordenar su canasta favor de
comunicarse con Kathy: [email protected]
Todos estamos invitados a pasar una hora con nuestro Señor en
el Sacramento. Las horas disponibles son: Domingos a la 1am,
2am, 3am, 4am, 5am and 10pm ; Lunes a la 1am, 2am, and 3am;
Martes a las 1am y 2am; Miércoles a las 12am; Jueves a las
12am, 1am, 2am y 3am; Viernes a las 2am, 3am, y 4am; Sábados
a las 12am, 1am y 4am. Favor de comunicarse con Chris Johnson
al 467-0332 si le gustaría reservar un de estas horas.
Mount Calvary Cemetery
Mount Calvary Cemetery is a Catholic
Cemetery located at the corner of Powerline
and Greenhurst.
To purchase a plot at Mount Calvary
Cemetery please contact: Danny Jacobson
(208) 442- 8171
Les invitamos a todas las mujeres de esta comunidad, a ser parte
de una maravillosa experiencia de oración por nuestros esposos,
hijos y comunidad. todos los miércoles 10 am en la oficina 1515 8th
Street South, Nampa Idaho 83651. mayor información María Villalobos 208-571-6560. El Señor tiene un nuevo Camino en tu vida y
tu Matrimonio.
Si aún no se ha comprometido a donar a la Campaña Católica del
Diezmo de este año, por favor hágalo hoy. Contamos con usted
para responder al tema de este año, Gratitud, Pasión y Esperanza.
Nos recuerda que debemos compartir nuestros dones para el beneficio de nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Cristo que necesitan
su ayuda. Los fondos proporcionados a través de la Campaña Católica del Diezmo ayudan a llevar el consuelo y apoyo de Cristo
para las muchas necesidades y prioridades urgentes que no se
pueden abordar de forma individual o por una sola parroquia. Continuar la misión y el ministerio de Jesús con eficacia exige un esfuerzo conjunto de los católicos a lo largo de nuestra iglesia diocesana. Hasta la fecha, el 11% de nuestros feligreses han contribuido
con $77,430 .00. Gracias a todos los que ya se han comprometido.
Si usted no ha hecho aún su contribución, no es demasiado tarde.
Por favor tome y llene un sobre de compromiso ubicado en la entradas de la Iglesia y colóquelo en la canasta de la colecta. Usted
también puede hacer una donación en línea en
Nuestra Señora Reina de los Cielos en Oreana ha contribuido
San Jose en Melba ha contribuido $ 13,198.00. Felicidades, en
alcanzar y sobre pasar la meta del diezmo.
Todos están invitados acompañarnos en rezar el rosario a la Media
noche (12am) en san Pablo el Lunes; 27 de Junio. Estaremos ofreciendo el rosario por todas sus intenciones. Se rezara en Ingles,
Español y Latín. Invite a sus amigos y familiares.
Padres y padrinos que desean bautizar próximamente están invitados a participar en las clases pre bautismales el día 12 de Julio a
las 7:00pm en la Iglesia.

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