May-June - Hawaii Residency Programs



May-June - Hawaii Residency Programs
The University of Hawaii
Internal Medicine Residency Program
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MAY - JUNE 2010
The Transitional and Internal Medicine
Residency programs came together on
May 14, 2010 at the Hawaii Prince
Hotel to mark the end of the year, and
bid farewell to departing residents,
including Transitional and Preliminary
residents moving on to their further
Specialty training programs, and the
Level 3 Categorical residents who were
completing their residency training. This
was a chance to recognize outstanding
resident achievement as well for some
residents to reveal their well-hidden
talents outside of medicine.
Exuberant and witty emcees Drs. Kristi
Lopez and Alfred Lua presided over
the evening’s agenda. Dr. Mitsuya
Katayama created a slide show
highlighting the past year. Dr. Takeshi
Iimura started off the musical
entertainment with a near-falsetto
number. Dr. Cody Takenaka sang two
songs with her ukulele. Dr. Justin
Yamanuha played a guitar
improvisation. The hit of the night by
far was Dr. Ahoora Payam with his
smooth but piercing original
composition which follows on page 2.
The awards segment started with the
medical centers. The voting for The
Queen’s Medical Center awards for
Outstanding Intern ended up in a tie
between Drs. Anne Kemble and Takahiko
Tsutsumi. The QMC award for Outstanding
Resident went to Dr. Chong Wee Foo. The QMC
award for Outstanding Hospitalist teacher went
to 2003 graduate and 2003-2004 Chief
Medical Resident, Dr. Sandra Loo. The Queen
Emma Clinics Ambulatory Excellence Award went
to Level 1 Dr. Ben Thomas, Level 2 Dr. Kristi
Lopez and Level 3 Dr. Joey Kohatsu. Kuakini
Medical Center’s Dr. Jeffrey Nakamura Medical
Education Awards Outstanding Resident and
Intern awards went to Drs. Kristi Lopez and Dr.
Justin Yamanuha, respectively.
The Program awards started with Dr. Takeshi
Iimura winning the Irwin J. Schatz Platinum
Stethoscope Award.
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Inside This Issue:
Graduating Level 3 residents (from left to right): Naveen Gara, Hanh La, Veeravat Taecharvongphairoj, Dagmar Lin, Ongkarn Sarasombath,
Tony Lee, Sabrina Tan, Cody Takenaka, Joey Kohatsu, Emily Diep, Lana Arakaki, Malissa Iida-Takashima and Nuntra Suwantarat.
Residents’ End-of-the-Year
Pg 1-2
New Electives for 2010-2011
Pg 3
Attending the Winter Olympics
Pg 3
Aloha to Preliminary &
Transitional Residents
Pg 4
New Pediatric Residency Program
Pg 4
Honolulu’s Good Eats
Pg 5
Bits & Pieces
Pg 6
Residents must demonstrate knowledge of established and evolving biomedical, clinical and
cognate (e.g. epidemiological and social-behavioral) sciences and the application of this
medical knowledge to patient care. Residents are expected to:
- Learn the scientific method of problem solving, evidence-based decision-making, a commitment
• INTERPERSONAL & to lifelong learning and an attitude of caring that are derived from humanistic and professional
- Demonstrate an investigatory and analytic thinking approach to clinical situations.
• PROFESSIONALISM - Know and apply the basic and clinically supportive sciences which are applicable to Internal
Medicine, its subspecialties and other disciplines.
MAY - JUNE 2010
Excellence in Research awards went to Drs. Nuntra Suwarantarat,
Dagmar Lin, Naveen Gara, Narin Sriratanviriyakul, Chong Wee Foo
and Robert Eager. Dr. Alan Tice was given special recognition for
outstanding mentorship of residents’ research projects.
Through the generous support of the Straub Foundation via Nina
Mullaly, the Program was able to acknowledge outstanding
performance of several residents. Interns Drs. Mitsuya Katayama and
Takahiko Tsutsumi won the Straub Intensive Care Unit Award. Dr.
Puck Jittirat was chosen by Program staff for the being the Most
Congenial Resident. Dr. Bello’s Program Director’s awards for tenacity
in the face of personal challenge and adversity went to Drs. Lana
Arakaki, Hanh La, Jeffrey Tiger and Robert Eager. The ChengKempton awards for Outstanding Resident and Intern, voted on by their
own resident colleagues went to Drs. Joey Kohatsu and Sheri Shimizu,
Dr. Laurie Tam, Internal Medicine Clerkship Director presented the
Excellence in Medical Student Teaching award to Chief Medical
Resident, Dr. Ryon Nakasone.
The Excellence in Clinical Teaching awards to volunteer educators who
make significant contributions to residents’ professional growth and
development for which they do not receive any monetary contributions
went to Drs. Christian Spies, Rick Hayashi, Joon Choi, Steven Azuma
and Jared Acoba. Residents also honored Dr. Michael Watters with the
Excellence in Teaching award at Kuakini Medical Center, Drs. Bruce Soll
and Christian Spies at The Queen’s Medical Center and Dr. Rick
Hayashi for the Ambulatory Medicine Teaching award.
(to the tune of Time of Your Life)
Last night I noticed insects crawling on my bed
I’ve never paid so much for just a loaf of bread
I thought the tsunami would surely make us drown
Try not to walk alone late night in China Town
It’s something unpredictable, like eating day old poi
But if you’re Kama’aina you’ll enjoy
On call at Kuakini, I need to grab a bite
But the cafeteria food is a gamble with your life
Glenn Uto’s telling me to order this and that
I paged Russell Wong last week he hasn’t called me back
It’s something unpredictable, like open ICU
I pee my pants each time I hear code blue
This month at QEC I’m thinking, “What the heck!”
Can you explain why all the patients are train wrecks?
In neuro clinic Dr. Watters breaks it down
I think his patients are too scared to come around
It’s something unpredictable, like all the damn no shows
I’m overflow today, this sucks and blows
Another night on call my intern reached his cap
It’s 3 a.m. and Larry Day won’t let me nap
Coffee in Morgan lounge then off to X-ray rounds
Morning report today I hope its Dr. Brown
It’s something unpredictable, like Dr. Spies’ mood
Don’t wanna see an angry German dude
It’s something unpredictable, like Dr. Bello’s notes
She’ll kill me cuz I can’t read what she wrote
It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right
I signed away 3 years of my life
1. Graduating Level 3 resident Dr. Alex Smith and CMR Dr. Ryon Nakasone. 2.
Dr. Christian Spies presented Level 2 resident Dr. Takeshi Iimura with the Irwin
J. Schatz Platinum Stethoscope Award. 3. Dr. Bennett Loui, 2001 graduate &
2001-2002 CMR, presented Dr. Sheri Shimizu with The Cheng-Kempton
Award for Outstanding Intern. 4. Iris Isa-Nunes, DME secretary at KMC, and
Dr. Justin Yamanuha as he received Kuakini Medical Center’s Dr. Jeffrey
Nakamura Medical Education Award for Outstanding Intern.
Dr. Justin Yamanuha received the Transitional Resident of the Year
award. TY residents chose Dr. Chris Fiack for the Transitional Excellence
in Teaching award. General Surgical residents Drs. Chan Park and
Josef Braun were selected for the Transitional Excellence in Resident
Teaching award. The Transitional residents also paid tribute to Dr.
Cynthia Hew as the last class for which she will be the Program Director.
Thanks in particular to the Program staff and to all who participated to
make the banquet a success. Congratulations to all of those who were
acknowledged for their devotion to excellence and contributions to our
Level 2 resident Dr. Ahoora Payam as he performed his original composition, lyrics above.
MAY - JUNE 2010
Three exciting new
electives will be offered
starting in July 2010.
Neuro-Critical Care
Dr. Matt Koenig is
offering this elective in the
QMC ICU for residents
who have completed a
Neurology Selective or
Elective and a Critical
Care rotation. This elective
is aimed at residents who
have interest in severe
neurological diseases,
especially those planning
Cardiology, Critical Care
or Oncology. There will
be ample opportunity for
residents to perform ICU
procedures, such as
lumbar punctures and
central lines.
Multispecialty ICU
Dr. Emilio Ganitano, 2002
graduate and 2002-2003
Chief Medical Resident,
has put together this
elective at Straub Hospital
for upper level residents
experience in caring for
patients in the Surgical,
Cardiovascular Surgical,
N e u r o s u r g i c a l
OB/GYN intensive care
Kauai Outpatient General
This much anticipated
elective will be offered to
a maximum of 4 residents
per year. Dr. Lisa
Splittstoesser, 2002
graduate, will oversee
this rotation at the Kauai
Medical Center, which is
designed to develop
outpatient primary care
skills in a Neighbor Island
setting. There will be a
immunizations, screening
for various cancers,
osteoporosis and diabetes
as residents learn to
manage a variety of
outpatient chronic medical
We are proud to announce that at
the May 16, 2010 JABSOM
graduation ceremony, two of our
faculty members, and one incoming
resident received awards.
Dr. Marcus Iwane, a JABSOM
graduate and incoming Level 1
resident, was awarded The Dr.
Albert C.K. Chun-Hoon Award for
Community Service. The award
was established at the Hawaii
by friends &
associates of
the late Dr.
Albert C.K.
who was a
h i g h l y
Surgeon as
Marcus Iwane, MD
well as a
member of the JABSOM faculty.
Dr. Iwane was chosen for this
award because he demonstrated
an outstanding commitment to
community service and showed
potential to lead, by example, in
assisting underserved members of
the Hawaii community.
Dr. Iwane also appeared on the
Olelo TV program on Hawaii MDs,
titled “Nā Kauka, Growing more
Hawaiian Physicians Ho‘oulu Lāhui
Aloha” in April 2010. The
program discussed how more
Native Hawaiians are in the
JABSOM 2010 graduating class
than ever before.
Dr. Glenn Rediger, 1986
graduate and one of our
Continuity Clinic attendings,
received the “Leonard Tow
Humanism in Medicine Award,”
which is presented by the Arnold
P. Gold Foundation for the
JABSOM faculty who exemplifies
compassion, competence and
respect in the delivery of patient
Dr. Miki Kiyokawa, 2002
graduate, 2003-2003 Chief
Medical Resident and current
UHIMRP clinical faculty, was
presented with the KaiserPermanente Excellence in Teaching
Award for Excellence in Teaching
Clinical Subjects. Dr. Kiyokawa
will also be the 3rd year clerkships
site coordinator for JABSOM
students at QMC and KMC.
ATTENDING THE 2010 WINTER OLYMPICS by Peter Ho, MB, BS, Level 1 Resident
My vacation break in February was
nothing short of spectacular. I was very
fortunate to return home for the Winter
Olympics in my hometown of Vancouver
and to bear the torch in the final stages of
the Olympic Torch Relay. I ran with the
Olympic Torch in Vancouver in the final
days before the opening ceremonies,
wearing the Olympic Uniform together
with the official red Olympics mittens.
Looking back at this experience, and
watching the 2010 winter Olympics, I
learned that there is something special
when I watch the exceptional athletes
sacrifice so much to vie for a position on
the podium. After years of hard work
and sacrifice, they can be recognized for
their exemplary achievements. I believe
that life as a resident and life as an
athlete training for the gold medal have
many similarities.
The 2010 Olympics should remind us of
how important it is to excel and pursue a
path of excellence. Sometimes, it is a
lesson that we may forget. As a resident,
we are facing many challenges in the
health care system: more aggressive
diseases, more complex patients, and an
increasing demand for resources in face of
increasing health-care deficits.
Although these are everyday challenges
we face let us not lose focus on our desire
to provide timely and excellent services to
our patients. We must strive every day to
provide quality care that our patients
As we face more challenges coupled with
increasing expectations, let us strive to
provide care that is beyond routine and
go beyond expectations and constantly
strive to be the best we can.
By promoting, pursuing and demonstrating
excellence as residents, we can prepare
to be the physicians that our patients and
community has entrusted us to become.
This is what I have learned bearing the
torch for the 2010 Winter Olympic
For some residents, this means keeping up
with the latest evidence-based health
interventions. For others, it may mean
actively listening to our patients, thinking
carefully, and being genuinely empathetic
to their issues. Although we can meet the
expectations most of the time, let us try to
exceed them. Every extra step we take
beyond what is required will invariably
yield some benefits for our patients.
As we work with medical students, let us
be their role models and mentors and
make sure to attend to their personal
needs. After all, our knowledge and work
ethic will propagate down to them, and
into the next generation. We should share
our skills, our competence, and our
knowledge to inspire them to also pursue
Level 1 Resident Peter Ho carried the torch for the 2010 Winter
Olympic games in his hometown, Vancouver, Canada.
MAY - JUNE 2010
Our six Preliminary residents will be moving on to other
residencies. We bid them fond aloha and hope they will
consider returning to Hawaii to practice someday. Keep in
touch! We asked them to reflect on their “most memorable
moment” of this past intern year.
Transitional residents are also relocating to start their
next residency programs. They spent 3 months with us
on ward medicine, 1 month on MICU and 1 month at the
VA and have provided unique perspectives for us this
year on our internal medicine experiences.
Christine Chen (Diagnostic Radiology at Yale-New Haven
Hospital): “surfing with dolphins!”
Christine Lauro (Radiation Oncology at the University of
Colorado School of Medicine): “seeing sharks, rays and eels
while scuba diving at Molokini.”
May Liu (Emergency Medicine at Cook County-Stroger
Hospital): “watching fireworks from the roof of Queen’s Medical
Center on New Year’s Eve with the rest of my team and drinking
sparkling cider in the call room to ring in the new year. Even
the hard times weren’t so bad!”
Jeffrey Tiger (Dermatology at Darmouth-Hitchcock Medical
Center): “the intern retreat at Bellows Beach, swimming in the
ocean and everyone feeling like ‘we are the luckiest
residents in the world.’”
Karl Vance (Dermatology at the University of Illinois College of
Medicine): “surfing on the North Shore with Dr. Robert Eager,
Level 3 resident. This was followed closely by my first death
pronouncement on my first night of internship as night float.”
Justin Young (Medicine, will continue as a Level 2 resident in
the UHIMRP): “running three codes at once with Dr. Ganitano.”
Five of the six Preliminary residents completing our Program at the
End-of-the-Year Banquet.
Eight of the nine 2009-2010 Transitional residents posed with the
UHTRP Deputy Program Director, Dr. Mark Mugiishi.
Baer, MD
University of Michigan
Hospital in Ann Arbor
Boyce, MD
Rochester General
Hospital in New York
Furubayashi, MD
Santa Barbara Cottage
Hospital in California
Lee, MD
Bascom Palmer Eye
Institute of the University
of Miami in Florida
Liu, MD
University of Chicago
Medical Center in Illinois
Rolen, MD
Yale, New Haven
Hospital in Connecticut
Taner, MD
University of Maryland
Medical Center
Tokita, MD
University of Washington
Medical Center and
Affiliated Hospitals
Yamanuha, MD
University of Wisconsin in
Angely Andrade, who has been a Program Administrative Assistant
with UHIMRP since May 2007 was promoted to Program
Administrator for the University of Hawaii Pediatrics Residency
Program. Angely has replaced Marlene Keawe who has moved on
to a Hawaii Residency Programs GME Administrator position.
Angely worked tirelessly staffing our Selections and Curriculum
Task Force committees. We will miss Angely’s quick smile,
enthusiasm and fashionista presence on UT 7th floor. Angely, we
wish you only the best and hope you will come back to visit!
The 7th floor staff threw Angely a surprise farewell.
MAY - JUNE 2010
GOOD EATS! by Ryon Nakasone, MD, 2009 Graduate, and 2009-2010 Chief Medical Resident
Ryon will be
starting his
Fellowship at
Scripps Green
Hospital in San
Diego July 1,
but you have to try the lemon crunch or the Burgers on the Edge: Go and build your
pumpkin crunch (if it is in season).
own gourmet burger with all sorts of
toppings. One of the only places so far
Kanpai (on Ward): Another good choice for
with a Kobe Beef Burger. Fantastic.
good eats. Kalbi Noodles, Fried Rice, the Fries,
Pork Chops, and the list goes on and on. Check Gordon Biersch: Tapas, the Garlic Fries (out
it out when you have time.
of control), pizzas, all splendid choices and
worth going for sure.
Ryan’s Bar and Grill: The Poke, the Kalua Pig
Quesadilla, the Crab and Artichoke dip. Kaka’ako Kitchen: Spicy Chili Chicken, Fivespice Shoyu Chicken, Meatloaf, Hamburger
Enough said!
So you all thought that you were done
Steak…and Lemon Bars for those with a
with me! HA! I will always be around.
sweet tooth.
I was tasked by the Program to write
a food guide to the “cheap eats”
L&L BBQ: One of the original plate lunch
around Honolulu. I am not sure why I
places. Chicken Katsu, Teri Beef, and so
was asked…could it be that my
many other choices on a varied menu. A
culinary knowledge surpasses that of
local favorite for sure that you will enjoy!
even the great Chefs like Sam Choy,
Alan Wong, and the rest? Could it be
Rainbow Drive Inn: Another local winner.
due to the fact that I studied at the Le
Chili Rice plate, Loco Moco, BBQ Pork
Cordon Bleu before I started at
sandwiches…and of course the Strawberry
UHIMRP? (I WISH!) Truthfully, what I
Slush Float.
think it boils down to is the simple fact
that I LOVE TO EAT! There I said it!
Mitsu-Ken: Two items worth the trip…Garlic
But what this translates into is the fact
Fried Rice and Garlic Chicken. Done.
that I know good food when I see/
smell/taste it. I will try to give you an
Assaggio Italian Ristorante: Good Italian
overview of what (reasonable priced)
food for the price. Whether you get the
good food is out there…but the key,
Chicken Anchovy Olio, the
as always, is to get out there and try
Alfredo, the Shrimp Alla Bolla, or the
new places! (DISCLAIMER: many of the
foods may not be approved by the
Chicken Parmigiana…you cannot go wrong.
American Heart Association). I may not
Then save space for the crème brulee in a
know much about alcohol, but I know
chocolate bowl. Wow!
my foods! Bon appétit!!
Side Street Inn.: Saving one of the best for
Morton’s (in Ala Moana).: This is one of
last! Kalbi Ribs, Fried Rice, Garlic Fries, the
my personal favorites, hands down.
Pork Chops, Fried Chicken, and much much
Happy Hour starts at 4:45 p.m. and
much more. A must go to place!
ends at 6:30 p.m. They do have drink
specials, but where the real action is
Others: California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake
has got to be the appetizers. A select
group goes for $6 each and includes Zippy’s and Napoleon’s Bakery: Open 24 hours,
mini Steak Sandwiches, Blue Cheese wide assortment of items to choose from. Local This is just a short list of the MANY places
Fries, mini Cheeseburgers, Chicken favorite.
Try the Chili, the Saimin, the that Honolulu has to offer. When you are
Strips, and more! Great place.
Hamburger Steak and Eggs, the Apple adventurous—there are many UNREAL
places outside of Honolulu for you to try
Big City Diner (various locations on the Napple…all winners!
(ex. Boots and Kimo’s Macadamia Nut
Island): Go here if you want a great Shokudo Japanese Restaurant: Do NOT forget Pancakes in Kailua….GO EARLY!) In the
local variety. Try the Fried Rice, the about this place! Near Ala Moana and it is the end, just get out there….try things….and
Nachos, or the Ribs with Guava BBQ home of great shrimp tempura, Chicken remember to always, always, enjoy those
Many other options are Karaage, Unagi rice, Mochi Cheese Gratin… Good Eats!
but you MUST save room for the Honey Toast!
Diamond Head Market and Grill (on D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!
Monsarrat Ave): A great “all-in-one”
place you can get take-out plate
lunches, bento, and a bakery. Try the
Char Siu Chicken, Portobello Burgers…
Dave and Busters: Filled with Queso and chips,
Chicken Wings, but also games galore all over
the place. Definitely a place to hang out, eat,
and just have a great time.
QMC Resident Meal
Allowance Increased!
Effective April 15, 2010 QMC has
increased the resident meal
allowance from $10 to $18 for call.
MAY - JUNE 2010
• July 31, 2010: QMC Compliance Training due for Level 1 residents
• August 29, 2010: QMC Compliance Training due for upper-level residents
• September 30, 2010: ELM Training Module is due for all returning and new residents
• Tuesdays: Academic Half-Day
• July-September: Residents should be preparing for the In-Training Exam scheduled for October
Academic News
Dr. Steve MacBride retired from his position
as the Associate Chief of Staff for Education
and Designated Learning Officer for the VA
Pacific Islands Health Care System on April
30, 2010. Dr. MacBride started at the VA Baby News
as an Associate Professor in 1982. We wish Congratulations to
Level 3 resident Dr.
him well!
Naveen Gara and his
Beginning this academic year 2010-2011, wife, Level 3 resident
JABSOM will be sending a few medical from the UH Psychiatry
students to Tripler Army Medical Center for Residency Program Dr.
part of their 3rd year internal medicine Nora Bammidi, on the
clerkship. A maximum of 3 students will be birth of their baby
scheduled at TAMC per block for their 5- boy on May 22, 2010.
1/2 or 6 week long inpatient rotation.
They named their son
Dr. Janet Onopa, Associate Program Director Navvu, which means
for Ambulatory Medicine, is proud to “smile” in their native language of telugu.
announce that her son Ryder will start Navvu weighed 3.3 kg and measured 22
medical school at JABSOM in July. Best of inches. Both mom and baby are doing well.
luck, Ryder!
Congratulations to 2003 graduate Dr.
Pichaya Ratarasarn (maiden name:
Sarasombath) who welcomed her new son,
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