VIEW IT HERE! - SR5 Venturing



VIEW IT HERE! - SR5 Venturing
The Legacy
October 17-19, 2014
Camp Barstow SC
Welcome to Year Two of The Legacy!
Last year we had such an amazing event we decided that we wanted to do it
again! The Legacy is an annual Venturing Weekend for Area 5 to be held at Camp
Barstow in Batesburg-Leesville, SC this year. All councils are welcome to
participate in The Legacy, and with this event we hope to:
1. Continue to promote Venturing and Sea Scouting.
2. Serve as an idea sharing and support community
3. Offer fellowship and fun through various activities
4. To give purpose to Venturing Officers Associations throughout Area 5.
Our Ranges will be open to test your marksmanship and our beautiful Lake
Murray will be filled so you can work on your
watercraft skills. We will also have numerous
presentations by organizations from around the area
and, of course. the Barstow Challenge, our 4-part
timed team challenge!
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General Information and Policies
Camp Barstow
115 Ruby Riser Rd,
Batesburg Leesville, SC 29006.
Camp Barstow is located in Saluda County, South
For GPS purposes use the above address
Google Map Short URL:
Registration this year is $49 per person until October 1st
From Oct. 1 to Oct. 10 registration will be $55 per person.
This cost includes all meals, camping fees, activities, T-shirt, and patch.
Advisors: please register your unit online at
Included in the cost of your registration is breakfast, lunch, dinner and Cracker Barrel on Saturday, and
breakfast on Sunday.
Note Dinner will not be offered Friday night but we will have a Cracker Barrel later after check-in has
been completed.
We expect the weather to be pleasant during your stay at Camp Barstow, but adverse weather
conditions can occur. Please plan accordingly by checking the weather forecasts a month out, two
weeks out, a week out, and the day you plan to depart. Generally, October tends to be comfortable
enough for shorts and t shirts, but don’t be surprised if a cold snap comes through. Being on a lake we
find the nights can turn chilly quickly so keep that in mind as you pack your camping gear. Closed Shoes
(No Crocs or Keens) are required throughout camp unless you are participating in our boating activities.
Register at
No cars will be allowed in camp. We have two designated parking areas at Camp Barstow and those are
the only two places where cars will be allowed. Please prepare to hike your gear to your campsite.
Crews/Posts/Ships with gear trailers will be escorted to their campsite to drop off their trailer and then
return their vehicle immediately to the parking lot.
Camp Barstow will be happy to make accommodations for Scouts or Scouters with disabilities but they
must declare their need to Camp Administration (Contact info located later in this Leaders Guide) at
least 1 week before the event.
Door Prizes:
Last year Councils and Crews were encouraged to bring door prizes (patches, gear, cool stuff) from their
home councils to be given away as door prizes during the Campfire Saturday night. Please try to bring
something to share from your area!
Camp Barstow has open faced Adirondacks in every campsite that will only be available to Registered
Adults IF you provide your own 8X10 tarp and rope/twine to cover the four person bays. We will not
provide tarps for this purpose.
All youth will be tent camping! Make sure to pack your own tent. Camp Barstow does not keep up their
canvas tents up year round so please make sure that every youth has a buddy and an appropriate place
to sleep. Hammocks are welcome to hang on trees only and space is limited. Be prepared - if you bring
a hammock, have a tent as backup.
Camp Barstow is primed for wildlife. Be prepared to
see turkey, deer, rabbit, assorted shore and song
birds, skunks, snakes, turtles, and the occasional
Keep in mind that we advise all campers to NOT KEEP
FOOD OF ANY SORT in campsites. Our furry friends
are not bashful and will be happy to share in your
food stores if not stored properly.
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Daily Schedule*
* Schedule is subject to change
1700 Check-in Begins
2200 Cracker Barrel
2400 Lights Out
0700 Flag Raising
0715-0750 Group A Breakfast
Group B Range Safety Briefing
0750- 0900 Group B Breakfast
Group A Range Safety Briefing
0900-1200 Morning Events - All Areas Open
1200-1245 Group B Lunch/ Group A free time
1245- 1330 Group A Lunch/ Group B free time
1330-1630 Afternoon Events & Competitions - All Areas Open
1600-1700 The Barstow Challenge begins
1745-1800 Flag Lowering
1800-1930 Dinner (2 rotations)
2000-2130 Campfire w/skits, songs and a special guest.
2200 Cracker Barrel
2400 Lights Out
0930- 0945
Sunrise Service in the Chapel
Flag Raising
Breakfast (2 rotations)
VOA meeting
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Walk-Up events:
Bouldering Wall
Climbing/Rappelling Tower
Tomahawk Throwing
Backpacking Demo
Wildlife Encounters
JOTA (Jamboree on the Internet- talk to Scouts worldwide via Ham Radio)
Turks Head/Woggle How-To
Gear talks
Fly -Tying Station
Sign-Up Events:
Rifle shooting
Pistol shooting
Shotgun shooting
Archery shooting
High and Low COPE
Field Games:
4 Way Tug-O-War
Giant Twister
GaGa Ball
Ultimate Frisbee
International Scouting / Japan 2015 World Jamboree
Summit High Adventure Base/ BSA Jamboree
STEM, Venturing NOVA Award
Venturing NYLT (National Youth Leader Training)
™ New Summer Camp offerings
Service Project
™ Make Survival Bracelets for deploying troops via Thank You Heroes
™ Fold Pocket Flags to be given to deploying troops
Register at
Other Events
There will be a “coffee chat” where youth can talk about anything from
gaining new members to planning a Super Activity. There will also be a
“coffee chat” for the Advisors to talk about the new Venturing awards
program along with other topics.
There will be several competitions such as Archery and Rifle Shooting, as
well as The Barstow Challenge for teams. More information on these
competitions will be released as we get closer to the event.
Signing up for Events
Some events such as shooting sports and COPE you will have to sign up for when you register
for the event, other sign-ups will be done on first-come first-served basis when you check in at
camp on Friday night.
Aquatics Events
To participate in any of the aquatics activities the Venturer (or Advisor) must have passed the
BSA Swim Test within the past twelve months.
At check-in, all units need to present a current Unit Swim Classification Report . It needs to be
signed by the lifeguard performing the test by the standards of The Safe Swim Defense and
must have a copy of the Lifeguard's Certification Card attached. The youth or adult listed must
be present to receive the wristband. Advisors or someone else may not pick it up for them.
See the forms section of this guide or use this link:
Register at
What to Pack:
Youth and Adults
™ Sleeping Bag
™ Tent
™ Sleeping Mat
™ Pillow
™ Clothes for the entire weekend (bring lots of layers, just in case!)
™ Rain Gear
™ Closed Shoes (NO CROCS/KEENS)
™ Flashlight/Headlamp
™ Water bottle
™ Daypack
™ Personal Hygiene Items
™ Shower Shoes
™ Swim Suit
™ Towels
™ Optional: Spending money
● The adults may sleep in the Adirondacks. Please
bring an 8x10 tarp and rope to cover the entrance if you
plan to do so, as these will not be provided. If you do not
plan to use the Adirondack, please remember to pack a tent.
● Youth will be tent camping! Make sure everyone has a tent to sleep in, and a
tent buddy!
Register at
Contact Page
Event Contact:
Charlotte Schroeder
Area 5 Associate Advisor of Programs
(803) 622-7969
email: [email protected]
Staff Contact:
John Tjaarda
District Executive
email: [email protected]
phone: 803-960-2560
Council Office:
Indian Waters Council
PO Box 144
Columbia, SC 29202
Phone: 803-750-9868
Register Here:
Area 5 Venturing
If you have any questions about Area 5, Please check
the website
or our FaceBook Group
Register at
Please Note
Required Leadership
According to BSA policy, each Crew/Ship registering for The
Legacy is required to provide at least two adult leaders in
attendance at camp at all times.
Co-ed Crews must have both male and female adult leadership
over the age of 21.
The Crew Advisor in camp must be a registered adult Scouter at
least 21 years of age and preferably an Advisor or Associate
Dietary Needs
Special dietary needs must be coordinated with Camp Administration TWO WEEKS prior to
arriving at camp and must be noted in the online registration form.
We will do our best to accommodate most food allergies, but participants with severe food
allergies or dietary restrictions must be prepared to bring their own food to supplement the
camp offerings.
Storage in refrigerator/freezer is available on site.
We will have a Health Officer available at The Legacy.
Crews will be responsible for their own crew medications and First Aid Kits.
Register at
Please make sure that these forms are filled out and with you at Check-In
One per participant (youth and adult)
™ Venturing Code Of Conduct (enclosed)
™ Parent Guardian Release Form (enclosed)
For the Unit
™ Unit Swim Classification Report (enclosed)
Also, every participant must have the Medical Form part A and B filled out and signed
It is available at
Register at
The Legacy Code of Conduct
The general welfare of any group depends on the conduct of its individuals. This Code of Conduct was
designed to ensure a safe environment and positive experience for the all during the event. The group
leader (adult advisor) shall be responsible for maintaining discipline, security, and the standards outlined
in this Code of Conduct.
*All participants are expected to be properly dressed and presentable at all times.
* All participants are expected to participate in all scheduled sessions and activities.
* All participants will follow the principles of Leave No Trace when participating in activities - respecting
nature and wildlife areas.
*In consideration of others, all participants are expected to be in their own campsite and quiet by
12AM. They are not to leave their campsite before 6AM.
*Each participant is personally responsible for breakage, damage, or loss of property. Units will be
charged for damage not covered by individual members. Loss of personal articles is not the
responsibility of the camp, event staff, or the Boy Scouts of America, or their agents or representatives.
*Fireworks and personal firearms of any type are strictly prohibited.
*Event and professional staff reserve the right to send any youth or adult home for violation of this Code
of Conduct. Any decision of the staff is final.
Please read it carefully and think about it before initialing each statement.
⎯ I will keep my adult advisor informed of my whereabouts at all times and will use the buddy
system at all times.
⎯ I will not enter another person’s tent or sleeping area other then my own without prior
permission from my adult advisor.
⎯ I understand that possession or use of illegal substances such as drugs and alcohol are
prohibited and that smoking is not allowed.
⎯ I will refrain from the use of inappropriate language /music/sexual behavior.
⎯ I understand that failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.
I have read the entire Code of Conduct and agree to observe them fully.
Participant’s Signature_________________________________________________ Date___/____/____
Name (printed)_____________________________________________
*Each unit needs to keep these sheets with them. Units need one signed by every youth and adult.
Register at
This form is recommended for unit use to obtain approval and consent for Tiger
Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, and
guests (if applicable) under 21 years of age to participate in a den, pack, team,
troop, or crew trip, expedition, or activity. This form is required for use with flying
plans and should be attached to the flying plan application. It is recommended that
parents keep a copy of the form and contact the tour leader in the event of any
questions or in case emergency contact is needed. Additional copies of this form
along with the Guide to Safe Scouting are available for download from Scouting
Safely at
Se recomienda que la unidad use este formulario para obtener la aprobación y
consentimiento para los Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, Boy Scouts,
Varsity Scouts, Venturers e invitados (si es que aplica) menores de 21 años que
participen en un viaje, expedición o actividad del den, pack, equipo, tropa o grupo.
Este formulario es obligatorio junto con los permisos de vuelo y deben adjuntarse
a la solicitud de permiso de vuelo. Se recomienda que los padres de familia
guarden una copia del formulario y se pongan en contacto con el líder de la
excursión si es que tienen alguna pregunta o en caso de que se necesite un
contacto de emergencia. Las copias adicionales de este formulario junto con la
Guía para un Scouting seguro se encuentran disponibles para descargar desde
Scouting Safely en
______________________________________________________ _____ _____________________________________________________
First name of participant
Middle initial
Last name
Nombre del participante
Inicial del sugundo nombre
Birth date (month/day/year) ____/____/____
Fecha de nacimiento (día/mes/año)
Age during activity ________
Edad al momento de realizar
la actividad
State __________________________________________________________
Zip _____________________
Código postal
Has approval to participate in (Name of activity, orientation flight, outing trip, etc.) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Tiene la aprobación para participar en (Nombre de la actividad, vuelo de orientación, excursión, etc.)
From ______________ to ______________
Without restrictions
Special considerations or restrictions: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Sin restricciones
Consideraciones o restricciones especiales:
I understand that participation in Scouting activities involves a certain degree of
risk and can be physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. I have carefully
considered the risk involved and have given consent for myself or my child to
participate in this activity. I also understand that participation in this activity is
entirely voluntary and requires participants to abide by applicable rules and
standards of conduct. I release the Boy Scouts of America, the local council, the
activity coordinators, and all employees, volunteers, related parties, or other
organizations associated with the activity from any and all claims or liability arising
out of this participation.
Entiendo que la participación en actividades Scouting implica un cierto grado de
riesgo y que pueden ser física, mental y emocionalmente agotadoras. He
considerado cuidadosamente el riesgo involucrado y doy mi consentimiento para
mi mismo o mi hijo para participar en la actividad. Entiendo que la participación en
la actividad es completamente voluntaria y requiere que los participantes se
acaten a las reglas y estándares de conducta pertinentes. Libero a Boy Scouts of
America, al concilio local, a los coordinadores de la actividad y a todos los
empleados, voluntarios, partes relacionadas u otras organizaciones asociadas con
la actividad de cualquiera y todas las demandas o responsabilidades que surjan de
esta participación.
In case of emergency involving my child, I understand every effort will be made to
contact me. In the event I cannot be reached, I hereby give my permission to the
medical provider selected by the adult leader in charge to secure proper treatment,
including hospitalization, anesthesia, surgery, or injections of medication for my
child. Medical providers are authorized to disclose to the adult in charge
examination findings, test results, and treatment provided for purposes of medical
evaluation of the participant, follow-up and communication with the participant’s
parents or guardian, and/or determination of the participant’s ability to continue in
the program activities.
En caso de una emergencia que tenga que ver con mi hijo, sé que se harán todos
los esfuerzos necesarios para contactarme. En caso de que no me contacten,
autorizo al proveedor médico seleccionado por el líder adulto encargado, de
asegurarse de que se le ofrezca a mi hijo el tratamiento adecuado, incluyendo
hospitalización, anestesia, cirugía o inyecciones de medicamento. Los proveedores
médicos están autorizados para informar al adulto encargado los hallazgos de la
exploración física, los resultados de pruebas y el tratamiento otorgado con el
propósito de una evaluación médica del participante, seguimiento y comunicación
con los padres o tutores del participante y/o la determinación de la capacidad del
participante para continuar en las actividades del programa.
Participant’s signature
Parent/guardian printed name
Parent/guardian signature
Area code and telephone number (best contact and emergency contact)
Email (for use in sharing more details about the trip or activity)
Firma del participante
Nombre con letra de molde del padre de familia/tutor
Código de área y número telefónico (primer contacto y contacto de emergencia)
Firma del padre de familia/tutor
Correo electrónico (para más detalles sobre el viaje o actividad)
Contact the adult tour leader with any questions:
Póngase en contacto con el líder adulto de la excursión si es que tiene preguntas:
Name ___________________________________________________________________
Phone ___________________________
Email ________________________________________________________________
Correo electrónico
2012 Printing
Unit Swim Classification Record
This is the individual’s swim classification as of this date. Any change in status after this date
(i.e., nonswimmer to beginner or beginner to swimmer) would require a reclassification test
performed by an approved test administrator. Changes and corrections to the following chart
should be initialed and dated by the test administrator.
SPECIAL NOTE: When swim tests are conducted away from camp, the camp aquatics director
retains the right to review or retest any or all participants to ensure that standards have been
Unit Number _________________
Date of Swim Test _______________
Full Name (Print)
(Draw lines through blank spaces.)
Swim Classification
Print Name
Council/Agency (Red Cross, YMCA, etc.)
Print Name
Revised: March 2009
The swim classification of individuals participating
in a Boy Scouts of America activity is a key
element in both Safe Swim Defense and Safety
Afloat. The swim classification tests should be
renewed annually, preferably at the beginning
of each outdoor season. Traditionally, the swim
classification test has only been conducted at a
long-term summer camp. However, there is no
restriction that this be the only place the test can
be conducted. It may be more useful to conduct
the swim classification prior to a unit going to
summer camp.
All persons participating in BSA aquatics are
classified according to swimming ability. The
classification tests and test procedures have been
developed and structured to demonstrate a skill
level consistent with the circumstances in which
the individual will be in the water (e.g., the
swimmer’s test demonstrates the minimum level
of swimming ability for recreational and
instructional activity in a confined body of water
with a maximum 12-foot depth).
OPTION A (at camp):
The swim classification test is completed the first day by camp aquatics personnel.
OPTION B (Council conducted/council controlled):
The council controls the swim classification process by predetermined dates, locations, and approved
personnel to serve as test administrators. When the unit goes to summer camp, each individual will be
issued a buddy tag under the direction of the camp aquatics director for use at the camp.
OPTION C (At unit level with council-approved aquatics resource people):
The swim classification test done at a unit level should be conducted by one of the following councilapproved resource people: Aquatics Instructor, BSA; Aquatics Cub Supervisor; BSA Lifeguard;
BSA Swimming & Water Rescue; or other lifeguard, swimming instructor, etc. When the unit goes
to summer camp, each individual will be issued a buddy tag under the direction of the camp aquatics
director for use at the camp.
The various components of each test evaluate the several skills essential to the minimum level of
swimming ability. Each step of the test is important and should be followed as listed below:
Jump feetfirst into water over the head in depth, level off, and begin swimming. Swim 75 yards in a strong
manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim
25 yards using an easy resting backstroke. The 100 yards must be swum continuously and include at
least one sharp turn. After completing the swim, rest by floating.
Jump feetfirst into water over the head in depth, level off, swim 25 feet on the surface, stop, turn sharply,
resume swimming as before, and return to starting place.
Updated map of
event s will be
available prior to
the event.
Register at

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