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St. Louis Catholic Church and Covenant School
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October 23, 2011
Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time/ A
Celebrate Respect Life - October is Life Month!
Baby Shower Luncheon
for all women
to Benefit Respect Life
Hosted by St. Louis Columbiettes
Saturday, Oct. 29th
12 Noon to 3:00 PM
St. Louis Family Center
Cost: $15 per person,
plus a NEW unwrapped baby gift.
Come Join us!
There will be games, prizes and
a Chinese auction! for tickets or
informaction, please call Batty
Quinn, 305-281-3014 or contact
any Columbiette.
Hospitality and
after the
7:00, 8:15 and 9:30 AM
Sunday Masses
Outside the Family
Living Stewardship – Sharing God’s Gifts
& empanadas
Saturday: 8:30 AM
Saturday:3:30 - 4:30 PM
7:30 - 8:30 PM
Anytime by appointment
f St.Loui
s, K
ly o
Please contact the Rectory at least six
months prior to the proposed date.
BAPTISMS (Infants - 5 yrs. old)
Every Sunday (English). Please call the
Office TWO months in advance.
Pray for the Sick
Helen Labime
Esperanza Lara
Genaro Llave
Monty Abraham
Alba Díaz
Evelyn López
Isabel Avila
Patricia Englehardt
Manolito López
Verónica Bermudez Juan Estrada
John Mangialetto
Jeannette Bernard Vincent Evans
Daina Marsan
Daisy Bernardo
Felipe Fernández
Jane McKeon
Rosa Maria Bestard Oscar Grau, Jr.
Wendy McLendon
Evelyn Boyton
Doris Green
Michael Mulsford
Jerry Byrne
Marjorie Gross
Greg Page
Kathryn Caruso
Daisy Guerrero
Michael Pavloff
Angelita Castillo
Dorothy Haiduven
Karen & Alex Pegues
Ruby Chen
Alyse Hernandez
Dolly Chirino
Salvador Hernandez Jim Peete
Mónica Perez
James Clark
Bob Hartwell
David Pritchard
Rosemary Clark
Carole Howard
Betty Quinn
Miriam Columbro
Gabriela Imbimbo
Nydia Ramírez
Jim Connell
Irene Johnson
Pablo “Bebo” Ramos
Michael Connor
Geri Knowlan
Bill Reilly
Luis DeVarona
Robert Kopp
Jeff Reyes
Olga Del Valle
Pat Krupczak
We are in the process of updating the prayer list for ill members of the parish.
Names will remain on the list for 2 months unless you notify us to remove a name
sooner. If a name is removed in error please notify the office to have it reinstated.
Hora Santa -Tercer jueves de cada
mes en la Capilla a las 7:30pm.
Book & Gift Center
Weekday: 6:30 and 8:30 AM
Wednesdays only 7:30 PM
Matrimonio - Favor de llamar a la
Oficina con SEIS meses de anticipación.
of F
Music Director
Mr. Juan Salazar
Misa en Español
Los domingos - 8:15 AM, 7:15 PM
Los miércoles - 7:30 PM
Bautismos - En Español 1er y 3er
sábado de mes. Favor de llamar a la
oficina con DOS meses de anticipación.
Youth Minister
Mr. Mark Witkowski
5:30 PM (Sat. Vigil)
7:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM
12:30, 5:30 PM
8:15 AM, 7:15 PM
3:00 PM, 2nd Sunday of
the Month
Religious Education
Mrs. María Teresa López
School Principal
Mrs. Christine Mathisen
The Pa
Rev. Paul Vuturo
Rev. Michael Kish
Rev. Armando Tolosa
Deacon Vincent McInerney
Deacon John Peremenis
Deacon John Green
Deacon Thomas Hanlon
Deacon Alex Lam
Deacon Bob Yglesias
Deacon Jeff Reyes
To provide the Eucharist at home for ill parish members or family,
call Pedro Valentin at 305- 251-7335 or main office at 305-238-7562.
Si estas enfermo o impedido de asistir a la Misa y deseas recibir la
Comunión en tu casa, puedes comunicarte con Adriana Morales, 305-969-0960.
Shawn Rice
Jasmin Rodriguez
Nathalie Rodriguez
Juan Romay
Deanna Rosco
Josephine Sánchez
Ida Sanone
Beverly Scott
Sara Seibers
John Shubeck
Albert Silveira
Michael Speranza
Jeffrey Thompson
Isah Marie Tomas
Betty Tumber
Aurora Van de Water
Marlene Wolfftotus
rest, Flori
Our parish community welcomed…
son of Luis & Karina Rodriguez
We congratulate this new member and
his family. We, as a parish, pledge our
support and prayers as he grows with us
in living out the Christian message.
Ministry to
the Sick
Remember the Departed
Jean Lamothe
Key changes to missal capture
original meanings By James Breig*
Casual observers of the Roman Catholic Church often
remark that it hasn’t changed in 2,000 years. Actually, just
like any living institution, it is constantly changing. Over the
centuries, where and when the Mass is celebrated, how saints
are chosen, and the method of electing popes are some of the
ways the Church has adjusted its traditions and policies.
Now come changes to the Roman Missal, the book
containing the prayers for the Mass. For years, the Church
has been working to more accurately translate those prayers
from the Latin in which the original Missal is promulgated
into modern languages, including English. Msgr. Kevin Irwin,
dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies at The
Catholic University of America in Washington, says those
alterations were necessitated by two factors.
“First, the Committee charged with the English translation
of the Roman Missal issued the post-Vatican II translations very
quickly,” he notes, referring to the Second Vatican Council in
the 1960s. “They realized, after a few years’ use of the Missal,
that some translations should have been more accurate. Second,
some feasts have been added to the Church’s liturgical calendar
in recent years, for example, St. Padre Pio’s. Those Latin
Masses need to be translated into English.”
Peter Finn, associate director of the International
Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL), compares the
changes “to the cleaning of an old painting whose images
are brought to clearer light in the cleaning process. …The
translations have sought to achieve a suitable balance between
the word-for-word, literal meaning of the Latin and the
demands of good proclamation, style and intelligibility.”
One of the most significant
changes, Msgr. Irwin says, involves
the familiar phrase, “And also with
you,” which the congregation recites
after the celebrant of the Mass says,
“The Lord be with you.”
He explains that “the congregation
will now say, ‘and with your spirit.’
This places the English translation in
line with most other languages.”
Excerpts from the English translation of the General Instruction of
the Roman Missal ©2010, International Commission on English in
the Liturgy, Inc. (ICEL). Used with permission. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2010 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops,
Washington, D.C. Used with permission. All rights reserved.
serie ird in a
we h of artic
for es
abou Louis fa our
chan t the up
ges t
o th
texts e Mass
Msgr. Anthony Sherman,
executive director of the U.S.
bishops’ Secretariat of Divine
Worship, offers another example: Instead
of saying “we believe” at the beginning of the Creed,
Catholics will soon recite, “I believe.” The reason for the shift,
he says, is “to underline the fact that, although we share our
belief together with our brothers and sisters, each one of us is
called to make an individual profession of faith.”
As the changes are introduced, parishioners will have many
guides to help them learn their new responses. “Plans are
underway by a number of publishers to print up Mass booklets
or cards containing the changes,” Msgr. Irwin notes. Adds
Msgr. Sherman: “Eventually all participation aids and hymnals
will include the new responses of the people.” Finn notes
that “today, the people’s responses can be made more readily
available not only in printed editions but also on websites, CDs,
iPhones etc.”
One Web site already available to help people become
familiar with the new translation of the Roman Missal is
sponsored by the U.S. Bishops:
Average Catholics may not immediately grasp the necessity
and benefits of the changes, Msgr. Irwin admits, but the
familiarity that comes with time should lead people to comfort
with and understanding of the words.
“All of us – laity, clergy and religious – will need to take
time to review the changed words and come to appreciate what
we may not have understood or appreciated before,” he says.
“There are layers of meaning to liturgical texts, not just one
meaning. These translations and the education we shall receive
before they are implemented will offer us a chance to ‘brush up’
our knowledge of the Mass and of our beliefs.”
Msgr. Sherman believes the changes “will invite the faithful
to pause and reflect on what, after so many years, we may have
taken for granted. People will listen more attentively to the
various prayers proclaimed by the priest and these will convey
a much deeper richness, which can be the basis for meditation
and prayer for the enrichment of one’s spiritual life.”
* James Breig, a long-time diocesan newspaper editor and
freelance writer, has written hundreds of articles for Catholic
magazines. For 25 years, he also authored an award-winning
column on the media for Catholic newspapers. Now retired, he
continues to write and is working on a book about World War II.
5:30 pm
7:00 am
8:15 am
9:30 am
11:00 am
12:30 pm
5:30 pm
7:15 pm
-- Stanham/Steiner
Next Week’s Schedule
Stephen Porter (786-837-4117)
Lourdes Manning (305-245-4423)
Zoraida Torres (305-270-7936)
Bob & Pat Desbiens (305-251-8988)
Lauren Chue-Sang (305-233-9494)
Schaefer/Martinez E. Milagros Marrou (305-234-2729)
Miriam Columbro (786-430-0302)
Hechavarria/Gabaroni Oriele Joya-Lobaton (786-488-4298)
The Nursery is
OPEN every
Sunday for the
9:30 & 11:00 am
*These are the persons in charge of the scheduling of the Vocation Cup for the respective Mass. Please call them.
Love Healing Blessings
Assistance Exhorting
Praying T e aL ecahdiinngg
Book & Gift Center
Tienda de Libros
y Regalos
The Bookstore Hours:
9 - 11:00 am - 6:30 - 8:30 pm
9 - 11:00 am
9 - 11:00 am - 5 - 8:00 pm
9 - 11:00 am
9 - 11;00 am
after 5:30 pm Mass
10:30 am - 2:00 pm
NOTE: The First Sunday of every month the store will
be open after the 5:30 pm Mass. VOLUNTEERS ARE
Saint Louis Parish Library
The Library will be open on:
Tuesdays 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
Thursdays 12:30 – 2:30 pm
2:00 – 4:00 pm
“Knights of Columbus”
St Louis Council 14730
GK: Jim Loretta 305-968-8010 or [email protected]
DGK: Richard Goethel 305-803-2208 or [email protected] General Meeting
Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Location: St Louis Family Center
Setup/Check in: 7:00 - 7:30 PM
ALL Men are encouraged to join the Knights of
Columbus. We are a fraternal order of Catholic Men
whose mission is to do works of charity to Benefit
our parish and our community. Please call GK Jim
Loretta at 305-968-8010 for more information
Buy One,
Get One
Help others in need– new ministry to help
feed those in need. We ask that families take
advantage of the BOGO (buy one get one)
offers at the local supermarkets, and donate
the second item to St Louis. They can be
dropped off in the bins located in the narthex of
the church. We will then collect them and store
them for others that come to the church office
in need of food. What a great way to help our
neighbors and set an example to those around
us to do the same!
We can also collect the perishable items
that are offered; all we ask for those items is
that arrangements be made in advance by
contacting Bob Friedlander 786-554-3420.
Come join the St Louis BOGO ministry - “Buy
one give one.”
El Grupo de Oración
“Fe y Esperanza”
Te estaremos esprando todos los miércoles de 8:15
PM hasta las 10:00 PM en la Capilla.
“...más bien llénese del Espíritu, hablando entre vosotros
con Salmos, con himnos y cánticos espirituales, cantando
y alabando al Señor en vuestros corazones; dando siempre
gracia por todo al Dios y Padre, en el nombre de nuestro
Señor.” Efesios 5:18
Si quieres rezar el santo rosario, te esperamos a las
7:00 PM antes de la Santa Misa.
Para más información, comunicate con Tomie B.
González, 305-491-6787 o [email protected]; Luisa
Davis, 305-232-6806; Melania Rovelo, 786-395-2777.
St. Louis Modern Agers
The St. Louis Golden Agers have been renamed St. Louis Modern Agers. We are an energetic,
modern, forward looking group and we want our name
to reflect that.
We meet on the
1st and 3rd Mondays at
MorningStar Renewal Center,
7275 SW 124 St., Pinecrest, FL.
from 11:30 am - 2:30 pm.
For more information, please call Marge, 305-385-0571.
In Spanish call Olga, 305-273-7340.
Seminario de
Vida en el Espíritu.
Paz, Perdón, Sanación, Libertad... Son
algunos de los regalos que el Señor nos tiene
preparados siempre que se lo pidamos. Toma
ésta oportunidad de abrir tu corazón al Espíritu
Santo a quien el Señor nos dejó para que nos
diera vida en abundancia.
Te invitamos a recibir estas y muchas
más bendiciones en el Seminario de Vida
en el Espiritu que será los días 5 y 6 de
Para más información puedes llamar a
Orielle Joya 786-488-4298, Tommie González
305-491-6787 y Frank Maguiña 786-5972358.
Matrimonios en Victoria
29-30 de Octubre
El Movimiento Matrimonios en Victoria
Missionaries of the Poor (MOP)
…and Fr. Ho Lung & Friends present: “Praise Him”,
a charity concert to benefit the new MOP Women’s Crisis
Center, Kingston, Jamaica, and the The Good Shepherd
Center, Nairobi, Kenya. Concert is on Friday, Nov. 11th
at 8:00 pm at The Good Shepher Catholic Church,
14187 SW 72 St., Miami, FL
Contribution: Adutls $25; Children $15 (under 12).
Please visit our websiteL
to purchase tickets online, and/or contact: Grace Lue,
305-385-9298; Veronica Lee, 305-551-8813. Make it a
fun evening for the entire family! Your kind support and
patronage are greatly appreciated!
de la parroquia de St. Augustine les
invita a nuestro próximo retiro en
Español que se realizará en fin de semana de 29 y 30
de octubre.
MEV le presenta a los matrimonios una nueva
opcio de vida en la que nuestra fe cristiana y la Iglesia
vienen a nuestra ayuda, ofreciéndonos herramientas
para lograr crecer y madurar como individuos y como
esposos en nuestra relación con Dios y en nuestro
compromiso matrimonial.
Ven enrquese y fortalece más tu matrimonio
y tu fe. El cupo es limitado. Para más información
puede comunicarse con Atan Y Mayra Cajigal, 305386-2431 / 305-790-0414 o email: [email protected]
Come make new friends! No experience necessary!
Food & Drinks at Snack Bar. Mention this Ad on your first visit and PLAY
FREE! One free night only. Additional games available at regular price.
Early Birds - 6:45 pm
Regular Games - 7:45 PM
Our Lady of Holy Rosary - St. Richard Church
7500 SW 152 St., Palmetto Bay.
information contact Irma Colon at (305) 772-8678 or via email at: [email protected]
St. John
St. John Neumann Catholic School is
celebrating 30 years of excellence in
Catholic education. Are you an SJNCS
alumni? Please contact Mrs. Cristina
Rodriguez, [email protected] or at
(305)255-7315 ext. 127 to be included
in our alumni events and to keep us
informed of your accomplishments.
You can also visit our website at www.
PRIMERA LECTURA (Exodo 22: 20-26)
La identificación con la comunidad de los pobres no es por sus cualidades
sino por sus necesidades. El pueblo debe entender que está siempre con
los más necesitados, porque ellos constituyen su pueblo no el que tiene el
título, sino la condición. La condición abre la sensibilidad y el corazón, el
título suele cerrarlo y hace perder la cabeza y la razón de ser.
SEGUNDA LECTURA (Tesalonicenses 1: 5-10)
La comunidad de Tesalónica, una de las primeras en escuchar
la predicación de Pablo, se ha convertido en un referente para otras
comunidades a las que Pablo también ha iniciado en la fe. Su experiencia
anima a Pablo. El se siente orgulloso y les anima a seguir en la dinámica
de comunidad abierta a la fe y la formación.
EVANGELIO (Mateo 22: 34-40)
La unión entre amor a Dios y amor al prójimo es, para Jesús, inseparable
e incuestionable. Dios ha unido su suerte a la de sus hijos. Esta unión da
fundamento indestructible a la relación humana y da vida práctica y contenido
a la fe religiosa. Sin Dios es muy difícil fundamentar el amor solidario. Sin
amor solidario y comprometido es muy difícil dar sentido y contenido histórico
al amor religioso y a Dios.
Immculata-La Salle
High School
…cordially invites you to their
November 5, 2011
11:30 am - 3:00 pm.
promptly at 11:30 am in our school
Our Entrance Exam take place
on January 21, 2012, from 8:00 11:00 am.
“Immaculata-LaSalle is the
place to be”
Only One Hour
God really present in the exposed Sacred Host, grant us through adoration to know you better, to love you more, and to center our lives around
you, that is to make our whole life a constant prayer of Adoration, thanksgiving, Reparation and Petition to you, Our Lord of the Blessed Sacrament.
Every holy hour draws the world and everybody in it closer to Christ and
lifts the whole world up to God the Father for his blessing. By our Holy
Hours we will contribute to the radical transformation of the world…
Solo Una Hora
Señor Dios realmente expuesto en la Sagrada Hostia expuesta, concédenos a través de nuestra adoración que te conozcamos mejor, que te
amemos más y que centremos nuestras vidas aun más en torno a Ti, o sea,
que hagamos de toda nuestra vida una oración constante de Adoración,
acción de gracia, reparación y petición a Ti, Nuestro Señor del Santísimo
Sacramento. Cada Hora Santa trae al mundo y a todos sus habitantes a una
relación más estrecha con Jesucristo y alza más al mundo hacia el Padre para
recibir su bendición. Con nuestras horas de adoración y de oración estamos
contribuyendo a la transformación radical del universo…
Mass Intentions, Saints & Readings for the Week
Intenciones de la Misa, Santos y Lecturas para la Semana
St. Anthony Mary Claret, bishop
Oct. 24th
Rom 8: 12-17; Lk 13: 10-17
6:30 am
+ Souls in Purgatory
8:30 am
+ Perry and Alberta Schiller/Cesarano Fam.
Friday/viernes Sts. Simon and Jude, apostles
Oct. 28th
Eph 2: 19-22; Lk 6; 12-16
6:30 am
+ Souls in Purgatory
8:30 am
+ Violet Goodwin/Loving Daughter
+ Jennifer Lynn Girón/Loving Family
Oct. 25th
Rom 8: 18-25; Lk 13: 18-21
6:30 am
In Thanksgiving-Jorge Ravé
+ Rosella Burbaun/Gene & Mary Alice Fleming
8:30 am
+ Therezinha Da Silva/Clara Martínez
Oct. 29th
Rom 11: 1-2, 11-12; Lk 14: 1, 7-11
8:30 am
+ Bob Sailsbury/Irene Tomonto
5:30 pm
+ José Rodríguez/Maria Rodríguez
+ Anne Henricks/Alegra Franco
Oct. 26th
Rom 8: 26-30; Lk 13: 22-30
6:30 am
Special Intention-Jorge Ravé
8:30 am
+ Deacon Bob Tomonto/Loving Family
7:30 pm
+ Manuela Quintero/Mabel Garnica
+ Zoila del Toro/Mabel Garnica
Sunday/domingo Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time
Oct. 30th
Mal 1: 14 2: 2, 8-10; 1 Thes 2: 7-9, 13; Mt 23: 1-12
7:00 am
+ Recently Deceased/Bereavement Min.
8:15 am
+ Roberto Espindola/Sally Serrano
9:30 am
+ José de la Torre/Maria Rodrí guez
11:00 am
St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
+ Elena Mesa/Eva Cuba
12:30 pm
+ Decease Members of the
Tibaldeo-Sapra Family
5:30 pm
+ Adolfo Arana, Jr/Loving Parents
7:15 pm
+ Nico Lasa/Villafuerte Family
+ Jorge Leiva/Icaza Family
Oct. 27th
Rom 8: 31-39; Lk 13: 31-35
6:30 am
+ Souls in Purgatory
8:30 am
Rev. Stanley Sheffer/Tibaldeo Family
+ Stilla Bowes/Palaszewski Family
Midnight Musings
Pensamientos de Media Noche
On Tuesday evening at Immaculate
Conception Church in Hialeah, we celebrated the
Ring Mass for the Juniors at Monsignor Pace High
School. (I have been President of this high school in
north Dade for five years.) These Juniors will become
the Class of 2013. The rings they receive represent
their relationship with the school and with each other.
For four years they will experience a unique period of
growth, education, and formation. Their relationship
with each other and the school will significantly give
shape and direction to their future lives.
The scriptures we chose for the Mass all speak
of wisdom. The Old Testament Book of Wisdom
describes wisdom as a special gift form God. St. Paul
explained how God’s wisdom revealed in Christ, directs
people’s lives. Jesus in the Gospel from Matthew
taught the Beatitudes, the wisdom and values of the
High school students learn information, facts,
data about many different subjects. They become
more knowledgeable, intelligent; they know more with
their minds. But they need to learn more.
Wisdom is a different learning: not knowledge
in the head but in the heart, not facts and information,
but values and directions in life. Some intelligent
people may lack wisdom, while those with lesser IQ’s
may be very wise.
Intelligent people might create weapons of
mass destruction; wise people know how to avoid
using them.
Intelligent people can profit from fraud and
greed; wise people understand honesty.
We pray for wisdom for these young high
school students. They must make decisions not only
about where they will go to college but also about the
direction they will go in life. We are grateful for schools
like Msgr. Pace and St. Louis, both in the Covenant
School and the CCD; they teach wisdom– so lacking
and so necessary in our world.
In Christ,
El martes en la noche, en la Iglesia de la Inmaculada
Concepción de Hialeah se celebró la Misa de los Anillos para
los “juniors” de la Escuela Superior Monsignor Pace. (Yo
he sido el Presidente de ésta escuela superior en el norte de
Dade por cinco años.) Estos jóvenes serán los graduados de
la Clase 2013. El anillo que reciben representa su relación
con la escuela y con sus compañeros. La experiencia de
estos cuatro años es un período único de crecimiento,
educación y formación. Su relación con sus compañeros y
con la escuela es lo que les dará formación y dirección en
el futuro.
Las lecturas escogidas para la Misa todas hablaban
de sabiduría. El Libro de la Sabiduría del Antiguo Testamento
describe la sabiduría como un don especial de Dios. San
Pablo explica como la sabiduría de Dios se revela en Cristo
en cómo toca la vida de las personas. En el Evangelio de
Mateo, Jesús habla de las Beatitudes, la sabuduría y los
valores del reino.
Los estudiante de escuela superior aprenden
información, hechos reales, datos sobre diferentes
tópicos. Esto los convierte en personas más inteligentes y
conocedoras; saben mán con sus mentes. Pero necesitan
aprender más.
La sabiduría es un aprendizaje diferente: no es saber
con la cabeza sino con el corazón, no datos e información,
sino valores y dirección en la vida. Algunas personas muy
inteligentes carecen de sabiduría, mientras que aquellos
con menos IQ posiblemente son más sabios.
Personas inteligentes pueden crear armas de
destrucción masiva; personas sabias saben como evadir el
uso de las mismas.
Personas inteligentes se pueden beneficiar del
fraude y la avaricia; las personas sabias comprenden la
Oremos para que la sabiduría se apodere de estos
jóvenes estudiantes. Ellos tienen que tomar decisiones
sobre a qué Colegio deben asistir, pero sobre todo
qué dirección deben tomar en sus vidas. Estamos muy
agradecidos de escuelas como Monsignor Pace y St. Louis,
tanto la Escuela Covenant como el CCD; ellos enseñan
sabiduría - tan escasa y tan necesaria en este mundo.
En Cristo,

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