Next Weekend, Saturday August 29, 2009 Join Saint Mary`s Parish



Next Weekend, Saturday August 29, 2009 Join Saint Mary`s Parish
We are Ready!!!
Next Weekend, Saturday August 29, 2009
Join Saint Mary’s Parish as we celebrate the
Reopening of our Church and have Fun in the
Sun in our Parish Festival. Bring the family
and enjoy great entertainment, food and games
just an all out good time!
Our Goal is almost Accomplished!!
We still need $14, 506.01
Nuestra Meta ya casi la logramos!
Solo nos falta: $14, 506.01
El proximo fin de semana sera la apertura de la iglesia y el festival.
Congratulations to Fr. Jesús
Gail Carrillo
Our new Don and Doña 2009.
A title reserved for royalty, select nobles,
and church hierarchs, it is now often used as
a mark of esteem for a person of personal,
social or oficial distinction, such as a
community leader of long standing.
Felicidades al Padre Jesús y a Gail Carrillo
por haber obtenido el titulo de
Don and Doña 2009.
Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time
St. Mary’s Church Sterling, Illinois
Office Hours
Monday-Friday 9:00 am-3:00 pm
Phone: 815-625-0640
Pastor, Fr. Donald M. Ahles ext. 11
St. Mary School/Phone/ (815) 6252253
Principal/Becky Schmitt
Weekend Mass Schedule/
English: Saturday 5:00 pm •
Sunday 7:00, 8:30 & 10:00 am
Spanish: Sunday 11:30 am
St. Mary’s Website
Mass Intentions
Monday, August 24
8:30 am Paul Sanders
Tuesday, August 25
8:30 am Leo Lauff
Wednesday, August 26
8:30 am Christina Gonzales
Thursday, August 27
8:30 am Eileen Jorgensen
Friday, August 28
8:30 am Silverio Diaz
Saturday, August 29
12:00 pm
5:00 pm St. Mary Parishioners
Sunday, August 30
7:00 am 60th Wedding Anniversary of
Dick & Beverly Saunders
8:30 am Gert Kooy-Hoeckel
10:00 am Pierina Paulini
11:30 am Matilde Granados
St. Mary’s ‘Parish Festival’
Help us make the festival a success and RSVP, via our website or on the
forms in the back of Bales Hall or the receptionist desk, to help get an
accurate count of participants. To help with the following areas call:
Concha Sitter 815-625-7244 for Vocalists/Instrumentalists for Mass.
Lupe Larson 815-625-0010 for Kitchen Services.
Julie Gallentine 815-213-1109 or Theresa Burger 815-625-7539 for
Games & Prizes. Gail Carrillo 815-499-0265 for Donations of Paper products.
August 29, 2009: Important Information For All
8:30am: no morning Mass
12:00pm: Bilingual Mass, in Church
No Confessions on this day
There is a 5:00 p.m. Mass
Help A Student
Please consider helping a student by contributing to the financial
assistance fund at St. Mary’s School. With your help, more
students can join us and benefit from our programs of academic
excellence, moral development and leadership formation. During
these economic times it is very difficult for families to afford a Catholic education.
Please help to educate a child in the faith. It is a wonderful gift to give. Contact Father
Ahles or Becky Schmitt.
Ombudsman Program
Volunteers for Catholic Charities LongTerm Care Ombudsman Program visit
nursing home residents and provide
confidential assistance. Ombudsmen
provide information on the rights of
nursing home residents and advocate for
individuals to receive the highest level
of care.
Training will be held on Thursday,
September 10, 2009, from 9:00a.m.-4:00
p.m., at Catholic Charities, 810 W. 11th
St., Sterling.
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
(RCIA) is a formation process for
individuals who would like to explore the
possibility of becoming a Catholic.
It is also for any adult baptized Catholic
who is in need of receiving the sacraments
of Eucharist (Holy Communion) and
Confirmation to complete their initiation
in the Church.
For more information or to register to
attend the training, please call Kate
Donovan at 1-800-369-0895.
The meetings are held on Wednesday
evenings, from 6:00-7:30p.m., in the
Parish Center, beginning August 26.
If you are interested in this process or
having any questions, call Jane Olson at
the Parish Center (815-625-0640).
Please Pray For…
Students beginning the new school
year. May they remember that God is
always with them, in all they do.
Parish Information
Sacrament of Reconciliation *Saturday 4:00pm. (or anytime by appointment). Communal celebrations are scheduled several times during the
seasons of Advent and Lent.
*Sunday afternoon at 1:00pm every first Sunday of the month in English and every third Sunday of the month in Spanish.
Sacrament of Baptism
Baptisms are also held during Mass, upon request. We require you to attend the Baptismal Preparation Program.
Sacrament of Marriage
*A six month minimum notice before the date of marriage. To schedule a wedding contact Jane Olson.
Communion for the Sick *We are happy to take Holy Communion to those confined to their homes. Notify one of the parish priests if someone
in your house wishes to receive Communion at home. We have Eucharistic Ministers who make daily or weekly visits.
or Homebound
Call Deacon John Kellen, at the Parish Center 815-625-0640, to set up a visit.
Anointing of the Sick
*If someone needs to be anointed, please call one of the priests, to come to your home or to the hospital.
Communal celebrations of Anointing of the Sick are scheduled once a year at a Sunday liturgy.
Collection Report-Fiscal Year
August 15-16, 2009
Required Amount
Envelope Collection
Loose Collection
$ 548.01
Children's Collection
Total Collection
Over (Short) of Required
Required Amount
Envelope Collection
Loose Collection
Children's Collection
Total Collection
Over (Short) of Required
Year To Date
$ 80,682.80
$ 3,239.89
$ 84,065.80
Members Contributing
New Consolidated Loan Total $137,835.02
Observer Bill:
$ 2,010.00
Parish Tithe Report
Tithe: Our 7.5% tithe of $867.80, for August 16,
has been given to Dixon Habitat for Humanity.
This week’s 7.5% tithe will be given to Bread for
The Poor.
Next week’s tithe will be given to St. Vincent De
Paul Society, our local pantry.
Liturgical Schedules
Saturday, August 29
5:00 pm Mary Edwards, Alex Rios
Sunday, August 30
7:00 am Dennis DeLanghe
8:30 am Kyle Lancaster, Bert Davis
10:00 am Judy Valdez, Audrey Dekker
Eucharistic Ministers
Saturday, August 29
5:00 pm Caitlin Summers, Megan
Summers, Maureen Roberts,
Gloria Olds, Sara Bittorf
Sunday, August 30
7:00 am Billie Ebersole, Gary Foust, Doug
8:30 am Deacon, Zac Furr, Beth Sterk,
Mary Valadez, Jean McCue
10:00 am Deacon, Dan Nieman, Carol
Nieman, Julie Jacobs, Steve
Altar Servers
Saturday, August 29
5:00 pm Alli Olson, Mary Francque, Victor
Sunday, August 30
7:00 am Longinos Ambriz
8:30 am Linnea Larson, Ryan Rude,
Drew Burger
10:00 am Melanie Noyes, Mady Feather,
Samantha Valdez
Faith and Hispanic Values
It is easy to adopt the customs, traditions, and the most comfortable and materialistic
Ways from our new society. Sometimes we participate in feasts or customs celebrated in
the United States, for example, during Christmas and forget our own traditions. This is
almost normal. We try to live as best we can in this country and don’t want our children
to feel different from their classmates or neighborhood friends who
Christ is
come from a different culture. The important thing is to remember
and maintain our faith. These truths about our faith often do not
the Way,
compete with the customs in this country, especially when it refers to
the Truth
hospitality, welcoming others, the generosity to help others,
and Life.
solidarity, and the spirit of honest work. Yet there are also times
when we can embark on a different path. That is, watching the
message that advertisements and sometimes the media sends us, such as we must live
comfortably, spend more on luxury goods, and complete with others to see who has
more things, or that our body is our property and it doesn’t matter whether or not we
respect the life of the unborn or the elderly, or if we break off relationships, or destroy a
marriage if things are going bad; and that we are owed something and must be paid or
compensated. These are the things that seep in almost without our noticing. Then we
arrive at Jesus’s question: Does all that bring you life? The only thing that gives true life
is a profound relationship with Christ who is the Way, Truth and the Life. He is the one
who will tell us what is true happiness, how to carry out our relationships with others,
how to see what is good and worthy in this culture, and the moments when we must hang
on to our own Hispanic vaules and our Catholic faith.
For Reflection
What are things in this country that seem to be more in accordance with your faith and
values? What things are portrayed on television that shock you and you must guard your
children from it so that they don’t believe in these? How can you maintain your faith
and Hispanic values?
Parish “Face Lift”
Confirmation Refresher
St. Mary’s Smoke
Damage “Face Lift:
Sun., Aug. 23, 1-2:30 p.m., Burns Hall
Sun., Aug. 30, 1-2:30 p.m., Burns Hall
Sun., Sept.13, 1-2:30 p.m., Bales Hall…
note the change of location.
Previous Balance:
Collected This Week:
Total Balance:
$ 2,295.00
Sunday, August 30
Be doers of the word and not bearers
only, deluding yourselves.
- James 1:22
Fundraiser Breakfast
There will be a Breakfast on Sunday,
August 23, from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.,
to raise funds to send our World War II
veterans on the ‘Honor Flight’ to
Washington, D.C. They will visit the
WWII Memorial, made in honor of all
soldiers who fought in the War. Please
support this worthy cause.
Parish Office Hours Change
Please note that as of Monday, August 24,
our Parish Offices will be open from 9:00
a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through
Calling All Singers
There will be a practice for anyone who
is interested in singing with the choir for
the dedication Mass, in our Church, on
August 25, 2009 at 6:30 p.m.
For more information, contact Concha
Sitter at 815-625-7244.
Monthly Parish
Summer is nearing the
end. Join us on Sun.,
September 6, as we begin our monthly
‘Parish Coffee’, again in Bales Hall, from
7:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Raffle Tickets
Please turn in all money for Raffle Tickets
this week to the Parish Office.
Altar & Rosary Meeting
Women, mark your calendars, for a
meeting on Tuesday, September 8, 2009.
More information in next week’s bulletin.
Vigesimo Primer Domingo del Tiempo
Rev. Jesus Dominguez,
Janie Atilano,
Teléfonos 626- 5735 / 625- 0640
Página de Internet:
Ministros para el fin de semana del
30 de Agosto
Lectores: Javier Olivas, Juana Hernandez
Ministro de Eucaristia: Ruben Cisneros,
Mariana Rosas, Jorge Camacho, Josefina
Camacho, Longinos Ambriz
Monaguillos: Karina Olivas, Natalia Herrera,
Lucia Castro, Maria E. Castro, Esteban Sosa
Acomodadores: Ventura Morales, Abel
Olivas, Javier Quiroz, Martin Sosa
Calendario Semanal
Informacón Muy Importante Para Todos
El 29 de Agosto:
8:30am: no habrá Misa
12:00pm: medio dia, Misa Bilingue,
en la Iglesia.
No habrá Confessiónes
5:00pm, Misa en Ingles, en la iglesia
La Kermes Parroquial será
este Sabado, 29 de Agosto.
Misa Bilingue a las 12:00 de
medio dia en la Iglesia.
Celebramos todos juntos la
Liturgia y despues un convivio
y juegos.
Para ayudar, llamen:
· Lupe Larson 815-625-0010 para ayudar
en la cocina.
· Julie Gallentine 815-213-1109 o
Theresa Burger 815-625-7539 para
ayudar con los juegos.
Gail Carrillo 815-499-0265 para
donar cosas de papel.
Reporte Financiero
para la Restauracion
Nuestra Iglesia
La meta:
Previo Balance:
Esta semana se Colecto:
$ 2,295.00
Total Recolectado:
Café y Donas…
El grupo Altar y Rosario nos invitan el domingo, 6 de Septiembre, después de misa para
convivir y tomar un café con donas, 7:30am 12:30pm., en el Centro Parroquial.
Servicios En Español
Clases de Preparación Para Bautismo
Las platicas serán el 5 de Septiembre de las 2:00pm a las 4:00pm, en
el Centro Parroquial. Por favor de no traer sus niños. Unicamente
para los papas y padrinos.
Los Bautismos: Los bautismos se realizan unicamente el 20 de
Septiembre, el tercer domingo del mes. Por favor programe su
bautismo con su familia y sus padrinos. Los padrinos tienen que
estar casados por la iglesia o ser solteros. No habra bautismos en
Presentaciones de niños en la Iglesia: Si usted quiere presenter su niño o niña en el templo,
unicamente las presentaciones serán el 27 de Septiembre, el cuarto domingo del mes durante la
misa o despues de misa.
Matrimonios... Hacer cita con el sacerdote por lo menos 6 meses antes de la fecha deseada.
Favor de no hacer planes antes de tener la fecha confirmada con el sacerdote.
Nuevo Horario De Oficinas... Nuestro horario nuevo para el centro parroquial comenzara el 24
de Agosto, de 9:00 a.m.-3:00p.m., lunes a viernes.
Estudio De Biblia.. No habrá Biblia durante el Verano, iniciaremos en Septiembre.
Misas: Si usted quiere ofrecer una misa por alguna persona fallecida o por
alguna otra intencion, por favor de pasar al Centro Parroquial y pedirla con
Janie o Donna.
Atencion!... Por favor de avisar a la oficina parroquial si usted o un miembro
de su familia se encuentra internado en el hospital o en su casa.
Por Favor!...Es muy importante que su familia esté registrada en nuestra
iglesia de Santa Maria. Favor de llamar a Janie al 625-0640 ext. 43 o 626-5735
en la oficina parroquial.
Adoracion… Acompáñenos en la oración al Santísimo Sacramento todos los
martes de 9:00 a.m. a 7:00 p.m. en la capilla.
Rosario de la Virgen de Guadalupe ...El rosario será el día 12 de Septiembre, a la 6:00 p.m., en
la casa de Juan y Lupita Trujillo, 1209 Woodburn Avenue, Sterling.
Fe y Valores Hispanos
Se nos hace fácil a veces adoptar las costumbres y usos más cómodos y materialistas
de la nueva sociedad. A veces adoptamos las fiestas de Estados Unidos, o las
costumbres, por ejemplo, de Navidad, y olvidamos las propias. Es casi normal.
Tratamos de vivir en este país lo mejor posible, y no queremos que nuestros hijos se
sientan distintos a sus compañeros de escuela, o a sus amigos del barrio que vienen de
otra cultura. Lo importante, sin embargo, es recordar y mantener nuestra fe. Nuestra fe
que nos dice que somos hijos de Dios, y que Cristo mismo nos vino a dar vida. Esas
verdades de nuestra fe a menudo no están reñidas con las costumbres de este país,
sobre todo las que se refieren a la hospitalidad, la acogida de otros, la generosidad para
ayudar, la solidaridad, el espíritu de trabajo honrado.
Pero a veces sí que podrían llevarnos por un camino diferente. Es decir, podría ser que o
que nos ofrece la publicidad y lo que a veces se nos dice en los medios de comunicación
- vivir cómodamente, gastar en tener los lujos mayores y en competir con los demás a
ver quién tiene más; o que nuestro cuerpo es propiedad nuestra y no importa sino se
respeta la vida de los no nacidos, o de los que ya son mayores; o que no importa romper
relaciones si algo nos va mal y destruir el matrimonio, o que todo se nos debe y por todo
nos tienen que pagar o recompensar. Eso son cosas que se nos van “colando” casi sin
darnos cuenta nosotros mismos. Entonces, nos llega la pregunta de Jesús: ¿Todo eso les
da vida? Porque lo único que puede dar vida verdadera es una relación profunda con
Cristo que es Camino, Verdad y Vida. Es Él quien nos va diciendo lo que es la
verdadera felicidad, cómo llevar nuestras relaciones con los demás, cómo ver lo que en
esta cultura es bueno y valioso y en qué momentos tenemos que aferrarnos a nuestros
valores hispanos y a nuestra fe católica.
Para La Reflexion
¿Qué cosas de este país te parecen más acordes con tu fe y con tus valores? ¿Qué cosas
dicen a veces en la televisión que te chocan y te parece que tienes que vigilar que tus
hijos no las crean? ¿Cómo puedes mantener tu fe y tus valores hispanos?
Mitchell A. McNinch
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Se Habla Español
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