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arabian horses
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arabian horses
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arabian horses
Erwin Escher
Gigi Grasso
Gregor Aymar
Jerry Sparagowski
Joanna Jonientz
Melanie Groger
Rik van Lent
Scott Trees
Stuart Vesty
Christina Zeitelhack
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Prologue Author
Prologue from the Publisher
Finest Facts
Murana Arabian Stud
Sprave Arabians
Herder Arabians, LLC.
Page 6
Christina Zeitelhack
finest facts from breeders around the world
On 300 pages you will see beautiful horses living on farms around the world.
This book takes you on a trip around the world to explore different types of Arabian horses and interesting
farm backgrounds. You travel from country to country, showing off some of the world's best equines.
All these ingredients together result in this book being a very unique one.
A perfect gift for some one special.
Prologue Author
The creation of this photo book is not as easy at it might seem. Different skills have to be brought
together, the needs of the various farm owners have to be met and the necessary knowledge you wish
to portray has to be acquired.
Through the photographs, every reader will have the chance to examine their own personal tastes and
objectives as a breeder. In the interest of horse lovers every where, the images in this book will help give
you a closer look at the true nature of the Arabian horse. The readers of this book have an opportunity to
admire many of the world's most beautiful horses, as well as to study their lineage which gives insight
into many breeding programmes around the globe.
A handsome tribute to the beauty – both physical and spiritual – of these magnificent creatures,
this volume is a comprehensive work to be treasured by horse and animal lovers of all ages.
Without Carsten Knopf (Service Crew – EDITION Verlag) and his support the whole project would not have
been possible. I am grateful to each of the photographers without their work this book wouldn't have
been possible.
Let us take you on a trip around this small world, where we will tell you the stories behind the photos,
the horses, the farms and the people who love them.
Sit back and enjoy a photographical thrill and adventure…
Christina Zeitelhack
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finest facts
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finest facts
germany (deutschland)
arbain stud
Germany · Page 12
location and owner
Tucked away in the beautiful Bavarian countryside you’ll
find a little piece of paradise: a stallion is gently worked
under saddle before he checks on his foals in neighbouring
fields; mothers, daughters and sisters graze in the unseasonably warm October sunshine; and a small group of
delightful foals prances about in the nursery paddocks just
in front of the house.
The beauty and tranquillity of Murana Arabians is countered by the enthusiastic welcome from Michaela
Weidner and Michael Verhoeven, keen to show off their
babies of whom they are exceptionally proud.
And rightly so: with the wonderfully-natured stallion
Alishaar El Bri among the Murana herd, Michaela and
Michael really have created a little piece of paradise in the
German countryside. While Michaela has been breeding
horses for nearly 30 years, Murana Arabians has been running at its current level for 9 years and has achieved tremendous success during this time. Not only consistently producing top horses for the halter classes, Murana has also
achieved great success on the racetrack showing the versatility and durability of the horses which they have bred.
breeding programme
Breeding mainly Russian and Polish bloodlines, it is the
latter which allowed Michaela and Michael to explore
another arena in the Arabian world.
“We have been very successful on the Polish racetrack”, explains Michaela. “We began to be involved
with Arabian horse racing in the early 1990s, and over
the past few years one of the best horses ever on the
racetrack has been Wienerva (Santhos x Wierna Rzeka),
a Murana-bred mare.”
Wienerva has been a consistent winner, taking both the
2004 Bialka Stakes and the Sambora Stakes, and was
named Best 3-Year-Old Racehorse in the same year.
Michaela smiles as she says that the racetrack provides
the same stresses as the show ring.
“The main difference is that, in racing there are a lot of
people shouting for one horse which creates an incredible atmosphere. In the halter classes, there are rarely
people shouting for your horse as they are too worried
about their own!”
Winning the world-famous Bialka Stakes is a long way
from the origins of the stud. A familiar tale, it was
Michaela who was into the horses first.
“I started riding horses when I was 10 years old and I
had my first contact with Arabians when I was 12”, she
explains. “My family then bought a young colt whom
we had gelded. I began to ride him; he really was
something special and he would do anything for me.
We developed a great friendship and that was it, I was
hooked on the Arabian breed.”
In 1984, the first mare arrived: Kareefa (Farag x Kayda), an
Egyptian-bred mare who goes back to Murana I.
Breeding Farm · Murana Arabian Stud
“Kareefa had 15 foals for us and saw out her days here
until her death in 2005”, says Michaela. “She was a
great broodmare, producing mostly fillies including our
first international champion Bint Kaida, who died very
Murana Arabians was ably run by Michaela for a number
of years until she met Michael in 1998. Having known
each other for a long time, Michael says that he fell in love
with Michaela and then with the horses and it was only
then that they decided that they wanted to start something new together with the stud.
“The first thing we did was to look for somewhere suitable to base the stud”, Michael recalls.
The couple found their present home in the beautiful
Bavarian district of Rehau in Germany, set within eight
hectares of peaceful tranquillity and surrounded by the
forests that are typical for the area.
“With the new farm established, the next thing we
decided to do was look for some new horses and that
was when things really changed for us”, continues
Michael. “In 2001, we found a yearling filly, Jana El Bri
(CH El Brillo x Juliana El Jamaal) and a 6-week-old colt
called Alishaar El Bri (CH El Brillo x LM Alisha). This
marked a change of direction for us and the start of
something new.”
Michaela and Michael continue, recounting the first time
they saw Alishaar. They had been searching for a grey
mare for 3 years and saw an El Bri sister in Aachen.
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Seite 14
Breeding Farm · Murana Arabian Stud
“We felt that this was the kind of horse that we were
looking for and so decided to visit Ferdinand and Gerlinda
Huemer of La Movida Arabians in Austria”, Michael says.
Once there, they found one of their future broodmares in
the chestnut Jana, but were equally captivated by the
young CH El Brillo foal, Alishaar El Bri.
“His attitude was something else and he stood out
straight away as being special. He had a wonderful
expression, long legs and was very elegant; we got the
feeling that he chose us rather than the other way around!
It took a lot of persuasion for Ferdinand and Gerlinda to
part with Alishaar, but we knew that he was just the type
of colt we wanted for our stud”, says Michael. “And our
initial thoughts have proven to be right: he is a super stallion with good conformation, a good topline and a fantastic temperament, which he has passed on to all his foals.”
A few moments spent in Alishaar’s presence confirm all
this. When he is being ridden he shows great movement,
powering from the shoulder. An iridescent grey Alishaar is
a dream stallion; Michaela says that during the breeding
season he will cover a mare, then returns to his stable and
has a sleep before he is ridden around the farm. He loves
his foals and when in his stable, he will let himself out
before opening the foals’ stable doors and leading them
out behind him into a paddock.
“He loves his family”, smiles Michaela, arms around
his neck. “We don’t show him as he had an accident in
the herd when he was younger, so the only way to see
him is to come and visit us. It’s just as good he’s not
shown – we couldn’t bear to be parted from him! He
really is very much at the heart of the Murana family.”
The 8-year-old Alishaar has already proven himself to be a
great sire, passing his personality, his looks and other positive traits onto his offspring. Hacina’s Gloria (ex Kar
Hacina) is one such example. A 2006 filly, Gloria has a very
refined muzzle, fantastic movement and that special quality that makes her stand out from the others. Her dam, Kar
Hacina (by El Perfecto), was a class winner at the 2006 St
Tropez Show and this filly has inherited a great show attitude from both her parents. An absolute delight to watch,
Gloria is now well ridden, and for 2010 they expect her
first foal from Murana’s Jassehr.
There are 3 more daughters from Alishaar el Bri now in the
breeding programme. Out of the first year, the very typy,
elegant Alishaar daughter Nioba out of a Russian dam
line. In 2009, she had her first foal, a really outstanding
filly from Wh Justice, called Murana’s Naseehta, and is
now in foal for 2010 from Murana’s Jassehr. Then there is
a very nice getting 3-year- old Alishaar daughter, Murana’s
Emira, out of a Michalow-bred Polish mare, who is really
an outstanding moving horse. In 2010, she will be bred the
first time to Murana’s Jassehr. And her sister Murana’s
Mooneerah, a very typy, tall Alishaar daughter form
Marana, an Egyptian-Marbach-bred mare, which is a sister to Major, the father from Murana’s Jassehr.
All are grey and all are potential stars.
In spite of having such a fantastic stallion in their own
barn, Michaela and Michael are happy to bring in new
bloodlines to the stud to help keep things fresh. In 2006
they used the stallion Major to great effect with Jana El
Bri producing the lovely grey colt Murana’s Jassehr and
one Year later his full brother Murana’s Jayed. The last
two years, Murana’s Jassehr was very successfully shown
Germany · Page 16
and won many Championships, including German
National Champion 2008 and 2009 German Premium
Stallion in Aachen. He is very special and in this first season bred over 20 mares from outside, coming from
Denmark, the UK, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia
and of course from Germany. People who see him the first
time always fall in love with him immediately. He is so
special, very typy, with big black eyes, a very solid body,
super legs and very elegant movements. He is one of the
most successful colts in Germany at the moment.
The first offspring was expected for February 2010, and
everybody was really interested in what he would pass
onto his children.
“All our young stock live out until they are about 3
years old, maybe a bit earlier”, Michaela says. “We
find that it is better for their health and we have lots of
space where they can grow up and play. Despite living
out, they come in daily for feeding, for grooming and
for human interaction before they go and rejoin the
herd. We just find that this works well for us and all our
horses are very calm and well balanced.”
One of the horses who is very special to them is Nirwana
Jamaal (by Bey El Jamaal).
“She was born in 2003 and there was nothing normal
about the birth”, Michaela recalls. “There was a thunderstorm which began when Bakinka started foaling
and the phone lines went out, the electricity went off;
everything went wrong.
“We knew that there was something wrong with
Bakinka as she stopped delivering the foal, but with no
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Germany · Page 18
Muranas Nasheetah
Muranas Jassehr
Dubai Pasha
Muranas Jassehr
power and no telephone line, we were helpless. We
thought that the baby was dead and we wanted to help
the mare so Michael moved the mare and pulled the
foal out. It was alive! I think we were all in shock for 5
minutes – myself, Michael, Bakinka and the foal – and
then we celebrated the fact that we had a healthy
black filly: Nirwana Jamaal.”
Nirwana is an incredibly beautiful
mare and she loves people, running
up to the fence to say hello before
the other members of the herd have
even realised that you are there. A
Junior Champion filly in Germany,
Nirwana enters the small outdoor
school and snorts her way from one
end to the other in just a few paces.
With her tail over her back and her
nose down, she flies above the
ground and is a true delight to watch.
breeder contact
Michaela Weidner and Michael Verhoeven
Faßmannsreuth 16
95111 Rehau
Phone 0 049.(0)92 94.61 71
Fax 0 049.(0)92 94.94 21 88
[email protected]
out of Nioba by Alisaar el Bir and a very nice filly by the successful young stallion QR Marc called Murana’s Marquessa
out of Marieta B. The black stallion Dubai Pasha also was
very successful for them in 2009. They got another two fillies, a black filly out of Nirwana which has already been
sold to Egypt and a black bay filly out of a Russian lease
mare, Murana’s Nayla which is still on the farm.
When preparing to leave the tranquil settings of the
Murana Stud, it is obvious just how much the horses mean
to both Michaela and Michael. Mention anyone of them by
name and their faces will light up, especially if you talk
about Murana’s Jassehr, who is obviously very much their
pride and joy. In creating the Murana Stud as it is today,
Michaela and Michael have followed their dream and
have overcome an annus horribilis which reached the
point where they considered giving up the stud.
“She really is from the heart and is something very special”, Michael smiles. “We
will never sell her. Nirwana will see out
her days at Murana, here with us.”
With all their success in the show ring and on the racetrack, it is little wonder that the Murana Stud has a good
reputation for producing quality stock which are sold onto
good homes around the world.
With 9 foals due this year, any visitor should have plenty to
look at. There are two stallions due by a very prominent
horse, the SE Stallion PVA Kariim: one is SE Colt out of their
very typy SE Mare Princess Malikah, and another very special colt is out of their super broodmare Jana El Bri. Both
colts will be staying as future breeding stallions on the
stud. In 2009, they had several fillies: a very nice SE filly
from Classic Mansour out of a Leasemare by Adnan, the
totally outstanding Filly Murana’s Nassehta by WH Justice
“There are three things we consider when we sell
a horse”, explains Michaela. “Whether the potential
new owners are happy, whether we are happy and
whether the horse is going to a good place where it will
have a good and happy future – and we visit 90% of
the homes we sell horses to. If all three things are
right, then we will sell the horse, but if even one of
these things is wrong, then we will not go through with
the sale.”
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Germany · Page 20
location and owner
Farm owner is Brigitte Sprave. The farm is located near
Kleve in north-western North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
Kleve and its sorroundings lie in the lower Rhine valley,
near the border to the Netherlands.
At the farm you will find a riding arena and some beautiful
breeding programme
The first horse Mrs. Spave bought was the chestnut stallion Karthago (Koronec x Padrons Estrada). He not only
stands for an overall excellent conformation but also has a
very pretty face with big black eyes and beautiful ears.
Karthago’s amazing neck is very upright and has extreme
length and shape. He now is the riding stallion at the farm
and is used for jumping.
Marchello has great potential as a show horse and a
future sire to produce beautiful foals.
The sorrel colt BS Enrico is by WH Justice out of Energia, a
daughter of Esplendor. He is an exquisite example for the
type Mrs. Sprave is breeding for. He was sold to Finland in
the meantime.
A very promising young stallion is BS Mashallah. He ist he
first foal by FS Mona Lisa. His sire is the well-known QR
Marc by Marwan Al Shaqab.
Mrs. Sprave has high hopes for him in the future and is
looking forward to use him as a breeding stallion.
At Spave Arabians you will see top mares with top-quality
conformation and champion-rich pedigrees. Brigitte
Sprave chose mares by highly noted, successful stallions.
Most of her broodmares have been shown successfully in
the past. They are all kind in nature and train easily.
Kenelm Angelina (AS Natsir Apal x Anastacia AA) is a
granddaughter of Ibn Estasha and Menes. She was shown
Breeding Farm · Sprave Arabians
successfully and won her class and a Senior Champion
title in 2008 at the Arabica.
The chestnut Sherruka Al Roban is a beautiful daughter of
FS Bengali out of Shaburra Al Roban by The Master. She
has the same dazzling motion as both her sire and dam,
along with fantastic elegance and conformation. Sherruka
Al Roban has also some winning titles to her credit.
Her daughter FS Mona Lisa by Shakaar Ibn Sanadiva is a
big moving chestnut mare. She was also very successful in
the germ show circuit.
In 2009 a new mare arrived at the farm that had been
imported from the US: Christina JD (Padrons Psyche x GG
Gardenia). She has a great show ring attitude, like many of
the Padrons Psyche horses.
Mrs. Sprave found a very nice dark bay mare in Denmark:
Dubaia SS (Dubai Pasha x Dachee). She was born in 2008
and is a granddaughter of the well-known BJ Thee
Mustafa. Dubaia SS has an absolutely gorgeous face,
huge dark eyes and nice tight ears. She has excellent conformation, a beautiful neck, nice short strong back and
excellent feet and legs.
The bay Kadira (WH Justice x Karma) is also a big moving
mare. Her head is as beautiful as any you will find, her
neck is set on very nicely and has excellent length and
shape. She was class winner and Junior Champion at the
Arabica 2008.
There are two more daughters of the world-renowned
stallion WH Justice on the farm.
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Page 27
Sherruka Al Roban
FS Mona Lisa
FS Mona Lisa
EK Nathice
Kenelm Angelina with Brigitte Sprave (left)
Dubaia SS
EK Nathice
Germany · Page 24
Asia BM is out of Farah Takiba. She also has the amazing
neck the Justice offspring are becoming known for and a
fantastic body. Her tail is set high and her carriage is very
animated. And there is EK Nathice, her dam Donna Nathy
HRT is by Don El Chall. She was class winner and Reserve
Champion Senior Mare at the Orientalica. She has a fantastic neck with excellent length and
shape, a strong solid back and an
overall good conformation. Her
movement is outstanding, she is
holding her head and tail high and
There are also two Om El Extreem
daughters on the farm. One is El
Bambina by a Sanadik El Shaklan
daughter. The other one is Elandra by
a Eukaliptus daughter.
breeder contact
Brigitte Sprave
Hurler Straße 47
46459 Rees – Millingen
Phone 0049.(0)2851.8 478
Mobile 0049.(0)171.2 343 579
Fax 0049.(0)2851.965 840
[email protected]
Mrs. Sprave said: “We breed for Arabians with type and a
good body. The mares have been shown successfully and
we are very selective by choosing the right stallion for
each mare. All of our horses are ridden regularly; this
helps them build their body and keep a clear head.”
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finest facts
united states of america
arabians, llc
USA · Page 30
location and owner
The farm is located in Troy, Ohio, 15 minutes northwest of
Kristin told us how the story started:
“My mother, Susan Lynn Correll Kobarg, was born crazy
about horses. In fact, my grandparents swear her first
word was ‘horse’. My grandfather was a senior executive for Montgomery Wards; his uniform was a 3-piece
suit. My grandparents didn't know the front end of a
horse from the back end. When my mother was 8, my
grandparents enrolled my mother in riding lessons at a
local Saddlebred farm hoping to satisfy her obsession.
It didn't work. Mom spent every waking moment riding,
grooming, breathing or dreaming horses. When she
was 12, my grandparents bought her first horse: a
young Arabian colt. My grandparents, still having no
clue about horses, kept the colt in their suburban backyard; that is, until he jumped the fence and ate the
neighbours’ award winning roses.
As Mom grew up she was learning a lot about horses,
both the hard way and through the help of her other
neighbour who was a veterinarian. Mom went to college at the University of Texas at Austin where she met
my father, R. J. ‘Buddy’ Kobarg. Upon graduation and at
the height of the Vietnam War, Dad joined the Air
Force. While Dad flew combat missions in Vietnam,
Mom devoted her time to the horses. They purchased a
young colt sired by Zarabo named Valentino Rojo. Mom
and Dad took ‘Rojo’ to his Legion of Merit in Halter,
English Pleasure, Western, and Native Costume – you
name it, Rojo did it.
This is where I (Kristin Kobarg Herder) come into the picture. I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1974. In 1975
the Air Force moved our family to Sacramento, California
where Mom's horse business took off and with it, many
wonderful, funny and loving stories more to come!! My
sister Kelley was born in 1978 and Mom decided to hang
up the show reins and be a ‘Mom’; she wanted to devote
more time to taking care of Kelley and me – ballet, piano
Breeding Farm · Herder Arabians, LLC
lessons and soccer practice. Then Dad received orders and
we moved to Omaha, Nebraska. Before the move, Mom
sold all the horses except Rojo, Roiya and their foundation
mare Saturn's Greylight (Hassan) which we brought with
us. While in Nebraska, and shortly after the 1981
Pentathlon Mom sold Rojo to a wonderful family. Hassan
was sent to stay with lifelong friends in Shreveport (Terry
and Jackie Taraba) to be a broodmare. We only had Mom's
favourite filly, Roiya.
In 1982, Hassan foaled a beautiful filly by Rasaf (a
*Serafix son). When the filly was only 3 weeks old, Mom,
Kelley and I took a trip to see Jackie, Terry and Hassan. At
this point in my life I proclaimed to HATE horses due to the
loss of my first filly, Amy, when she was only 5 weeks old.
One afternoon after mouthing off to Jackie and Mom, I
was told to spend the rest of the day outside. ‘Fine, I am
going out to the pond to get eaten by an alligator!’ I went
out to the mare pasture and sat under a tree feeling sorry
for myself. Along came a very independent 3-week-old
filly. I chased her away calling her a ‘stupid horse’. She
was smarter than I thought! Thinking I was playing, she
came back for more and so the game of tag commenced. I
went to the house and told Mom I found a horse that I
wanted. Mom was so happy that I had finally gotten over
the loss of Amy. We named the new filly Sera Rasan and
call her ‘Rasan’ (pronounced ‘raisin’).
When Rasan was two we brought her, Hassan and Roiya
from Louisiana to Virginia where Dad was stationed at the
Pentagon. When Rasan was 3, Mom and I ‘broke’ her (I
hate that term), and at four (I was 12 going on 13) she was
winning in open dressage shows and competitive trail
rides. In 1987, we moved back to California where Rasan
had a gorgeous filly by Hawk Hill Warlord (*Wielki Szlem).
USA · Page 32
When I went to college, I leased Rasan as a broodmare. While leased she produced 2 colts and a filly by
BeauKadahn (by Beau Ibn Hanrah.).
In January of 1997, I married Matthew Lee Herder and
in May of that same year we were both commissioned
as Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force
and Herder Arabians was established.”
breeding programme
In January 2001 they purchased Sidan De Ville (*SidiBrahim X Fatima Ala Bahr) from Los Acres in Stockton,
California to add the Spanish and Fadjur line back into
their breeding programme and to fulfil the dream of owning a *Sidi-Brahim baby.
With a stallion, now came the acquisition of the broodmare band.
The Spanish-bred horses really appealed to them based
on their extremely small gene pool and their incredible
dispositions. Since they were concentrating on breeding
performance horses they really liked the substance and
conformation that the Spanish-bred horses exhibited.
They were very fortunate to acquire some of the best
Spanish bloodlines in the United States; daughters from
Jacio, *Barich De Washoe and *Alzubio, just to name a
few. Their next goal was to acquire other bloodlines to
cross with the Spanish lines. They added a Fame VF
daughter and a mare with Bey Shah/Aladdinn lines to the
mare band.
Breeding Farm · Herder Arabians, LLC
In 2003, the Air Force decided to move Matt and his wife
from Texas to Dayton, Ohio. While in Ohio, their schedules
allowed them to get out and show more. It was great,
being located in central Ohio, the proximity to shows was
incredible – “Danner” won numerous championships in
halter, hunter pleasure and western pleasure; not to mention Kristin was able to ride him on nights and weekends.
They also met many great new friends and were very fortunate to find a trainer (Tammy Hawkey) that shared the
same ideologies, desires and expectations that they had.
While showing, they also continued breeding and had 2 to
3 babies a year. After being in Ohio for only 2 short years,
they were transferred back to Texas in the summer of
2005. However, while in Ohio they purchased some property (future site of their breeding/show facility) outside
the city of Troy. In the summer of 2009, the Air Force transferred Matt and Kristin back to Ohio. With the transfer
back, the concentration turned from breeding to showing,
hunt and trail.
Some of their horses:
MKH Bianca Too (Sasaki x Bianca I) is a grey mare out of
one of the only 12 Jacio daughters imported to the United
States. *Bianca I was known for producing extreme type,
conformation and an outstanding disposition. *Bianca I’s
sire, Jacio, was bred by the Yegunda Militar, a branch of
the Spanish government. Jacio, like most Yegunda Militar
stallions, was posted to a private stud. The Jacio sons and
daughters are appreciated worldwide and only about 45
were exported, 17 of them to the US; others went to
Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Brazil. MKH Bianca
Too’s sire is the legendary Spanish stallion Sasaki (maternal grandsire of Magnum Psyche).
Page 170
Page 171
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Page 175
USA · Page 34
Miss O
Norataki (Sasaki x *Medina Azahara) is a 1998 straight
Spanish mare who has produced the halter champions Silver
Fantasy and FF Nataars Eagle, giving her a champion percentage of 50% as she has had just 4 registered foals. Three of
her full sisters have produced champions, one of her sisters,
A Fancy Miracle, is the dam of multi US National Champion
Stallion Magnum Psyche, one of the
breed’s leading sires of champions.
MKH La Granita (Granizar x La Satia)
is a 2007 chestnut mare. She is classically bred straight Spanish. She
has a long hooky neck and beautiful
big Spanish eyes.
MKH Gracieanna (CA Gracioso x
Brieanna) is a 2006 straight Spanish
mare. Her incredible action, conformation and disposition make her a
hunter, sport or endurance horse.
Lilly of Gemini (Magnum Psyche x ZA
Primaverah) is an incredible sweet
and strikingly beautiful three quarters Arabian filly by Magnum Psyche
out of a Versace daughter.
breeder contact
Kristin and Matt Herder
P.O. Box 685
Troy, Ohio 45373
United States
Mobile 001.210.8 960 294 (Kristin's cell)
Mobile 001.210.8 960 296 (Matt's cell)
[email protected]
Sidan De Ville (*Sidi-Brahim x Fatima Ala Bahr) is a 1997
gelding, out of the great *Sidi. This gelding has proven himself as both a stallion and show horse. He is Kristin’s favourite
horse and a multiple halter, hunter pleasure and wester
pleasure champion. His fiery red chestnut colour, flaxen
mane and tail and white socks definitely make him stand out.
MKH Siddiamond Rio (Sidan De Ville x CNF Jobazshah
Bey) is a 2005 bay gelding. This young gelding will be a
knock out in the sport horse or performance arena. Size,
conformation and disposition are three of his strongest
MKH Sidan Antonio (Sidan De Ville x Fames Lady) is a
2007 Chestnut colt. Wow! With a pedigree like this you
knew he would be great. Sire is a son of the famous *SidiBrahim, the dam is a Fame VF daughter and a *Raffles
great-granddaughter – you don’t see bloodlines like this
any more. This guy is all legs, has an impeccable conformation and a super upright neck and shows that “look at
me” attitude.
“We first and foremost live for our horses – they are
our family. Our goal is to promote the amateur owner
and continue the lineage that has made the Arabian
horse so special. We choose bloodlines that carry type,
elegance, charisma, beauty, stamina, intelligence and
sound workable conformation. We are personally
involved with all aspects of our horses from their birth
until we choose their new home. In selecting new
homes for our colts and fillies, we are very selective in
their placement: we can't pick all their homes, but we
can pick their first one. We believe that small breeders/amateur owners are an essential part of the
Arabian Horse industry. Many of the finest Arabs in the
world have come from backyard barns tucked away in
all corners of the world.”
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Text Christina Zeitelhack
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Cover Painting Tracey Shivak-Anderson
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