Mineral is that natural substance of defined composition, that when



Mineral is that natural substance of defined composition, that when
Atlantic Character
Mineral is that natural substance of defined
composition, that when found on the surface of
the earth, influenced by weather and surroundings,
acquires a singular character.
----------Albariño Pedralonga
Albariño Barrica
Albariño Vendetta
DoUmia Red
Atlantic Character
Pedralonga Winery
Collection of winemakers. The Alfonso family has been making wine
trough out generations in Val do Umia, preserving writings from the early
xx century in where they already mention the harvests, the crops and the
wine making trough the intensive and careful work of the vineyards. The
present winery was founded in 1997, the work is know professional but
the philosophy remains the same of our ancestors. The work is still done
with traditional methods and biodynamic technics that respect the moon
periods allowing to obtain wine must that need no chemical correction
neither filtering.
The importance of the ocean. The Pedralonga vineyards are deeply
influenced by the atlantic climate, that provides good temperatures and
long rain periods during large part of the year perfectly suited for the
Alvariño grapes. The vineyards root on loam soil at the bottom of mount
Xiabre, high terrains oriented from north to south allowing a perfect
insolation that helps growth and health.
Mineral expresion. At Pedralonga we make wines with personality.
Singular Albariños and red wines that stand out for their balanced acidity
and mineral taste from the granite soils of our terroir.
Atlantic Character
Responsible Viticulture
Commitment. We gather the values of manual grape harvest, absence
of pesticides and mineral fertilization with careful farming from the xxi
century cellars. Our wines nurture the unique personality of small wine
producers which control each and every production detail. A philosophy
that goes for quality and the creation of non standard wine musts.
Respect for the vineyard. The result is our wines, made with
biodynamic technics, respectful with the environment where taste and
aroma come directly from the soils quality, the grapes nurturing and wise
wine making.
Following the moon. During the waning crescent moon phase the
vineyard enters in its sleeping stage. This is the moment to sanitate and
prune the non productive parts. It is also time to decant only in clear days
with out mist or rain that can influence the wines stability. Reaching the
waxing crescent phase the vineyard expands and grows. At this point the
production pruning gives the branches the energy need for a good fruit.
Atlantic Character
Intense yellow. Citric nuances with
touches of grapefruit, apple with a
lactic trace. Unctuous, bold with a
pleasant mineral finish.
D.O. Rías Baixas
Country Spain
Bottles per year 30.000
Capacity 75cl, Magnum 1,5l
Performance 6.500Kg/Ha
Wine type White / no vintage
Alcoholic Graduation 13% vol.
Grape type 100% Albariña from
25 years old vines
Facts Malolactic maceration
on lees.
Albariño Pedralonga
Hallmark. The winery’s true standard. Pure distilled granite, bathed by
the atlantic rain and the characteristic sun of a south facing vineyard,
tuned by it’s malolactic fermentation.
Giving it time. At Pedralonga we give time to wine. Following the
grape harvest we let it settle for months in the cellar waiting until July for
bottling, when its perfectly stable. After bottled the wine evolves so well
that stays alive for years.
Genuine Albariño. The malolactic maceration on lees, without yeast,
results in a flawless Albariño which expresses the grape’s full personality.
“All this effort has been rewarded with a very particular and
personal Albariño. It makes me proud to see it in restaurants
in Japan, Sweden or United States”
Miguel Alfonso
Technical Director, Oenologist
Adega Pedralonga
Atlantic Character
Intense yellow with green glitters.
Mature fruit, mineral characteristics
from the “batonnage” lees along with
an acid touch that helps flavouring and
makes it persistent.
D.O. Rías Baixas
Country Spain
Bottles per year 1.500
Capacity 75cl, Magnum 1,5l
Performance 6.500Kg/Ha
Wine type White / with vintage
in french Allier oak fine grain.
Alcoholic Graduation 13% vol.
Grape type 100% Albariña from
25 years old vines.
Facts Six months of cask with
Albariño Barrica
Fruited and spiced. Not always wood and fruit work well in a white
wine, but when they do, the oak strengths the grapes primary aromas
with toasted and spiced nuances. This happens with this Albariño, where
the cask blends with the wine without concealing it’s personality.
Longevity. A pearl that emerged from six lost hectares in a maze of
small vineyards. A full and complex white wine that goes with the best
gastronomy, able to evolve bottled and to stay alive for several years.
Oak in a right measure. The french oak Allier enriches the wine’s
aromatic and gustatory power giving it a longer life once bottled. The
Allier oak has a very fine grain that favours very persistent aftertaste.
“With singular personality, is the antithesis of globalized
wines that tend to taste-a-like”
Xoan Cannas
Pepe Vieira Restaurant
Atlantic Character
Golden yellow, a citric bouquet,
“confited” fruit and fennel. Fat with a
full body and excellent amplitude and
D.O. Rías Baixas
Country Spain
Bottles per year 700
Capacity 75cl
Performance 4.000Kg/Ha
Wine type White / created in
Alcoholic Graduation 13% vol.
Grape type Albariña from 25
years old vines.
Facts Lágrima must, without
pressing, low temperature
fermentation, nine months on lees
from vineyard on trellis.
Albariño Vendetta
Limited edition. The few bottles produced, reflect the exclusivity of
this wine that dares to explore the gustatory and aromatic limits of an
Albariño without resorting to chemical corrections.
The reinvented Albariño. The challenge was to create something
new with the same raw material and winery work process. From this
was born an exclusive product, a singular Albariño different from all
Tree grape types in one cluster. What happens when you put
together a wine producer, a chef and a designer in the creation of a
wine? Happens that this creative tandem of tree end up inventing a
very non-orthodox Alvariño with a gasp of excellency, where its unusual
labelling already unveils part of its personality.
“Having a bottle of Vendetta in the wine menu is truly a
luxury for any restaurant. The challenge is to get one bottle
for your cellar from the few that are produced every year”
Marcelo Tejedor
A “Cheerful Chef”
Casa Marcelo Restaurant
Atlantic Character
Translucent red with orange trimmed
lights. Floral aroma with nuances of
fresh fruit with a smoked taste finish.
Fresh and fruited palate with a good
retronasal ending.
D.O. Rías Baixas
Country Spain
Bottles per year 4.500
Capacity 75cl, Magnum 1,5l
Performance 4.000Kg/Ha
Wine type Red / created in inox.
Alcoholic Graduation 12% vol.
Grape type 70% Mencía, 20%
Caíño, 10% Espadeiro.
Facts On lees between nine
and twelve months.
Tinto DoUmia
Unveiling Rías Baixas. The search for a blend worthy of the
Designation of Origin has resulted in the creation of a fresh taste wine,
fruited and with character. An easy wine that pleases both amateur and
professional wine tasters.
The red grape makes its way in. Red wines are one percent of
all Rias Baixas production. “DoUmia” is the ambassador that opens de
doors to quality red wine in the Albariño universe.
In front with Mencía. The nobility of red grapes, Caiño and
Espadeiro, provides wine with a singular floral and acid characteristic.
The Mencía grapes goes along perfectly with the ones mentioned
before and adds the structure that finishes the wine.
“We wanted to claim the expressivity of those fruited
taste red wines that when drank fresh satisfy us as
much as the most complex broths”
Francisco Alfonso y Carmen Fontan
Wine producers
Founders of Adega Pedralonga
Atlantic Character
Press cutouts
“If Albariño is done right, as with this wine, it reminds me of
“It shows a vegetable nuance to the nose, notes of fresh hay
a blend of the minerality of Riesling and the aromatics of
and woods on a mature fruit background.”
Sauvignon Blanc. Oh, and this wine is completely dry, crisp
Vinos de España. No 72. August 2008
and clean. See what the buzz on Albariño is about.”
Old Rare Wine. August 2010
“Its bouquet announces concentration and maturity,
recalls mango, quince and even flint.”
“The Albariños from Pedralonga are equally dramatic,
MiVino. August 2008
if showing more mineral and saline depth. Galicia is
the next Loire.”
“Wide taste and persistent with sweet nuances,
San Francisco Chronicle, Food. June 2010
smoked and fruited character, difficult to discover.”
Diario Vasco. Suplemento. April 2008
“As if it was a visual poem, with the stone we get an effective
visual sequence which in turn celebrates the properties and
“Highly expressive wine that follows the rhythms of the
the character of this wine.”
current Biodynamics, which carries a maximum respect for
ON Diseño. July 2009
the vine.”
UAE Sumilleres. August 2007
“As if the sweet fruit gave way to fresh sea breeze and
then a spring of petals.”
“Elegant and focused, the Pedralonga shows the character
O Viticólogo des Bagos. July 2009
and depth old,terrace-grown vines can bring to Albariño.”
Los Ángeles Times, Food. April 2006
“Someone said Albariño and we looked as if it were
impossible. Yes, an Albariño without added yeast, this is
“A wine with a clearly handcraft base, offering a golden
Albariño in its purest form.”
yellow colour with distinct varietal aromas and notes of
MásGastronomía. May 2009
El Mundo, Cultura. January 2006
Atlantic Character
If you wish to know more about our winery,
visit our facilities and vineyards as well as get
familiarised with the philosophy and process of
our wine making, please contact us by email
or phone and book an appointment, we will
delighted to receive you.
de Godos
Rio Umia
de Reis
Adega Pedralonga
Santiaguiño de Godos, 17
E-36615 Caldas de Reis
Pontevedra (Spain)
T. +34 986 53 52 01
[email protected]