2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time • II domingo tiempo



2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time • II domingo tiempo
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time • II domingo tiempo ordinario
January 19, 2014 • 19 de Enero de 2014
5:00 PM
Elders of St. Anne
8:30 AM Parishioners of St. Anne
10:30 AM Youth of St. Anne
12:30 PM Amada Delgado
9:00 AM Families of St. Anne
9:00 AM Elders of St. Anne
9:00 AM Parishioners of St. Anne
9:00 AM Youth of St. Anne
5:00 PM
James Leone
8:30 AM Families of St. Anne
10:30 AM Elders of St. Anne
12:30 PM Miembros vivos y difuntos de Sta. Ana
LECTURAS DE LA SEMANA 01/20/14- 01/27/14
Weekday; St. Fabian, pope, martyr; St. Sebastian, martyr/
Día de la Semana; San Fabián, papa, mártir; San Sebastián,
1 Sm 15:16-23 Ps 50:8-23 Mk 2:18-22
1 Sm 15:16-23 Sal 49:8-23 Mc 2:18-22
St. Agnes, virgin, martyr/Santa Inés, virgen, mártir
1 Sm 16:1-13 Ps 89:20-28 Mk 2:23-28
1 Sm 16:1-13 Sal 88:20-28 Mc 2:23-28
Wed: Weekday/Día de la Semana
1 Sm 17:32-51 Ps 144:1-10 Mk 3:1-6
1 Sm 17:32-51 Sal 143:1-10 Mc 3:1-6
Thurs: Weekday; St. Vincent, deacon, martyr & St. Marianne
Cope, virgin/Día de la Semana; San Vicente, diácono,
mártir & Santa Mariana Cope, virgen
1 Sm 18:6-9;19:1-7 Ps 56:2-13 Mk 3:7-12
1 Sm 18:6-9;19:1-7 Sal 55:2-13 Mc 3:7-12
St. Francis de Sales, bishop, doctor of the Church/San
Francisco de Sales, obispo, doctor of the Iglesia
1 Sm 24:3-21 Ps 57:2-11 Mk 3:13-19
1 Sm 24:3-21 Sal 56:2-11 Mc 3:13-19
Acts 22:3-16 Ps 117:1-2 Mk 16:15-18
Hch 22:3-16 Sal 116:1-2 Mc 16:15-18
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time/III Domingo Ordinario
Is 8:23-9:3 Ps 27:1-14 1 Cor 1:10-17 Mt 4:12-23
Is 8:23-9:3 Sal 26:1-14 1 Cor `:10-17 Mt 4:12-23
please pray for/por favor rezan por:
June Ramos, Natalie Quezada, Kelly Leighton, Madison Mooney, Jerry Konkal, Don Cromwell, Paul Butler, Francesca Capraro, John Marciano, Bruce
Reeves, Doris Brumfield, Kathryn Copley, Elsje, Jerry Prine, Wyatt Koehler,
Archbishop Alexander Brunett, Corinne Ball, Carol Calvin, Jill Beckey,
Joyce Nunes, Jeanette, Susan, Lauren, Sean, Bill Sukovaty, Nancy, Mike
Cullen, Genevieve, Dee, Patty Shockley, Doris Cole, George Gates, Jim
Doran, Lon Ramsel, Bob Russell, Dan Pitta, Fr. Jim,
01/25 - 01/26
Greeters: Mary Flann & Madonna Leeper
Lector 1: Art Meyers
Lector 2: Tony Hicks
Euch. Min: Cup – Ed & Judy Konieczny
Altar Servers: Team 8
Greeters: Barbara Stoiber, Tim & Connie McCabe
Lector 1: Stephanie Moore
Lector 2: Peggy Ann Valley
Euch. Min: Bread – Sue Wright-Broughton, Pete & Glenda
Cup – Jennifer Blake, Matt Nobriga, Mathilda
Rizkalla & Lynn Tiemeyer
Altar Servers: Team 7
Greeters: Mindy Naylor, Ro Sweet & Jane Perry
Lector 1: Joseph Evans
Lector 2: Linda Knapp
Euch. Min: Bread – Margaret Zuccato, George Overturf &
Suzanne Gillick
Cup – Agnes Arokiaraj, Al Castinado, John Dyer,
Ken Landoline, Dick Macdonald & Rosana
Altar Servers: Team 13
Children’s Liturgy of the Word: Diana Lamaestra
Bienvenidas: Adriana & Mónica Rodriguez
Lector 1: Enrique Magaña
Lector 2: Evangelina Magaña
Ministros de Eucaristía:
Pan – Anna Yerena
Taza – Andrés Yerena, Lorenzo Macías, German
& Ruth Romero
Ofrendas: Martin & Imelda Gomez
Colecta: Jesús Sánchez, Cristina Magaña, Ignacio Chávez,
Jr., Elizabeth Zenteno
Acólitos: Equipo D
PLEASE NOTE: Ministry Schedules for Jan - Mar are on
the website. It is your responsibility to find your replacement if you cannot serve when scheduled.
FAVOR DE NOTAR: Horarios Ministerio de Enero-
Occasionally names are taken off the prayer list. If we have taken off the name of
a person still in need of prayer, please call the office and we will gladly put them
back on the list.
Marzo Está en el sitio. Es su responsabilidad buscar su reemplazo si
El grupo de oración la Sagrada familia Los invita mañana a las 6:30
pm al santo Rosario Y a las 7:00pm compartimiento de la palabra de
Dios con Osmin López de Oakland
usted no puede servir cuando está programado.
Grupo de Oración
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time • II domingo tiempo ordinario
January 19, 2014 • 19 de Enero de 2014
Women’s Fellowship
Upcoming Events:
Women’s Fellowship meets the 2nd Tuesday of each
month in the Room 2.
February 11, 2014
6:30 PM - Social; 7:00PM - Meeting starts
For membership information contact Anne Doran at
[email protected] or Linda Humbert at
[email protected]
Women’s Fellowship of St. Anne Catholic Church welcomes
and strives to serve the needs of all women, offering opportunities to share gifts and talents and encourage and strengthen
faith and friendships within our community.
Covenant Corner
Thank you to all volunteers who assisted in changing our environment to
Advent & Christmas and now to Ordinary Time.
The Covenant Corner is an opportunity
for us to recognize those who use their
gifts in service for others. We want to give
regular thanks to those who do so much for all of us. So we invite
you when you see someone doing something worth noting to let us
know, by mail or email [email protected] Please
keep the note 4-5 short sentences (maximum). Then we can get it
in the bulletin.
This Christmas season
Give a gift that means something
Give Blood
St. Anne Community Blood Drive
Wednesday, January 22, 2014
1:00 PM – 7:00 PM
St. Anne Community Life Center
2800 Camino Diablo, Byron
To schedule an appointment, please log on to
redcrossblood.org; enter sponsor code:
or call 1-800 RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767)
ESTA SEMANA A ST. ANA 01/18/14 - 01/26/14
Vigil - 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
9:00 AM The Spirit of the Liturgy Training/CLC
2nd Collection - Seminary
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
8:00 AM 8:30 Choir Practice/Room 1B
8:30 AM RCIA Dismissal
9:30 AM 10:30 Choir Practice/Room 1B
2nd Collection - Seminary
9:00 AM Hospital Communion/Offsite
4:00 PM Food Pantry Prep/Kitchen
6:30 PM La Sagrada Familia/Capilla
Tues: 9:00 AM Food Pantry Distribution/Methodist Church
7:00 PM Finance Committee/Room 2
7:00 PM Inquiry/Fireside Room
Wed: 1:00 PM St. Anne Community Blood Drive
7:00 PM Reunión de planificación de la Sagrada Familia/Capilla
7:00 PM St. Vincent de Paul/Room 2
Thurs: 6:00 PM Boy’s Ranch/Offsite
7:00 PM Spanish Choir Practice/Fireside
7:00 PM DAP meeting/Offsite
Vigil - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
8:00 AM 8:30 Choir Practice/Room 1B
8:30 AM RCIA Dismissal
9:30 AM 10:30 Choir Practice/Room 1B
9:30 AM 1st Communion Prep/Room 2
10:30 AM Baptism -Ethan Moya
11:30 AM reunion de padres/Fireside
7:00 PM Jr. High & Teen Ministry/CLC
Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic
faith? Join us on Tuesday, January 21st at 7:00 pm in the
Fireside room for Inquiry. Inquiry is the first step in the
journey of full initiation into the Catholic Chris-tian faith.
Inquiry is for adults who have not been baptized, have been
baptized in another Christian faith or baptized Catholic but
have not received the Sacraments of 1st Communion and
Confirmation. If you have questions please contact Lisa at
[email protected] or 634-6625. If you have
ever wondered why Catholics do what they do Inquiry is
the place for you to begin to have your questions answered.
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time • II domingo tiempo ordinario
January 19, 2014 • 19 de Enero de 2014
Upcoming Events at St. Anne
Wednesday, January 22nd
St. Anne Community Blood Drive
Friday, January 31st
Women’s Fellowship “Ladies Only” Crab Feed
Wednesday, February 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th
Couples Communication Workshop
Saturday, February 22nd
Parish Leadership Forum 9:00AM - 12:00 PM
Wednesday, March 5th
Los Viernes de Cuaresma
Estaciones de la Cruz 7PM in la capilla
Wednesdays in Lent
Stations of the Cross 7PM in the Hall
Fridays, March 7, 14, 21, 28 April 4 & 11
Knight’s Friday “Fish Fry”
Sunday, March 9th
Lenten Soup/Supper w/Silhouette Stations of the Cross
The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® Dental Services
Children are seen by appointment
To register for an appointment call: La Cliníca de La Raza (925)
580-9899. *Children can be seen regardless of immigrations status*
No one will be turned away due to lack of insurance of inability to
pay. Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, Private insurance accepted
To register please bring:
Proof of address
Birth certificate or School Identification
Social Security Card (If available)
Services Available:
Generous Funding provided by: Ronald McDonald House, Charities-Bay Area, Wells Fargo, Vesper Society
La Clinica Móvil de Ronald McDonald® Servicios Dentals
El espacio es limitado y se ven a los niños con una cita.
Para registrar por favor llame a La Clinica de La Raza (925) 5809899. *Se ven a los niños sin importa de estado migratorio*
Nadie será rechazado por falta de seguro dental o por no poder pagar. Aceptamos: Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, Seguro Privado
Para registrar por favor traiga:
Prueba de dirección
Acta de nacimiento o identificación de la escuela
Tarjeta del Seguro Social, (Si la tiene)
Servicios disponibles:
Selladores Dentales
Fondos Proporcionados por: Ronald McDonald House CharitiesBay Area, Wells Fargo, Vesper Society
La misión de los jóvenes es ayudarlos a que se acerquen más a
Cristo por medio de la Eucaristía.
HOY EN LA NOCHE: Domingo 19 de enero No hay clases
(jóvenes del II año)
PROXIMA SEMANA: Domingo 26 de Enero Moralidad
("Defensa Legitima")
SIGUIENTE SEMANA: Domingo, 2 de Febrero Moralidad 2
("Días Felices")
Nota para los padres: Muchos adolescentes llegan 15-30
minutos tarde. Este es perjudicial para el resto del grupo cuando
están llegando tarde. Complacer asegurarse de que están a
tiempo menos que sea aprobado con anticipación
Adolescentes Core para toda su ayuda! Necesitamos
voluntarios: si desea ayudar en este ministerio favor de llamar a
Michelle Castinado al 925-240-1832 o al cellular al 925-4370015
Teen Ministry mission is to help Teens become closer to
Christ through the Eucharist.
TONIGHT: Sunday, Jan. 19 No Class
WEDNESDAY: January 22 PARENT NIGHT (2nd Year
NEXT WEEK: Sunday, Jan 26 Morality (“Legit Defense”)
FOLLOWING WEEK: Sunday, February 2 Morality (“Happy
NOTE to Parents: Many teens are arriving 15-30 minutes
late. This is disruptive to the rest of the group when they are
arriving late. Please make sure they are on time unless approved
ahead of time.
Special THANKS: To the Core Adults and Teens for all of
their help! Volunteers needed: if you would like to volunteer for Teen Ministry, please Contact Michelle Castinado at 925
-240-1832 or (cell) 925-437-0015.
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time • II domingo tiempo ordinario
January 19, 2014 • 19 de Enero de 2014
Contar nuestras bendiciones !
Como diciembre 2013 llega a su fin , recordemos de dar gracias a Dios
por las muchas bendiciones de este año pasado. Tómese el tiempo con
mi familia a hacer una lista de estas bendiciones y colocar esta lista en
nuestra mesa, una pared o puerta que se pasa varias veces al día . Esto
hará que sea más fácil hacer el decir " Gracias, Dios".
Al mirar hacia el 2014, vamos a organizar para profundizar nuestro
compromiso con la oración , con mi familia, a la adoración del
domingo con mis hijos, y continua participación del ministerio a
nuestra comunidad Iglesia de Santa Ana .
Count our blessings!
As December 2013 comes to a close, let us remember to give thanks
to God for the many blessings of this past year. Take time with my
family to make a list of these blessings and place this list on our table,
a wall, or door that we pass several times a day. This will make it
easy to keep saying “Thank you, God.”
As we look into 2014, let us plan to deepen our commitment to prayer with my family, to Sunday worship with my children, and to ongoing involvement-ministry to our St. Anne Church community.
PREK -K dio la bienvenida a St. Nickolas la semana pasada y se
enteró de sus buenas obras hechas para los niños pobres . Ellos van a
tratar de hacer algo por los demás de este mes.
Lunes clases de 6:30 a cada niño y su familia disfrutaron de participar
en familia Adviento Noche el 2 de diciembre . Los niños también
disfrutaron de poner un zapato fuera de St. Nick para darles un bastón
de caramelo para ser una buena persona . Todos los zapatos recibieron
su caramelo de menta !
5to Grado realizó la Historia de Las Posadas , ( María y José en
busca de un lugar para quedarse ) , para los Pre-K- 4 º grado y padres
Lunes, 16 de diciembre . Los estudiantes de 5 º grado presentaron un
rendimiento de oración muy significativa. Cantar, que acompañó a Las
Posadas , fue realizada por alumnos de séptimo y octavo Jezaray y
Janilyn Manibusan .
PREK-K welcomed St. Nickolas last week and learned about his
good deeds done for poor children. They are going to try to do something for others this month.
Monday 6:30pm classes each child and family enjoyed participating
in Family Advent Night on December 2nd. Children also enjoyed putting one shoe out for St. Nick to give them a candy cane for being a
good person. All shoes received their peppermint candy!
5th Graders performed the Story of Las Posadas, (Mary and Joseph
looking for a place to stay), for the PreK-4th graders and parents Monday, Dec 16th. The 5th grade students presented a very meaningful,
prayerful performance. Singing, which accompanied Las Posadas,
was performed by 7th & 8th graders Jezaray and Janilyn Manibusan.
Grado a 6to septima-octavo (el programa EDGE ) se reúnen cada
domingo por la noche 19:00 -8: 30pm . Como parte de su plan de
estudios , alcance a la comunidad en general es integral. Un regalo
sencillo se ha creado usando rollos de papel higiénico vacíos llenos de
caramelos de menta , envueltos con papel y cinta de la Navidad , con
un " estamos orando por usted " pegatina en cada uno. Varios se dará
con el 23 de diciembre de distribución Food Pantry . Otros fueron
entregados personalmente a las Personas de Edad en Cortona Parque
Principal Residencia y Westmont Principal Residencia en Brentwood,
cuando los 6to-7mo - 8vo grado serenata cada lugar con villancicos la
noche del domingo, 15 de diciembre. Los villancicos de Navidad
cantaron maravillosamente ; gracias villancicos y catequistas .
Dos adolescentes pendientes son visibles todos los lunes por la noche
en el extremo oeste del vestíbulo. Son catequistas para nuestros
estudiantes de 4to grado: Bianca Cortez y Makayla Kutsuris ! Sí,
estos dos estudiantes de secundaria , quienes recibieron la confirmación
aquí en Santa Ana, ahora están compartiendo generosamente su fe con
sus hijos y haciendo un trabajo magnífico en este ministerio especial.
Otros dos jóvenes confirmados , Savannah Day y Katie Ferris, están
liderando Liturgia de nuestros niños de la Palabra durante la Misa de
10:30 am en la fecha prevista . Están rompiendo abra Word de Dios
para el deleite de los alumnos de primera a quinta !
Por favor oren por nuestros 64 niños que van a recibir el Sacramento de
la Reconciliación el Sábado, enero 11st
Por favor oren por nuestra catequista , Fran LaPerle , quien se está
recuperando satisfactoriamente de una cirugía de cadera. También, por
favor oren por Magda Ramaldo que se está recuperando lentamente de
la cirugía cerebral noviembre de 2012.
Regreso a clases : Todas las clases se reanuden
la semana del 5 a 6 enero.
6th-7th-8th graders (the EDGE PROGRAM) meet every Sunday
night 7pm-8:30pm. As part of their curriculum, outreach to the broader community is integral. A simple gift was created using empty toilet
paper rolls filled with peppermint candies, wrapped with Christmas
paper and ribbon, with a “we’re praying for you” sticker on each.
Several will be given with the Dec 23 Food Pantry distribution. Others were personally handed to the Senior Citizens at Cortona Park
Senior Residence and Westmont Senior Residence in Brentwood
when the 6th-7th-8th graders serenaded each location with Christmas
Carols Sunday evening, Dec 15th. The Christmas carolers sang beautifully; thank you carolers and catechists.
Two Outstanding Teens are visible every Monday night in the west
end of the foyer. They are catechists for our 4th graders: Bianca Cortez and Makayla Kutsuris! Yes, these two high school seniors, who
received Confirmation here at St. Anne, are now generously sharing
their faith with your children and doing a magnificent job in this special ministry.
Two other Confirmed teens, Savannah Day and Katie Ferris, are
leading our Children’s Liturgy of the Word during the 10:30am Mass
as scheduled. They are breaking open God’s Word to the delight of
the 1st-5th graders!
Please pray for our 64 children who will be receiving the Sacrament
of Reconciliation on Saturday, January 11st
Please pray for our catechist, Fran LaPerle, who is successfully recuperating from hip surgery. Also, please pray for Magda Ramaldo who
is slowly recovering from brain surgery November 2012.
CLASSES RESUME: All classes resume the
week of January 5th-6th.
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time • II domingo tiempo ordinario
January 19, 2014 • 19 de Enero de 2014
Delta Christian Community Food Pantry
(St. Anne-Methodist-Presbyterian Churches)
Food Packing:
Mondays at 4:00 PM at St. Anne
Distribution of Food Bags:
Tuesdays 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
At Byron United Methodist Church on Byron Highway.
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
At the Knightsen Garden Center
Serving 120-130 Families Weekly
Providing: Food - Clothing - Household goods - Self Help
Volunteers are welcome. Donations of Food and Money are
Donation request for JANUARY
2013 was a banner year. We are grateful to CRS & Operation Rice
Bowl for $900, DB Yacht Club $1500, Private donors for $3000 &
$500. Excelsior School Students food drive...40 banana boxes in
dry & can food. CYO for money and food donations and the
Scouts for assisting us on a Monday bagging food. We appreciate
everyone's efforts and of course our 50 + volunteers. We couldn’t
do it without you - it takes a village to keep this service running. If
you would like more information or would like to donate money or
food please contact Karen Randle at 925-642-1527.
Counseling Services
St. Anne's is providing individual, couples and family counseling. The provider is Marie Hall, MSW, who is a licensed clinical social worker. Please contact her at 925-634-6625 ext. 228
or at [email protected] for more information regarding fees or to schedule an appointment.
Welcome! We extend our hearts and hands in
Christian fellowship, as you join with us in worship. If you are new to the parish, Scan the QR
code with your smart phone to access our website.
No Smart Phone -Registration forms are also available in the foyer and on our website.
Despensa de la Comunidad Cristiana Delta
(Iglesias Sta. Ana-Metodista-Prebisteriana)
Empacan comida:
Lunes a las 4:00 PM en Sta. Ana
Distribución de bolsas de Comida:
Martes 9:00 a 10:00 AM
En la Iglesia Metodista de Byron
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
En la Knightsen centro de jardinería
Sirviendo 120-130 familias semanalmente
Proveyendo: Comida – Ropa – Cosas para la casa -Ayuda personal
Los voluntarios son bienvenidos. Apreciamos donaciones de dinero y
Solicitamos para el mes de ENERO:
2013 fue un año excepcional. Estamos muy agradecidos a CRS y
Operación Plato de Arroz por $ 900, DB Yacht Club $ 1500, los
donantes privados para $ 3000 y $ 500. Excelsior School colecta
de alimentos Estudiantes ... 40 cajas de banano en el alimento seco
y lata. CYO monetarias y de alimentos y donaciones a los Scouts
para ayudar a nosotros en un alimento ensacado Lunes. Apreciamos el esfuerzo de todos y por supuesto los más de 50 voluntarios.
No podríamos hacerlo sin ustedes - se necesita una aldea para mantener este servicio en ejecución. Si desea más información o desea
donar dinero o comida, por favor póngase en contacto con Karen
Randle al 925-642-1527.
St. Vincent de Paul
St. Anne St. Vincent de Paul is grateful to CRS & Operation Rice
Bowl for its grant of $500.
Your monetary support allows us to provide this service for those
in need.
Si es usted un Nuevo feligrés, le damos la
Bienvenida, extendiéndole nuestras manos y
nuestro Corazón como hermanos en Cristo. Escanear el código QR con tu teléfono inteligente para
acceder a nuestro sitio web. No hay formas PhoneRegistro inteligentes también están disponibles en
el vestíbulo y en nuestra página web.
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time • II domingo tiempo ordinario
January 19, 2014 • 19 de Enero de 2014
Today’s responsorial Psalm Is the theme song of the
good steward: “Here am I , Lord; I come to do your
will.” May I, too, stand ready to offer myself and my
gifts I the service of God.
El Salmo responsorial de hoy tiene como tema la canción
del buen administrador: "Aquí estoy, Señor; vengo a
hacer tu voluntad" Yo también estoy listo a ofrecer mis
dones al servicio de Dios?
Nurses Notes:
January is Cervical Health Awareness Month.
Your Faith Community Nurses want you to know that there’s
a lot you can do to prevent cervical cancer. About 29 million
Americans currently have HPV (human papillomavirus), the
most common sexually transmitted disease. HPV is a major
cause of cervical cancer.
The good news?
HPV can be prevented by the HPV vaccine
Cervical cancer can often be prevented with regular
screening tests (called Pap tests) and followup care.
In honor of National Cervical Health Awareness Mont, St
Anne Faith Community Nurses encourage:
En el pasado la parroquia iba a publicar las ofertas semanales y compararlos con un monto presupuestado, basado en "Ofrendas parte justa."
La publicación de esta información fue suspendido por recomendación de la diócesis debido a una serie de robos que se han producido
en algunos las parroquias de la Diócesis.
Sus ofrendas semanales son muy importantes a la parroquia con el fin
de cumplir con nuestras responsabilidades operativas. Pedimos que
cada feligrés continuar en oración consideren una oferta consistente
que ayude en el cumplimiento de esas responsabilidades. Su generosidad es su retorno al Señor todo el bien para ti.
In the past the parish would publish the weekly offerings and compare them to a budgeted amount, based on “Fair Share Offerings.”
The publishing of this information was discontinued at the recommendation of the Diocese due to a number of burglaries that have
occurred at some parishes in the Diocese.
Your weekly offerings are very important to the parish in order to
meet our operational responsibilities. We ask that each parishioner
continue to prayerfully consider a consistent offering that will assist in meeting those responsibilities
Your generosity is your return to the Lord for his goodness to you.
Make an investment in the reign of God today!
Women to start getting regular Pap tests at age 21
Women to get the HPV vaccine before age 27
Parents to make sure their pre-teens get the HPV vaccine
at age 11 or 12
Men to get the HPV vaccine if you are under age 22
Call a doctor’s office or health clinic to schedule your Pap
test and pelvic exam.
Faith Community Nursing
Serving the community is our passion.
PLEASE use the phone at the AV booth or in the
office to call 911. Do not use your cell phone it will
reach Sacramento CHP and precious time will be
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time • II domingo tiempo ordinario
January 19, 2014 • 19 de Enero de 2014
Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Católico: Por una
Familia Más Feliz
Muchos son los retos y desafíos que enfrentamos los matrimonios
hoy en día. El Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Católico es una
organización especialmente diseñada para ayudar a las familias
hispanas en Los Estados Unidos a:
•Enfrentar las dificultades dentro del núcleo familiar a la
luz de la palabra de Dios
•Desarrollarse plenamente a través de la promoción de
valores humanos y cristianos
•Fortalecer la unidad familiar a través de la comunicación
y el dialogo entre los esposos e hijos
Para mayor información sobre como beneficiarse de este
ministerio llamar a:
Refugio y Adriana Rodríguez 925 513-9416
Enrique y Evangelina Magaña 925 516-8682
Worldwide Marriage Encounter
“And my God is now my strength!” Let God be the strength of your marriage
by attending the next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend on Feb 7 - 9
held in Livermore. Early registration is highly recommended. For
more information contact Mike & Jeanne @ 925.672.2016 or Joe & Sue @
925.680.7767 now or go to oaklandwwme.org
St. Bernard's Catholic School in Tracy, Ca. is accepting applications for this coming year in grades Kindergarten to Eight
grade beginning January 8th. If you are interested please contact the school office at (209)835-8018. Interested families can
visit our website at www.st-bernardschool.org for curriculum,
financial and school information. School visitations are encouraged. Open House is January 26th from 11am-1pm.
Holy Rosary Catholic School Open House and Application Process
Holy Rosary Catholic School is now accepting applications for the
2014-2015 school year for grades Pre-kindergarten through 8th
Grade. Open House is scheduled from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on
Sunday, January 26th. Come celebrate the liturgy with us at the 8:45
a.m. Mass. Then join us in the Dominican Hall for a Pancake Breakfast, visit the Book Fair and come and see all the great things Holy
Rosary Catholic School has to offer! Faculty and staff will be available to answer questions and classrooms will be open for visitors. We
are located at 25 E. 15th Street in downtown Antioch. Applications
www.holyrosarycatholicschool.org or at the school office,
Attention All Catholic Women!
Mark you calendars!
WITH DAN SCHUTTE: We sing his music on Sunday: Here I am Lord, City of God and Table of Plenty. Come
hear the man behind the music. Dan Schutte has been composing music for more than 30 years in collaboration with the
St. Louis Jesuits and on his own. He is one of the best-known,
most prolific, and influential composers of Catholic music.
Spend an evening of reflection with us. Friday, January 24,
7:30 – 9:00pm at St. Bonaventure Church 5562 Clayton, Rd,
Concord, CA for more information contact TreEssa (925) 672
-5800 ext. 2203.
Magnificat SOTI, a Ministry to Catholic Women,
invites you to join them at their March Prayer Breakfast
We are pleased to welcome Brenda Sharman,
model, actress, and beauty queen as our guest speaker.
Brenda has a fascinating story of her life
in the fashion industry and how her conversion to Catholicism
led her to a new insight and definition of what is beautiful.
March 1, 2014
Crowne Plaza
45 John Glenn Dr. Concord
tickets are $28/$35 after 2/22/14
For info or reservations go to:
www.magnificatsoti.org or
call Maribel @ 925-788-7762
Our Lady of Guadalupe for Life (OLG4Life) invites you to a day
of spiritual teaching with famous speaker Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ on
February 8, 2014 at St. Frances Cabrini parish in San Jose. The theme
will be “You are in the world but you are not of the world.” To register, email [email protected] or call Monica at (408) 710-5825.

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