LiveWell: What to consider when considering projects 1. Is the issue



LiveWell: What to consider when considering projects 1. Is the issue
LiveWell: What to consider when considering projects
1. Is the issue SPECIFIC? You will know what success is.
2. Does it support the MISSION and goals of LiveWell?
3. Does it happen in PARTNERSHIP and through our Action Teams and/ or
Leadership Team?
4. The issue will build more participation and CREDIBILITY for your group? If you
win? If you lose?
1. Has it been identified by the residents as IMPORTANT to work on? You have
enough energy in community; immediacy? People in the community want to work
on the issue? How do you know?
6. Does it UNIFY the community? Is issue uniting? Winning can sometimes be
losing, if it creates division.
7. Is it WINNABLE? You can see how to win issue? Who can say 'yes' to give you
what you want? How do you get them to say yes to what you want?
2. Do we have the RESOURCES (people hours or money) to work on it? You only
have limited capacity of people and effort in Livewell. How is best way to spend
your energy, time, and resources? You have to set priorities of best way to help
community and to grow Livewell.
8. Is the BUDGET reasonable?
LiveWell: Qué considerar al considerar cuales proyectos a hacer
1. ¿Es el tema ESPECIFICO? Usted sabrá lo qué es éxito.
2. ¿Soporta la MISION y objetivos de LiveWell GES?
3. ¿Pasa en la SOCIEDAD y a través de nuestros equipos de acción y / o equipo de
4. ¿El tema va a construir más participación y CREDIBILIDAD para GES LiveWell? ¿Si
ganas? ¿Si pierdes?
5. ¿Los LIDERES son residentes?
6.. ¿Se han identificado por los residentes como IMPORTANTES para trabajar? Tienes
suficiente energía en la comunidad GES; ¿inmediatez? ¿Gente en GES quiere trabajar
sobre el tema? ¿Cómo sabes?
6. ¿Unifica a la comunidad? ¿El tema crea UNIFICACION? Ganar a veces puede estar
perdiendo, si crea división.
7. ¿Es posible GANAR? ¿Puedes ver cómo ganar el tema? ¿Quién puede decir 'Sí'
para darte lo que quieres? ¿Cómo les decimos que sí a lo que quieres?
2. ¿Tenemos los RECURSOS (personas horas o dinero) para trabajar en él? Sólo
tienen una capacidad limitada de gente y esfuerzo en GES LiveWell. ¿Cómo es la
mejor manera de pasar tu energía, tiempo y recursos? Tienes que establecer las
prioridades de la mejor manera de ayudar a la comunidad y crecer GES LiveWell.
8. ¿Es razonable el PRESUPUESTO?
GES LiveWell RECREATION ACTION TEAM 7/22/2013, 5:30 – 7:30, Street Kidz MINUTES Attendees: Greg Hahl, Pete Lozano, Chris Scott, Liliana Flores, Mayra Gonzales, Maria Campos, Antonia Montoya, Leslie Levine, Rachel Cleaves, Nancy Gomez Discussion of how to decide what projects to do. See attached handout. In addition, the team added: -­‐
Is the leadership capable of delivering the product Is there ability in the group to reach out to the community, to build synergy Is the win sustainable? Can we keep it going? SMART Goals – specific, measurable, how do we know it’s successful – is there a survey? Is there a plan? What has been done, what needs to be done, what’s the outcome? Someone wants to start something? What is the steps they’ve taken to get to this point, and what is the money exactly going to be used for? Credibility – can we trust them? The team suggested that LiveWell develop a proposal form. But be careful you do not get too bureaucratic in what’s required. That would make it more limited in what’s being asked for. Could the Recreation Action Team help do the paperwork of anyone who wants to ask for funds? Put more importance on the presentation itself rather than the paperwork. Get them to speak to the group. But it’s not bad to have them do a small barrier to entry. Question: do we want to put some kind of limit on the amount of non-­‐physical activity grants. Graffiti, junk in the alleys, vacant lots, abandoned houses, make you not feel like being out in the neighborhood. So even though it’s not a direct connection – the more we can do to engage people in healthy activities, the better. The answer was: Yes, we should. The exact limit was not decided. We should ask – what are your goals? If it helps this community in one shape or form, we are going to fund it. So at some point, we may have to set some limit. Maybe we say, 20% would go to non-­‐physical acitivity. Are people knocking on the door to go to an art class? The opportunity has not really truly been presented to this community. We had art here last year for the kids. We are going to offer it again in the fall. When we did the survey last Spring, in partnership with Providence, the opportunity for after-­‐school arts program was highly supported. El Sistema at Garden Place have had twice as many kids that would like to do it, as they have the resources to provide to it. Maybe this is not the right vehicle. Globeville Community Center & Street Kidz are really interested in art based program. Suggestion – look at the proposal. DECISION For now, it is 50% at least must go to physical activity programs, because the group did not have time to fully discuss it. This is just a place-­‐holder until it can be further discussed. GES LiveWell RECREATION ACTION TEAM 7/22/2013, 5:30 – 7:30, Street Kidz MINUTES BIRD SEED ART FUNDING PROPOSAL -­‐
8 weeks, kids age 10 – 18, up to 20 kids per week Provide the funding only for supplies They have a pre-­‐post assessment, a plan for younger and older kids, anti-­‐graffiti pledge. Attendance was sporadic last year – neither organization did a good job spreading the word, this year, we have different plans on trying to reach as many kids as we can, maintain the kids, and keep it on-­‐going, approaching it differently. Leslie thinks we’ll see the teenagers and younger kids come in. Hoping to offer it in the mornings, and extend programming to the younger kids and parents Gets more kids in the door, and to take more advantage of the activities they offer here Try to be responsive to what the kids need Gives people a feeling of security to know their kids are doing some healthy activities Can you make the money conditional for a certain thing? Decision: Agreed to propose to Leadership Team funding $500 towards supplies & food – but food and snacks have to nutritious. MIS PRIMEROS PASOS Mayra presented that the moms are happy to some extent, but they want activities for themselves. They want to combine it. They want to do something. Something that helps them. Moms that come either work or are home-­‐makers. They want to distract themselves, do something. To get out of their world. They want to do activities. They want to do a sewing class. They have some materials for the kids. They want some materials for kids. The program is divided in 3 parts – it’s 8 weeks. Exercise – kids & moms, Learning – kids & moms, Healthy Food. There are curriculums in which you give the parents the tools. It’s invaluable that the moms are getting the social fabric for support for one another. Zumba Scheduling – Street Kidz closed August 10th – Sept 2nd – what’s going to be conducive to everybody? At this point, it makes more sense to offer zumba in the mornings, right before Mis Primeros Pasos, same 3 days as Mis Primeros Pasos. They’re looking at one evening during the week, but they’re not sure when. That’s what they were challenged with. If they do 7 – 8 3 days/ week, they can’t do Perhaps – Rosario Church – (used to have it at 9:30 – after school), if Street Kidz has a class at 9, that’s perfect. They leave the kids at 8:30. Clinica Tepeyac is paying for recreation cards for residents to do zumba at Stapleton. GES LiveWell RECREATION ACTION TEAM 7/22/2013, 5:30 – 7:30, Street Kidz MINUTES Recreation Center Maria says-­‐ the Recreation Centers are too expense. Pete says that there is a scholarship. Membership is $85 for the year. You have to pay all at once. In the old days-­‐ Pete used to pay for them, then they would pay him back. He is no longer allowed to do that. Adult is $19 for the year. One of the barriers is getting the information out to the public. Can we get the Latino Media Firm to come in and do a public media campaign for the public? People do not know the Centers are free for the kids. They do not know they have to go to the Center to sign up for the card. Future projects: Can the Walking Club in Globeville use the Stapleton Recreation Center in the winter? Open House at the Recreation Center. Media campaign to promote use of the Recreation Centers Announcements GrowHaus Bazaar – August 10th – celebrating opening of new market! Providence Bible Church 3 events (movie night at Garden Place Aug 4th, Community Worship and BBQ at Swansea Park) – see GESLiveWell Community Calendar at for details! Next Steps: Antonia -­‐ Bring Birdseed Proposal to Leadership Team (Done) Rachel – send Denver Foundation Grant to Mis Primeros Pasos moms for aprons Set up a separate meeting with Leslie, Mayra, Liliana to figure out what we want to do next with Mis Primeros Pasos. Rachel -­‐ Develop a proposal form for grant proposals Antonia – arrange with Chris Medina for the next meeting Aug 19 at Swansea Rec Center Antonia -­‐ Give the names of the zumba instructors to Pete to get hired at Parks and Rec. Next Meeting: August 19th, 5:30 – 7:30, Swansea Recreation Center 

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