JARDIN: Just an Assistant foR instructional DesIgN



JARDIN: Just an Assistant foR instructional DesIgN
JARDIN: Just an Assistant foR instructional DesIgN
Report Year 2010
Project Homepage: https://www.fing.edu.uy/inco/grupos/csi/apps/jardin/
The JARDIN project proposes to create an Instructional Design Assistant that will help the teacher to
assemble learning objects and that will present students the relevant learning objects according with their
learning preferences.
In order to achieve this challenge learning objects (LO) need to be annotated by domain tailored metadata,
such as Learning Object Metadata, LOM. But normally, LO do not have sufficient metadata. This is natural
since the manual generation of metadata is an expensive task. One way to reach this goal is to use
Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), such as Atutor, Moodle or Claroline One of the
characteristics of LCMS is that they allow authors to create course materials with the possibility to be
exported using standards like LOM. However, when authors already have previous materials, like e.g.
course’s web pages, it is not easy to incorporate them to the LCMS with clear semantics. Instead of
LCMS, there are several technologies that permit reusability, shareability and interoperability among web
applications. Ontologies and web standards, such as XML, RDF and OWL, allow the specification of
components in a standard way. Our proposed Pedagogical Assistant use these technologies to
automatically markup course web pages based on their content and to produce standard packages of
learning objects using SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) an ADL initiative.
The project has a delay but the causes were only financial at the beginning. Actually, the expected results
of the project have been achieved. Moreover, the considerado plan of gastos, allow to scheduled two
more activities, not plannified at he first stage of the project, but useful to contribute to the evaluation of the
proposed tools.
Avail ables Deliverables
We have decide to produce referee articles in spite of deliverables. In the section Publications of this
report you can find the articles produced in the scope of this project.
We have developed a number of prototypes, which can be free request through the homepage of the
project. The disponibles prototypes are:
Lookin4LO: the Extractor of Learning Objects with Metadata,
JARDIN Asistant: the Learning Object Recommender.
LOAD: the Federated Repository of Learning Objects.
Evaluation methods and data collected
We had collected Learning Objects with Metadata from courses from UNED (Spain), INESC (Portugal),
UNAM (Mexico), ESPOL (Ecuador) and UdelaR (Uruguay) and also from documents from the MISTICA
Partial Meeting: UdelaR, UFRGS and UEL, Londrina, June 2010.
Partial Meeting: UdelaR,ESPOL and UNR at LACLO 2010, Sao Paulo, September 2010.
Publications (submitted or accepted) that are a result of this work. These publications do not need to be directly on
the work but such that this project was influential to the content of the publication.
Publications (corresponding to the informed period)
Recommendation of Complementary Material during Chat Discussions. Loh, Stanley Loh, Daniel
Lichtnow, Adriana Kampf, José Palazzo de Oliveira. J. Knowledge Management & E-Learning , v. 2,
p. 90-105, 2010.
Usability in an Adaptive e-Learning Environment: Lessons from AdaptWeb. Isabela Gasparini,
Marcelo Soares Pimenta, José Palazzo de Oliveira. IEEE Learning Technology Newsletter , v. 12, p.
13-15, 2010.
An adaptive e-learning environment based on user s context. Isabela Gasparini, Amel
Bouzeghoub, José Palazzo de Oliveira. In: CATS2010: 3rd Workshop on Culturally-Aware Tutoring
Systems, 10th ITS - International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 2010, Pittsburgh, USA.
Proceedinga. Pittsburg : ITS, 2010. v. 1. p. 1-12.
Modeling Context Adapted Learning Scenarios in the AdaptWeb Environment. Ana Marilza Pernas,
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Localizador de Objetos de Aprendizaje. Rodrigo Saavedra, Diego Vallespir, Regina Motz. In
Proceeding IE2010, Santiago de Chile,Diciembre 2010.
A Multiagent System for Personalized Recommendation of Learning Objects. Ana Casali, Valeria
Gerling, Claudia Deco and Cristina Bender. In Proceeding IE2010, Santiago de Chile,Diciembre 2010.
Modeling and Use of an Ontology Network for Website Recommendation Systems. Edelwise
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Combining Ontologies and Scenarios for Context-Aware e-Learning Environments. Isabela
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2010. v. 1.
Experiencias de uso de SCORM y MOODLE en la reutilización de Objetos de Aprendizaje. Fernando
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Modeling the Macro-Behavior of Learning Object Repositories
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Sistema Inteligente para la Recomendación de Objetos de Aprendizaje
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Sistemas de información inteligentes en educación: generación, búsqueda y ensamble de objetos
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Hacia un asistente para la adecuación de cursos a modelos pedagógicos. Motz, Casali, Deco,
Bender. En Proc. V Congreso Tecnología en Educación y Educación en Tecnología. Calafate, Argentina.
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Casali. En Proc. V Congreso Tecnología en Educación y Educación en Tecnología. Calafate, Argentina.
La extracción de objetos de aprendizaje con metadatos de diseño pedagógicos. Claudia Badell,
Regina Motz, Rodolfo Sum
Chosen as one of the best papers of the congress CCIT 2009 and selected to be published in the TICAI in
its 2009 edition. (to be published during 2010).
The TICAI (ICTs for teaching and learning of Engineering) is a book / CD by the Spanish and Portuguese
Chapter of Education Society of IEEE, and is an initiative of the CTAE (Technical Committee for
Accreditation and Evaluation ) of CESEI (Spanish Chapter of the Society of the IEEE Education), and
under the umbrella of the Thematic Network CESEI (http://webs.uvigo.es/cesei).
Posgraduate thesis result of this project in the informed period:
Uso de Web Services para la Adaptabillidad de eCursos. Cristina Gonzalez Tesis de Magister en
Ciencias de la Computación, UdelaR. Directora: Regina Motz
Mejoramiento del diagnóstico del estudiante con modelos difusos, C. Huapaya, Tesis de magíster en
Tecnología Informática aplicada en Educación, UNLP. Directora A. Casali, Codirector L. Lanzarini.
Un Modelo para Agentes de Software bajo una Arquitectura Graduada de Creencias, Deseos e
Intenciones basada en Argumentación. Pablo Pilotti, Directora: A. Casali, Co-director: C. Chezñevar
Undergraduate thesis
Metadatos para Servicios Web como Objetos de Aprendizaje Valeria Tulón, Liber Batalla, Willington
Ruiz. Ingeniería en Computación, UdelaR, Diciembre 2010.
Extracción de Objetos de Aprendizaje con metadatos desde Moodle. Alejandro Melgar . Ingeniería en
Computación, UdelaR.
Interfase Web para el sistema recomendador que interactúe con un federado de OA. Valeria
Gerling. UNR, Argentina.
Taihú Piré. Directora: Ana Casali (UNR) y Bernard Espinasse (LSIS, Universidad de Marsella,
Francia), cooperation between UNR-CIFASIS and LSIS, France.
Construcción de Objetos de Aprendizaje. Fredy Vidal Alegria, (Colombia), segundo semestre
2010 at UdelaR, Uruguay. (Please find enclosed the working plan: CartaVidal.jpg)
Derived Ongoing Projects
There are derived project from this one in some of the involved Universities:
PROSUL 2010 Multicultural: Continue the joint work between UFRGS and UdelaR among others Universities
in the topic of Multicultural eLearning. Founded by CNPq-Brasil. Homepage:
COMCLARA-COMUNIDAD LACLO: Academic Network for Latin American Learning Objects,
Founded by CLARA. Coordinator: Xavier Ochoa. Homepage:
Moodle+R : Automatically constructed a Repository of LO from Moodle at Universidad de la
República, Facultad de Ingeniería, Instituto de Computacion, financed by the Comision Sectorial
de Enseñanza, UdelaR,. Coordinator: Regina Motz.
Evaluation of the use of Learning Objects in Moodle from the point of view of the Jardin Assistant.
End Date: 25th. February 2011.
Montevideo, 28th. December 2010
Regina Motz
[email protected]
Jardin Coordinator

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