Congratulations, 2015 Graduates!



Congratulations, 2015 Graduates!
Saint Joseph Catholic Church
87 Lacy Street NW, Marietta, Georgia 30060-1111
Congratulations, 2015 Graduates!
Allatoona High School
Sidney Baumert
Marysia LaRosa
Zachary Nichols
Danielle Walsh
Carrie Eggers
Allison Gaede
Anna Marie Glasgow
Christopher Gray
Joshua Koszalkowki
Blessed Trinity
High School
Hillgrove High School
Jessie Broz
Joanice Carrasquillo
Summer Center
James Falvo
Anthony Gagliardi
Evan Maricondo
Hope Mullett
Nicholas O’Neill
Rachel Palazzo
Kaylin Roeder
Hailee Scelsi
Emily Towler
Olivia Washington
Jack Brinsmaid
Joseph Camacho
Thomas DeMarco
Matt Marin
Katie McConnell
Mary Katherine McCormick
Joseph Mraz
Corey Swade
Christian School
Nickolas DeMarino
Alessandra De Marino
Campbell High School
Carolina Sifuentes
Charlotte Catholic
High School
Becca Postoll
Georgia College
Jamie Newton
Georgia Southern
Lindsey Dolnick
Georgia Institute of
Caitlin Murphy
Joshua Newton
Morgan Orvino
Harrison High Schoo
Kathryn Bednarski
Margaret Boff
Eric Braun
Emmanuel Castro
Johnson and Wales
Marianna Kunzman
Kennesaw Mountain
High School
David Beno
Trey Cannon
Ellie Harding
Carly Harding
Brooke Nowicki
Brent O’Grady
Cecilia Perez
Cecilia Rodriguez
John Romano
Kyle Smith
Kennesaw State
Michael Bednarski
Emily Morrow
Alejandro Sifuentes
High School
Korey Haney
North Cobb
High School
Amy Castranio
Louisiana State
Osborne High School
Lisbeth Alvarez
Clare Ramsey
Paulding County
High School
Edis Escobar
Marietta High School
Christopher Cabrera
(Middle Georgia College
Lillianne Daniels
Stephanie Kunzman
Jose Abraham Leon
Jose Daniel
Casandra Laguna
Jacob Luegering
Paula Em Mijes
Emma Moss
Anthony Neary
Johnathan Perez
Zachary Phillips
Alicia Rodriguez
Edgar de Jesus Rodriguez
Irene Salazar
Anays Salomon
Micaela Teixeira
High School
Maria V. Angel
Mercer School
of Law
Mary Katherine Silloway
Mount Paran
Christian School
Jack Crone
Jake Mezei
North Cobb
Christian School
Thomas Young
South Cobb
High School
Brandon Cichon
High School
Matthew Reyes
The Walker School
Michael Knautz
Erin Leavell
Madison Priest
Sammy Smith
Nicholas Wright
University of Georgia
Austin Burris
Frederick Hohman
Meghan Komdat
Camille Pfister
Sean Sandlin
University of Alabama
Molly Boff
University of South
James Galgano
Woodstock High
Caroline Peck
May 31, 2015 •
The Most Holy Trinity
Parish School of Religion
[email protected]
This year’s theme is
SonSparks Lab: Discovering God’s
Plan 4U= Jesus!
Vacation Bible
June 22-26
9:30 AM
We are in need of adult helpers to serve as
teachers, assistant teachers, craft helpers,
snack helpers, and nursery helpers.
There is an urgent need for a nursery coordinator and teachers.
Teens have opportunities to serve as class assistants, snack helpers, craft helpers, music
helpers, or nursery helpers. Please contact
to 12:30 PM
Kathy Christianson at (770)4225633 x52 or
[email protected] to find out how
you can become a part of the VBS team.
VBS is open to children 4 years old to 5th grade.
Registration forms are available online,
in the PSR office, and in the Narthex.
PSR registration forms for the 2015-16 year are now available in the narthex, online, or from the PSR
office. Please return your completed forms to the PSR office, the drop box in the narthex, or mail them
to the attention of PSR. Registration is ongoing throughout the summer. Thanks for a great 2014-15
PSR year! We look forward to seeing everyone back in August. If you have any questions or are
interested in volunteering for the 2015-16 PSR year please contact the PSR office at
(770)422-5633 x55 or [email protected]
Remember to sign up for our parish program—the Elijah Cup. Praying for vocations is a responsibility and privilege of the laity. We always need more families, couples, and individuals to pray for vocations. For more information, please contact Ed Schafer at (770)427-2928 or [email protected]
The Waller family and Pete and Joanne Schlosser will take the cup home this week.
The Cottingham family and Jim and Theresa Smith will take the cup home next week.
Parish Office
Phone: (770)422-5633
Fax: (770)422-1148
Office Hours
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Schedule of Masses
8:00 AM and 12:00 PM
8:00 AM and 12:00 PM
8:15 AM School Mass
12:00 PM Anointing of the Sick
7:00 PM en Español
8:00 AM and 12:00 PM
8:00 AM and 12:00 PM
8:00 AM
5:30 PM Vigil
7:30 PM Vigilia en Español
7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM,
12:30 PM,2:30 PM en Español
5:00 PM Life Teen
9:00-10:00AM & 3:30-4:30 PM
Miercoles 6:00 PM en Español
Saint Joseph Catholic Church • Marietta, Georgia •
Christ has no body now on earth but yours,
no hands but yours.
Yours are the eyes through which
he is to go about doing good.
Yours are the hands with
which he is to bless people now.
Saint Theresa of Avila
Mass Intentions
May 31—June 7
Second Collection: June 6 and 7
Saint Joseph Saint Vincent de Paul
Your faithful and generous donations help us to meet the needs of
so many in our community who appeal to us for assistance. Thank
you for helping us to reach out with compassion.
The Most Holy Trinity
Welcome to the Newly Elected members
Of the Pastoral Council
Brian Weaver and Barbara Ange
5:30 PM (Vigil).................... † Patrick Heerdt
7:30 PM (Vigilia) En Español………………………..
Familia Vicente Sontay
7:30 AM................................ † Mary Bierly
9:00 AM............. † Patricia Ann Fernandez
10:45 AM…............................ Parishioners
12:30 PM...................... John Henry LaBar
2:30 PM En Español………… † Sonia Surca
5:00 PM Life Teen………………………….…
† Manuel & Micaela Martinez
Monday, June 1
8:00 AM…............................ † Olga Acuña
12:00 PM......................... Charlene Wilson
Tuesday, June 2
8:00 AM............... (health) Lola Mackelden
12:00 PM...................... Claudia Rodriguez
Scripture Readings
May 31—June 7
The Most Holy Trinity
Dt 4:32-34,39-40
Rom 8:14-17
Mt 28:16-20
Liturgy of the Hours: Psalter I
Tb 6:10-11;7:1 • Mk 12:28-34
Tb 11:5-17 • Mk 12:35-37
Saint Boniface, bishop, martyr
Tb 1:3;2:1b-8 • Mk 12:1-12 Saturday
Tb 12:1,5-15,20 • Mk 12:38-44
Tb 2:9-14 • Mk 12:13-17
The Most Holy Body and
Blood of Christ
Ex 24:3-8
Tb 3:1-11a,16-17a • Mk 12:18-27
Heb 9:11-15
Saint Charles Lwanga
Mk 14:12-16,22-26
and companions, martyrs
Liturgy of the Hours: Psalter II
Wednesday, June 3
8:00 AM……………………...…. Marianne Odio
12:00 PM................ For Those Who Are Ill
7:00 PM En Español…... Almas del Purgatorio
Thursday, June 4
8:00 AM….…………….……. † Luisa Soria
12:00 PM............................... Unemployed
Friday, June 5
8:00 AM......................... Federico Lachner
12:00 PM..…….................... † Ed Lathrom
Saturday, June 6
8:00 AM… (intention) Tom and Judy Holzman
The Most Holy Body
and Blood of Christ
5:30 PM (Vigil).................... † Maurice Jones
7:30 PM (Vigilia) En Español………………………..
† José Antonio and Bonita Zavala
7:30 AM............................ † Andrew Gazo
9:00 AM..................... † Rosa & Pat Farrell
10:45 AM…............................ Parishioners
12:30 PM....................... † Vernon Duncan
2:30 PM En Español…. † Gustavo Figueroa
5:00 PM Life Teen……...…… † Fred Callies
May 31,
3, 2015
2015 •• Fifth
The Most
of Trinity
We pray for our loved ones
For the sick and suffering
William Abballe
Egan Allen
Fran Anderson
Robert Arevalo
Vernice Grant
Barbara Green
Katie Greer
Barry Hall
Frances Garcia Barna Genevieve Harris
John Brandt
Hilda Haynie
Daniel Brown
Kelly Heidt
Donny Burrows
Julia Henderson
Rhonda Cotton
Fr. Bill Hoffman
Tony Couch
Hagan Hussey
Oliver Crowson
Karen Johnson
Charles Davis
Edward Johnston
Joseph DiBenedetto
Tyler King
Christopher Dobson Candace Lapka
Betty Lou Douglas
Diane LaRoss
Andrew Dubois
Donna Lassiter
Lena Ferree
Marie Leday
Ed Flynn
Leisha Landworth
Catherine Gagliardy Samantha Livingston
Steven Gensler
Frances Marnell
Bob Gleason
Joyce McArdle
Jean Goad
Tony Menez
Katie Grant
Marilyn Merchant
Alma Mesina
Fallon Mitchell
The flowers on the altar today
are in celebration of the
65th wedding anniversary of
Alice and Kip Kupcewicz
Melissa Hudson Nagel
Nancy Palmer
Daniel Pazak
Noel Ranieri
Bill Ramsay
Dee Ritacco
Mary Roy
Sandra Lee Sable
Shirley Sable
John Sherman
Craig Stanford
Jack Stanley
Sharon Stanley
Mary Tankersley
Mathew Thibadeau
Florencia Thomas
Judy Thrasher
Charlene F. Tillis
The Tosch family
Stefano West
Jeff Wilson
For all of those in nursing homes and hospice, especially those who
are suffering or dying.
Names appear on the prayer list for two weeks unless otherwise
requested. To add someone to our prayer list, please email
[email protected]
For our loved ones serving in the military
Wesley Farren Jeffrey Majkrzak Joseph Sellman
Gabriel Fennelly Tyler McCaslin
Brian Sexton
Andrew C. Arbogast Lisa Flanagan Brian P. McCartney Misty Sheerer
Justin Austin Stephen Gaughan Kenneth McIntosh Matt Schlosser
Joseph Bailey Andrew Gebert Nicholas Mieszala
Logan Steele
Ramon Bargallo Michael Gnall Matthew Molmer William J. Strapp
Andrew Barron John B. Greene IV
Anna Marie Sweat
Alex Bartlett Michael Raymond Andrew Mulcare Brian M. Sweat
Russell O’Neill
Chris Brinkmann
John T. Sweat
David Brinkmann Michael Haley Kenny O’Reilly Michael Sweeney
Matthew A. Burgess Drew Hanshaw
Arthur L. Tarantino
Jim Orfe
Ryan Harris
James R. Cater
Tyson Thibault
Connor Hughes Alexandria Patterson Heidi Ultzer
Adam Cole
Andrew Cole Theresa Humphries Ryan Parker
Matthew Ultzer
Adam Pastor John Ryan Walsh
Michael Ivey
Danielle Colson
Arista Cowan Logan Jackson
Patrick J. Walsh
Brandon Jennings
Sean Pitts
Dan Cowen
Jalil Williams
Kevin Regan
Mason Danner Chad Jennings
Mike Williams
Russell Johnson Jr.
Matthew Danner Timothy Johnson
Bob Wright
Blane Risinger
Michael DeStefano
Ryan Jones
Jason M. Robb
Stephen Deuble
Michael C. DiMartino Hunter Jordan Carlos Rodriguez III
Jeremy Sanusi
Alexander Echols Patrick Kane
Daniel Eugenio Ali Medford Kent Todd Sartian
Esteban Eugenio John Kruszuwsky David Scafe
Jamie Scheirer
Anthony J Falvo IV Justin Lowery
Micheal Falvo Alixandra Mackey Clayton Sears
JAMS (Joseph’s Awesome Middle Schoolers)
Meets the 3rd Friday of each month
From 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
All students in 6th to 8th grades are
invited to join us!
Evening includes dinner, fun, and fellowship.
Life teen [email protected]
Meetings: Sundays,
6:00 PM—6:30 PM
Food and Fellowship,
6:30 PM—7:45 PM Meeting
GOT FACEBOOK? Find us at
St. Joseph Catholic Church Life Teen
to find out what’s happening!
Mike Alvarado
Brandt Ange
William J. Mackey
North & Northwest
Metro Deaneries
Catechist Conference
Safeguarding the Dignity of
Every Human Person
Saturday, August 22 at Transfiguration in
Marietta 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Carole Eipers
Featured speakers: Sr. Janet Schaeffler, OP,
Tom Ryan, Pat Finan, Fr. Vic Gallier, Kat Doyle
Speakers for all grade level catechists
(preschool to adult)
Lunch is included with registration
Saint Joseph is a sponsoring parish so there is no
cost for our parishioners to attend.
Saint Joseph Catholic Church • Marietta, Georgia •
Get Inspired
Get Enriched
Get Transformed
(770)422-5633 x24
Knights of Columbus
Super Raffle Winners
Adult Formation
Week 12
$30 Thomas Hanten, Judi Klein, William Halsic
$40 Bob Witcher
Sara Burris
Introduction TO THE BIBLE
Sundays • 10:15 AM • Adult Education Room
Mother’s Circle
I don’t understand the Bible
So many Bibles, which one is the “right” one?
I’m afraid I’ll look stupid, since I never read the Bible
I wish I understood the Sunday readings better
Sound like you? This study opens the Bible for new
learners and even experienced Bible study students,
providing a real boost to those looking to gain more
from studying the Bible. Participants will become
comfortable finding their way around the Bible and
develop a better understanding of the themes and
the writing styles of the variety of authors. You will
gain clear insight about Catholic use and interpretation of the Bible. Join us. Cost of the book is $13.00.
Contact Tina Harding for more information.
Music Ministry
is a ministry for moms of the parish
with young children. We meet weekly
for play dates and fellowship.
Our next activities are:
Tuesday, May 26, Tellus Museum at 10:00 AM
Friday, June 5, East Cobb Park at 9:30 AM
 Tuesday, June 16, Zoo Atlanta at 10:00 AM
 Tuesday, June 30, Children’s Museum of Atlanta
at 10:00 AM
 Thursday, July 16, Mom’s Night Out at Red Sky
Tapas & Bar at 7:30 PM
Wednesday, July 22, Swift-Cantrell Park at 9:30 AM
For more information contact Amy Lyons at
(404)966-3710 or [email protected]
[email protected]
Pianist for Life Teen Band
The Life Teen Music Ministry (5:00 PM Sunday) is
seeking a pianist who feels called to offer their talents. Please contact Mark Anderson at
(678)687-1325 for more information and an audition time.
Support our Troops
The weekend of June 13 and 14 is our next collection.
Do you have a deployed love one who would like to
receive a package?
If so, please contact Pat Schafer at
[email protected] or (770)427-2928
A special thank you to our sponsors and
volunteers for the very successful
Saint Joseph Spring Health Fair.
This event brings free screenings and health information to our parishioners and community!
Thank you Sponsors!
Kennesaw State University
Griswald Home Care
Kroger on Whitlock
We are also grateful to the committee and
volunteers including:
Women of Saint Joseph
Tuesday morning Bible group
Hispanic Life Teen
And the Health Fair Planning Committee
Parish Meetings and Support Groups
Centering Prayer Group: Second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the PMC building. Please contact
Linda Lee Davis at [email protected] or (770)218-1584 for information.
Divine Mercy Group. Fourth Monday of every month after the 8:00 AM Mass in the Sugar Hill House.
Please call Dick Bomeisl (770)971-4473 for more information.
Separated and Divorced Support Group: Wednesdays, at 7:00 PM upstairs in the PMC building.
Call Pattie (770)422-1783 for more information.
Seasons of Hope If you have lost a loved one, join our grief support group every other Monday 7:00 PM in the Sugar Hill
House. Contact Ron Bouchard at (770)365-3601 or [email protected] for more information.
WEDS: Join us monthly for ongoing support of the Sacrament of Marriage. Call the Armstrongs (770)795-0853
for more information.
31 de Mayo de 2015
La Santisima Trinidad
Lecturas de Hoy
Deuteronomio 4,32-34,39-40 • Salmo 33 • Romanos 8,14-17 • Mateo 28,16-20
a nuestra Iglesia
Horarios de Oficina
Lunes a Viernes,
9:30 AM—4:30 PM
Oficina del Ministerio Hispano
(770)422-5633 exts. 34, 32, 37
Fax (770)422-1148
Horario de la Santa Misa
Sábado: 7:30 PM
Domingo: 2:30 PM
Miércoles 7:00 PM
6:00 PM a 7:00 PM
Grupos del
Ministerio Hispano
Grupo de Oración
Rigoberto Gramajo (678)485-0815
Grupo Nueva Vida
Luis Carlos (678)755-5011
Grupo de Biblia
D. José T. Merlo (404)644-0691
Grupo Apóstoles de la
Aura Triviño (770)426-6236
Visita a enfermos
Rosa Juárez (678)668-6045
Unidos en Cristo
Amalia Cervantes (678)934-1385
“Yo estaré con ustedes”
20º Aniversario 1996-2015
El Congreso Eucarístico es la
gran celebración anual donde se
reúne toda la comunidad de católicos de la Arquidiócesis de Atlanta.
El Arzobispo Wilton Gregory, el
Obispo Auxiliar Luis Zarama, el Obispo Auxiliar David Talley y Sacerdotes, nos invitan para adorar y dar gracias al Señor Jesucristo,
presente en la Eucaristía el 5 y 6 de Junio en el lugar y la hora de
siempre. Tendremos presentaciones con invitados especiales que
nos ayudarán a profundizar nuestro conocimiento de la presencia
divina de Cristo. Finalizaremos con la Santa Misa. No faltes!!!
Escuela Biblica Junio 22 - 26
SonSparks Lab: Descubriendo el Plan de
Dios para Ti- Jesus!
Estamos en necesidad de voluntarios para el
equipo de Arte y manualidades! Si usted esta
interesado en ayudar en este evento llame a
Kathy (770)422-5633 x55. Jovenes, tienen la oportunindad de ayudar
como asistentes en la guarderia, hora del refrigerio, en los salones,
musica, etc. Este campamento esta disponible para niños de 4 años
de edad hasta 5th grado escolar. Puede registrar a sus hijos en la
Registros de Catequesis 2015-2016
Continuan las inscripciones para el próximo año de catequesis 20152016. Requisitos: estar registrados en la Iglesia, traer fe de bautismo
y acta de nacimiento. CUPO LIMITADO!!
Ministerio Stephen
Karina Garcia (770)422-5633 x81
Alberto Garcia (404)312-8655
Felicidades a los nuevos miembros elegidos al Consilio
Pastoral de nuestra parroquia
José Esquer and José Castillo
Misas de XV años se celebran Sábados a la 1:00 PM. Llama a la oficina para reservar la fecha deseada.
Bautizos se celebran el cuarto sábado del mes. Llama a la
Quinceañeras que tengan su celebración registrada
oficina para confirmar fechas y horarios (770)422-5633.
deberán asistir obligatoriamente a una charla de
Proximos bautismos
preparación, asi como chambelanes, padres y paMatrimonios llamar a la oficina y pedir cita. Ver folletos de
información localizados en el Kiosco.
Se les informa que existe en nuestra Parroquia el
Presentaciones para bebes de 40 días y 3 años de edad,
Ministerio Stephen. Su lema es Cristo cuidanes necesario pasar a la oficina para anotarlo y recibir insdo a la gente, a través de la gente. Debemos
aprovecharlo. Para mas información lean el folleto
que esta en el quiosco del atrio, donde se explica clara-
mente en lo que se nos puede ayudar o llama al (770)
422-5633 x81.

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