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Jaguar Express - GWA Townlake Charter High School
Jaguar Express
Academy Tow nlake
Director’s Note
The number of Teen
deaths goes up by 50%
during Spring Break.
One in every 50 students
is involved in a drinking related incident.
Mrs. Olga Treviño
Academy Director
Volume 2, Issue 7
March 2010
Therefore, all I want to
say is have a wonderful,
BUT SAFE Spring Break.
I want to see every single
one of you back in one
Special points of interest:
• Spring Break Safety Tips
• Look, Learn, Live
• Calendar of Events
• Just for Parents
• Solo para Padres
Instructional Program Director’s Note
students think that during this time they are
invincible or immortal
and take their lives for
granted. Please remember that things Do happen and that no one is
immune from getting
caught in a bad situation.
With this in mind, please
consider the following…
Partying does not mean
Mrs. Aida Ponce
you have to drink.
Instructional Program Director
Drinking does not mean
you have to get drunk.
We are ALL SO Excited
If you must party, surthat Spring Break is right
round yourself with peoaround the corner. For
ple who truly care and
some it means a full week
won’t let you get in trouof sleeping and relaxing,
for others it’s a time to
Stay with your group,
clean and organize, but
never leave with someone
for a lot of students it
you just met.
means partying. Some
If you must drink, Don’t
Use a designated driver.
Be a designated driver.
Don’t Text and Drive, this
can be as dangerous as
driving drunk.
Get your rest, No One can
sleep and drive at the
same time.
Never leave an open beverage unattended.
If you think you might
regret something, You
Don’t get pressured into
something you don’t want
to do, only You will be left
to deal with the consequences.
Have Fun, But Be Safe!
See You back soon!
Mrs. A. Ponce
Inside this issue:
Student of the Month 2
Valentine Sales
Spring Break Safety
Sweetheart Luncheon 4
Art Exhibit
Calendar of Events
Just for Parents
Solo para Padres
General Information
Page 2
Jaguar Express
Student of the Month (February)
“I like [Gateway] because the teachers,
counselors and the principals give you
lots of help and opportunities to
accomplish your goals.”
- Yasmin Rodriguez
Valentine’s Day Sales Bring More Profits Than Expected
The Friday before Valentine’s Day was a very hectic day at Gateway Academy.
There were deliveries for chocolate covered strawberries as well as stuffed teddy
bears with goodies. Pictures were also being taken for sweethearts or just for
friends. Even though everyone was rushing to ensure all the deliveries were
being made, it ran smoothly and was successful. All clubs profited more than
expected. Monies collected from all clubs is used for the club’s student activities.
Club sponsors would like to thank all the students that volunteered to help make
all the packaged goodies and also ensured their safe delivery.
Volume 2, Issue 7
Page 3
Spring Break Safety Tips
Spring Break is a time everyone anticipates. It is a short break away from
school and for many from work. Unfortunately, many fail to take the necessary precautions to make their spring
break a safe one. Here are some simple
tips to follow:
Always be aware of your surroundings, this includes never leaving
any drinks unattended
Travel with as few valuables as
possible, you don’t want to attract
any attention to yourself
Check the latest travel advice for
your travel destination, for those
traveling into Mexico, be aware of
the travel alerts
Do not be alone, always be with a
Consider taking travel insurance,
just in case you are involved in an
Do not leave with someone you just
Keep in regular contact with
friends and relatives while out of
Obey the law. Many other places
may not have the same laws as the
place you reside in.
Do not leave your luggage unattended in public areas, and never
accept packages from strangers
Whatever you do, DO NOT drink
and drive, always have a designated driver. Your life and the
lives of others are at stake.
Select your own taxi at random.
Never take a vehicle that is not
clearly identified as a taxi.
Three Lights of Life: Look, Learn, Live
STOP! Don’t drink and drive
Hats off to sobriety!!
Be cautious of strangers—stay with
your group
Mrs. Ponce and Mr. Perez having fun taking part in “Hats off to sobriety” Tuesday
Get your rest—sleeping while driving is
a bad combination
Green light to a Fun and Safe Spring
Student Council President Demi
Esquivel along with other Student
Council members planned and organized a Spring Break safety campaign
entitled “Spring Break 2010, Stay Alive
2 Party Again.”
Through this campaign the Gateway
student body learned a safety tip daily
using the 3 lights of life—Red for stop,
Yellow for Caution, and Green for go.
“As fun as it is to be young and free it’s
also the teenage years that are a
dangerous time in our student’s life;
therefore we do what we can to keep them
- Aida Ponce
Page 4
Jaguar Express
Parents are Treated to a “Sweet” Presentation
Parents and faculty alike were extremely impressed with the performances put on by both the dance club
and the guitar club during our February Parent Luncheon. Topics discussed
with parents were: afterschool activities available to the students, benchmarking, TAKS news and school/parent
Art Students Display Work at Life Downs Festival Art Exhibit
Maria Reyna
Ms. Carmen Estrada, Art teacher, submitted several art pieces created by
many talented students to the recent
Life Down Art Exhibit.
There were art pieces from several of
the high schools in Laredo entered in
the exhibit. Ms. Estrada was present
during the placement announcements
to proudly represent Gateway Academy.
Isabela Lopez and Ms.
“I was very proud to see that
Gateway is making way in the
Art world.”
- Ms. C. Estrada
Maria Reyna received 3rd place in the
Black and White drawing category and
Isabela Lopez received Honorable
Mention in the Mixed Media category.
Ms. Estrada, Maria and Isabela were
very proud to be bringing back these
awards to Gateway.
Volume 2, Issue 7
March 2010
Schedule of
• March 3 - ELA TAKS Test
• March 4 - MATH TAKS Test
• March 5 - SCIENCE TAKS Test
• March 8, 11, 22, 25 & 29 - Parent
Computer Class 5:30 - 6:30pm
• March 9. 23 & 30 - Parent GED
Class 5:15 - 6:15pm
• March 10, 24 & 31 - Parent ESL
Class 5:15 - 6:15pm
No Parent
Classes all
Parent Computer
Class starts
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Parent GED
5:15pm - 6:15pm
Parent ESL
5:15pm - 6:15pm
• March 10 - SBDM @ 12 noon
• March 12 - Abbreviated Day
(AM) 7:55 am - 10:40 am
(PM) 11:00 am - 1:45pm
• March 14 - Daylight Savings Time
(Forward 1 hour)
• March 15 - 19 - SPRING BREAK!!
• March 29 - PTO Meeting @ 5pm
Parent Computer
Class 5:30 - 6:30
Parent Luncheon
12 - 1
Daylight Savings
Time (Forward 1
Parent Computer
5:30 - 6:30pm
Parent Computer
Class 5:30 - 6:30pm
PTO Meeting
@ 5pm
Parent GED
5:15 - 6:15pm
Parent GED
5:15 - 6:15pm
Parent ESL
5:15 - 6:15pm
Parent ESL
5:15 - 6:15pm
Parent Computer
5:30 - 6:30pm
April 1
Early Day
for students
April 2
No School
Page 5
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can
steal. From a headstone in Ireland
Page 6
Jaguar Express
Just for Parents
Hello GWA Parents! Winter is almost over and thoughts of the upcoming spring season are warming everyone up. While some
adults may be thinking about the change of seasons and planning their spring cleaning, many teens are thinking about just one
thing: SPRING BREAK! Spring Break is just around the corner and we would like all our students to return back to school safely.
Spring break is typically an exciting week for teens and a week of worry for parents. Here are a few tips on how to keep teens
excited and take some of the worry out of Spring break:
1. Establish rules and consequences: Even if you have established rules and consequences in your home, spring break is a
great time to review the rules (general behavior, household rules, curfew, chores etc...) and the consequences that come with
breaking the rules. You may even wish to set up a parent/teen contract just so everyone understands and agrees.
2. Keep them busy. A bored teenager with too much time on their hands is a recipe for trouble. You do not have to entertain
them every second of every day but if you will plan ahead with specific chores, projects, and activities that include them in a positive way they will be less likely to find less desirable activities. Make sure you allow them balanced time of family/friends and
3. Be reasonable and realistic. It would be wonderful if our teenagers would rise early, have breakfast with us, clean the house
and watch their siblings (while we go to work), and be happy to stay home with the family for dinner and family time. Let's face
it, this is not reasonable or realistic. So while trying to establish the 2 tips above consider and discuss what rules are reasonable
and what consequences you will realistically follow through on. Be reasonable and realistic with their chores, time, and activities.
(This is not to say be manipulated in to "but mom/dad it's spring break")
4. Remain open to negotiation: If teens are allowed to have an opinion and participate in creating the rules and consequences
they are more apt to follow them. Even if the results are the same, a teen will appreciate being a part of a discussion and not another lecture. Teens benefit from contracts also.
5. Remain in contact and informed. Unlike the old days when every teenager used the excuse (at least once in their lifetime)
they were not near a phone and couldn't call, if your teen does not have a cell phone I guarantee 9 out 10 of their friends do. Get
the phone numbers of their friends and their friends parents. Know where they are going to be and how long they will be there.
Have specific times they need to check in with you, and if their plans change (and they do) they are responsible to call and inform
you (or there will be consequences).
6. Talk about concerns: Even if you feel your teen is trustworthy now may be a great time to discuss sensitive issues that may
concern you like alcohol, tobacco, sex, or drugs. Let you teen know even if you trust them you do not know who they may come in
contact with and you just want to make sure they protect themselves. You may even want to make sure if they are attending parties they are aware of such things as:
Date rape drugs or spiked drinks. Not to drink from punch bowls or already opened drinks.
Alcohol. Do not drive, or be alone, with someone who has been drinking.
Drugs. If drugs are present, leave! or help them.
Sex. Stay in groups. Never leave a friend alone. Abstinence. etc...
These topics may be difficult for some parents/teens. They can be addressed in a positive and educational way. Remember, they
may know everything but you will feel better knowing they are getting correct information from you and not finding out the hard
way they could have done things differently.
7. "There is always a choice". Let your teen know they always have a choice. Some choices are not always as clear as
right/wrong or black/white. Let them know you are available to them if they need help making a choice. Peer pressure can be brutal.
8. Make Spring Break Fun! Share time with your teen and your family. Build fun and exciting memories with your family.
Spring cleaning can even be fun and memorable if you approach it properly and everyone participates. Memories do not have to be
made of beach vacations; you can build them right in your own home/neighborhood.
9. Be positive! Every day is a good day to tell your child how much you love them and how proud you are of them. (ps. positive
self esteem also helps them be stronger in difficult situations)
Once again, thank you for your support.
Veronica Ugalde-Rangel
Parent Involvement Liaison
Volume 2, Issue 7
Page 7
Solo para Padres
Hola GWA padres! El invierno está a punto de terminar y los pensamientos de la primavera próxima se están calentando a todos.
Aunque algunos adultos pueden estar pensando en el cambio de estaciones y la planificación de su limpieza de primavera, muchos
adolescentes están pensando en una sola cosa: SPRING BREAK! Vacaciones de primavera está a la vuelta y nos gustaría que
todos nuestros estudiantes regresen a la escuela con seguridad. Las vacaciones de primavera es generalmente una semana emocionante para los adolescentes y una semana de preocupación para los padres. Éstos son algunos consejos sobre cómo mantener a
los adolescentes emocionados y tomar parte de la preocupación de la primavera de descanso:
1. Establecer reglas y consecuencias: Incluso si usted ha establecido reglas y consecuencias en su casa, las vacaciones de primavera es un buen momento para revisar las normas (comportamiento general, las reglas del hogar, el toque de queda, las tareas,
etc ..) y las consecuencias que vienen con romper el normas. Incluso tal vez desee establecer un padre / madre / hijo contrato sólo
para todo el mundo entiende y está de acuerdo.
2. Mantenerlos ocupados. Un adolescente aburrido con demasiado tiempo en sus manos es una receta para problemas. Usted
no tiene que entretener a cada segundo de cada día, pero si se quiere planificar el futuro con las tareas específicas, proyectos y
actividades que incluyan de una manera positiva que será menos probable encontrar actividades menos deseables. Asegúrese de
darles tiempo equilibrado de la familia / amigos y el trabajo / juego.
3. Ser razonable y realista. Sería maravilloso que nuestros adolescentes se levantan temprano, desayunar con nosotros, limpiar
la casa y ver a sus hermanos (aunque vamos a trabajar), y ser feliz de quedarse en casa con la familia para la cena y tiempo en
familia. Seamos realistas, esto no es razonable ni realista. Así que, mientras tratan de establecer el 2 puntas por encima de examinar y debatir cuáles son las normas son razonables y de manera realista las consecuencias que seguirán a través de el. Ser razonable y realista con sus tareas, el tiempo y actividades. (Esto no quiere decir ser manipulado para "papá, pero mamá / it's spring
4. Permanecer abiertos a la negociación: si los adolescentes se les permite tener una opinión y participar en la creación de las
normas y las consecuencias son más propensos a seguirlos. Incluso si los resultados son los mismos, un adolescente se aprecian el
ser una parte de un debate y no de otra clase. Los adolescentes se benefician de los contratos también. Permanecer en contacto e
informado. A diferencia de los viejos tiempos, cuando todos los adolescentes utilizan la excusa (al menos una vez en su vida) no
están cerca de un teléfono y no podía llamar, si su hijo no tiene un teléfono celular le garantizo 9 de cada 10 de sus amigos lo
hacen. Obtener los números de teléfono de sus amigos y sus amigos de los padres. Sepa dónde van a estar y cuánto tiempo van a
estar allí. Tienen tiempos específicos que necesitan para consultar con usted, y si sus planes de cambiar (y lo hacen) que son responsables de llamar e informar a usted (o habrá consecuencias). Hablar de sus inquietudes: Incluso si se siente su hijo es de confianza puede ser ahora un buen momento para discutir temas sensibles que pueden afectar a usted como el alcohol, el tabaco, el
sexo o las drogas. Sea usted adolescente sabe, incluso si usted confía en ellos no se sabe que pueden entrar en contacto con y usted
sólo quiere asegurarse de que protegerse. Usted puede incluso desear para asegurarse de que si acuden a las partes tengan conocimiento de las cosas tales como:
Fecha de drogas de la violación o bebidas con púas. De no beber de ponchera o bebidas ya iniciadas.
Alcohol. No maneje, o estar solo, con alguien que ha estado bebiendo.
Drogas. Si las drogas están presentes, se vaya! o llame a usted y usted les ayudará.
Sexo. Estancia en grupos. Nunca deje a un amigo solo. La abstinencia. etc. Estos temas pueden ser difíciles para
algunos padres y adolescentes. Ellos pueden ser abordados de una manera positiva y educativa. Recuerde, ellos pueden saber todo, pero usted se sentirá mejor al saber que están recibiendo la información correcta de su parte y no
encontrar la manera dura que podrían haber hecho las cosas de manera diferente.
5. “Siempre hay una opción.” Dígale a su hijo que siempre tiene una opción. Algunas decisiones no siempre son tan claras
como bueno / malo o negro / blanco. Hágales saber que tienen a su disposición si necesita ayuda para hacer una elección. La
presión puede ser brutal.
6. Realiza Spring Break Fun! Compartir el tiempo con su hijo y su familia. Construir la diversión y recuerdos emocionantes
con su familia. La limpieza de primavera, incluso puede ser divertido y memorable si se enfoque correctamente y todo el mundo participa. Los recuerdos no tienen que ser de vacaciones en la playa, usted puede construir a la derecha en su propia casa /
7. Sea positivo! Cada día es un buen día para decirle a su hijo cuánto los ama y que está muy orgulloso de ellos. (Salmo autoestima positiva también les ayuda a ser más fuerte en situaciones difíciles)
Una vez más, gracias por su apoyo.
Verónica Ugalde-Rangel
Parent Involvement Liaison
Gatew a y Ac ade m y Townlake
1230 Townlake Dr.
Laredo, TX 78041
Phone: 956-722-0747
Fax: 956-722-0767
E-mail: [email protected]
Eduardo Gutierrez, CEO S.A.P.I.
Dame Agatha Christie didn’t want
to learn to write.
Who is Dame Agatha Chrisite?
Christie has written 80 detective
"Where learning has no boundaries"
novels along with many successful West End theatre plays
and short stories.
Along with William Shakespeare, she was referred by the
Guinness Book of World Records as the best-selling writer
of books of all time and the best-selling writer of any kind.
She now has sold over four billion copies of novels. If you
are interested in her works, Christie has also used the
March 11 - Juan Astudillo
March 24 - Veronica Ugalde
name Mary Westmacott.
“All the world is birthday cake, so take a
piece, but not too much.”
- George Harrison
Chess Tournament
On February 13 Alejandro M. Rodriguez participated in the 7th Annual
Clark Elementary Class Tournament.
He was ecstatic to hear he had won 3rd
place in the Non-related division in his
latest chess tournament. Alex is always proud to be representing Gateway
Academy and plans to participate in
many more tournaments.
Perfect Attendance Winners
Having perfect attendance has always had its rewards at Gateway Academy.
Being that the carnival was in town administration thought it to be a great idea
and raffle carnival tickets. Lucky winners included: (AM) Raul Guerra, Rolando
Sauceda, Marlon Popuchet, Kelsey Baker and Albert Gonzalez, (PM) Jennifer
Alvarez, Pablo Banda, Fernando Vaquera, Isabela Lopez and Jesus Uvalle. This
week administration will raffle a digital camera, Best Buy gift certificates and
MP3 players!!!

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