Saint Mary Immaculate Catholic Church And



Saint Mary Immaculate Catholic Church And
Saint Mary Immaculate
Catholic Church
Saint Peter Mission
St. Mary Immaculate - 801 N. Main St. Lakeport,
Mass Schedule:
Saturday Vigil: 5:00 pm English
10:30 am English
1:30 pm in Español/Spanish
Weekdays: 9am - Wed, Thurs, & Fri
7:00 pm Primeros y Terceros Viernes
del Mes, Misa en Español
El Rosario se reza media hora antes de misa.
Sacrament of Reconciliation/ Confessions:
Saturday 6:15pm or by apt.
Sacramento de la Reconciliación/Confesiones:
Sabados a las 6:15pm o por cita
Benediction & Exposition of the Blessed
Sacrament: Every First Friday 9:30– 10:30 am.
St. Peter Mission - 4085 Main St. Kelseyville,
95451 (Mail and telephone to St Mary’s office)
Mass Schedule:
8:30 am English
Weekdays: 9:00 am Tuesdays English
7:00 pm Español Segundos y Cuartos Viernes
Jubilee Year of Mercy
December 27, 2015 - Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus,
Mary, and Joseph
Imagine: three New Year’s celebrations in little over a
month! In late November, Advent began the new liturgical
year; December 8, the Jubilee Year of Mercy; this coming
Friday, the New Year 2016. In today’s Gospel, after three
days of anguish, Mary tells Jesus how desperately she and
Joseph have been searching for him. Mary could be speaking for the whole human race. With religious persecutions
raging, international and domestic conflicts seething, our
family and friends suffering various difficulties, not to
mention our own personal problems, how much our world
needs Jesus as another New Year veiled in mystery begins! As we pray for God’s mercy to enfold our world and
embrace each of us in 2016, let our New Year’s resolution
be to live the Jubilee Year of Mercy by being for others,
as Mary was, a channel of God’s mercy and an instrument
of Christ’s peace.
Rev. Oscar Diaz
Parish Staff
Lisa Lambert– Pastoral Associate
Patricia Giacomini - Director of Rel. Ed.
Juana Hernandez-Briones– Receptionist
Patty Shone– Receptionist
Phillip Myers - Finance Comm. President
Jim Goetz - Parish Council President
St Mary Immaculate Parish Office Hours:
Horas de Oficina: Martes a Viernes
12 noon—4:00 pm
Tel (707) 263-4401 Fax (707) 263-0606
[email protected]
FACEBOOK: St Mary Immaculate Catholic Parish
Año Jubilar de la Misericordia
27 de diciembre de 2015- Fiesta de la Sagrada Familia
Imagina: ¡tres celebraciones de Año Nuevo en el transcurso de menos de un mes!, al final de noviembre, con el
Adviento empezó el Nuevo Año Litúrgico; luego el 8 de
diciembre, el Año Jubilar de la Misericordia y este viernes
que viene, el Año Nuevo 2016. En el Evangelio de hoy, después de tres días de angustia, María le dice a Jesús lo preocupada que ella y José habían estado buscándolo. María podría estar hablando por toda la humanidad. Con violentas
persecuciones religiosas, conflictos nacionales e internacionales en plena ebullición, nuestra familia y amigos sufriendo de varias dificultades, sin mencionar nuestros propios
problemas personales, ¡qué tanto nuestro mundo necesita a
Jesús como otro Nuevo Año empieza cubierto de misterio!
Al orar por que la misericordia de Dios se muestre a nuestro
mundo y envuelva a cada uno de nosotros este 2016, que las
resoluciones este Año Nuevo vivan el Año Jubilar de la Misericordia para los demás, como María fue, un instrumento
de la misericordia de Dios y de la paz de Cristo.
From the Pastory’s Desk …. Holy Family of Nazareth; pray for us!
The Scriptures tell us a lot about Jesus, especially how he came into the world and how he left it. Although Scripture
doesn’t say much about Jesus’ childhood, today’s Gospel is one notable exception. Luke gives us a glimpse of the tension in
Jesus, being the son of Mary and Joseph, and at the same time recognizing he was God’s Son and therefore had to be about his
Father’s business.
Jesus’ response to Mary’s expression of concern, after he was found in the Temple, might come across at first glance as
cold and uncaring. That being said, the fact that there was tension in Jesus’ family makes it clear that the Holy Family was real
because our families experience tension, too.
Just two days ago on Christmas, we celebrated the mystery of the Incarnation, when the Divine Word became flesh in
the person of Jesus. Today, on the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we celebrate how the Word became
flesh, the same way you and I come into the world, by being born into a family.
Jesus’ coming into the world as the son of Mary and Joseph shows that the family is an important building block both in
the Church and in the world. The Holy Family living in love and unity with God and one another is the model all Christian families seek to imitate.
Though the life of any family includes challenges and stress, the life of the Holy Family encourages us to invest ourselves in the relationships that make up family life. And each member of the Holy Family provides a model of certain values
and virtues we can strive to imitate.
Joseph, a man of few words but bold action, exemplifies the virtue of fidelity, which is so critical for family life. Mary,
a woman who pondered all things in her heart, displays the faith and trust that are essential ingredients of authentic family relationships.
Like Jesus, each of us comes into the world as part of a family. And just as Jesus’ life with Joseph and Mary helped
shape the man he grew into, our family forms us. The ups and downs of family life give us opportunities to offer love and forgiveness to others.
Family life is most often and most profoundly deepened around the table where meals are shared. May our sharing of
the eucharistic meal nourish and deepen within each of us the desire to build good, loving families here on earth and live in perfect love and communion with God and the rest of the angels and saints in heaven. God bless you, Fr. Oscar
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS meet on the First
Tuesday of the month at 6pm in the St
Mary’s Hall. Next: Tues, Jan 5th.
Knight Ladies Auxiliary meets on the First
Tuesday at 7pm at Glebe Hall.
The Belles of St Mary’s meet on the 3rd
Monday at 7pm in the Hall.
The St Peter’s Mens and Ladies Club meets
on the 3rd Wednesday at 1pm at Glebe Hall,
St Peter’s, Kelseyville.
Next meeting will be January 20th .
Mass Intentions for the week:
Sat 12/26 5pm Jeannette Anne Boettcher +
Sun 12/27 10:30am Jackie Myers +
Sun 12/27 1:30am Juan Salguero +
Wed 12/30 9am Communion Service
Thurs 12/31 9am Communion Service
Fri Jan 1 9am Jeanette Vivian +
Sat Jan 2 5pm
Sun Jan 3 10:30am
Sun Jan 3 1:30am
St Peter’s
Sun 12/27 8:30am Yolanda Lico +
Tues 12/29 9am
Friday, Jan 1 12noon All Parishioners
Friday, Jan 1 6pm
Sun 12/27 8:30am
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (Holy
Day of Obligation)
Solemnidad de Maria, Madre de Dios (Dia
de obligación):
Friday, Jan 1st 9am at St
Mary Immaculate in English
After the 9:00am we will
have Exposition of the Blessed
Sacrament, all are welcome!!
Friday, Jan 1st at 12noon at St Peter’s Mission
in English
Friday, Jan 1st at 7pm at St. Mary Immaculate en Español
PARISH CHRISTMAS PARTY POTLUCK!! Saturday, January 9th at 6pm in the St Mary’s Hall.
Knights of Columbus will provide a Meat Main
Dish. Please bring a Side Dish or Dessert to share.
Drinks and paper products provided by parish. SEE
HUESTRA POSADA PARROQUIAL será el Sabado 9 de Enero a
las 6pm en el Salon de Santa Maria. Los Caballeros de Colon nos
daran el platillo fuerte, pero nos invitan a traer un platillo o un
postre para compartir. La Parrroquia nos proverá las serviclletas,
platos, vasos, ets. ALLI NOS VEMOS!!
Del escritorio del Sr. Cura… Sagrada Familia de Nazaret; ¡Rueguen por nosotros!
Las Escrituras nos dicen mucho acerca de Jesús, especialmente la forma en que vino al mundo y cómo lo dejó. Aunque la Escritura no dice mucho acerca de la infancia de Jesús, el Evangelio de hoy es una excepción notable. Lucas nos da una
idea de la tensión en Jesús, siendo el hijo de María y José, y al mismo tiempo reconocer que él era el Hijo de Dios y, por tanto,
tenía que estar en los negocios de su Padre.
La respuesta de Jesús a la expresión de María de preocupación, después de que él se encontró en el templo, podría
venir a través a primera vista tan frío e indiferente. Dicho esto, el hecho de que no había tensión en la familia de Jesús deja
claro que la Sagrada Familia era real, porque nuestras familias experimentan tensión, también.
Hace apenas dos días en Navidad, celebramos el misterio de la Encarnación, cuando el Verbo Divino se hizo carne en
la persona de Jesús. Hoy en día, en la Fiesta de la Sagrada Familia de Jesús, María y José, celebramos cómo la Palabra se hizo
carne, de la misma manera que tú y yo venimos al mundo, por haber nacido en una familia.
La venida de Jesús al mundo como el hijo de María y José muestra que la familia es un elemento importante, tanto en
la Iglesia y en el mundo. La Sagrada Familia viviendo en amor y unidad con Dios y con los demás es el modelo de todas las
familias cristianas tratan de imitar.
Aunque la vida de cualquier familia incluye retos y el estrés, la vida de la Sagrada Familia nos anima a invertir a nosotros mismos en las relaciones que conforman la vida familiar. Y cada miembro de la Sagrada Familia ofrece un modelo de
ciertos valores y virtudes que podemos esforzarnos por imitar.
José, un hombre de pocas palabras, pero una acción audaz, ejemplifica la virtud de la fidelidad, que es tan importante
para la vida familiar. María, una mujer que meditaba todas las cosas en su corazón, muestra la fe y confianza que son ingredientes esenciales de relaciones auténticas de la familia.
Como Jesús, cada uno de nosotros viene al mundo como parte de una familia. Y así como la vida de Jesús con José y
María ayudó a dar forma al hombre que se convirtió en, nuestra familia nos forma. Los altibajos de la vida familiar nos dan
oportunidades para ofrecer el amor y el perdón a los demás.
La vida familiar es lo más a menudo y más profundamente se profundizó en torno a la mesa donde se comparten comidas. Que nuestro reparto de la comida eucarística nutrir y profundizar en cada uno de nosotros el deseo de construir una
buena y amorosa familias aquí en la tierra y vivir en perfecto amor y de la comunión con Dios y con el resto de los ángeles y
los santos en el cielo. Dios les bendiga, P. Oscar
Walk for Life, Jan.
23rd, Caminata por
la Vida, 23 de enero
in San Francisco . Flyers in both churches.
Join 40-50,000 of our
brothers and sisters, in a PEACEFUL walk to profess
your support of LIFE!
Sunday 12/20 Plate Collection:$2734.00
Thank you for your generosity, God bless you!
Religious Edcuation classes resume NEXT
WEEK- Tuesday, January 5th
Please pray for those who are sick:
Por favor recemos por las siguientes personas:
Liturgical Ministry Schedule Jan 2-3
Lectors 5pm A Haack, S Schweifler
8:30am J Nightigale, T Greisgraber
10:30am B McIntyre, J Goetz
Eucharistic Min. 5pm J Reynolds, E McDonald, P Wiggs
8:30am F Maxwell, K Sanderson, M Ibarra
10:30am P Lambert, L Lambert, S Woods, B Woods,
B McIntyre, T Dingwall
Altar Servers 5pm ****
10:30am H Lambert, G Wind
Ushers 5pm K Thorn, J Sisevich
10:30am J Patti, P Navarro
Mary Sachse, Darrell Perry, Nancy Davis, Carolyn Fanseca, Richard
Medeiros, Maggie Magliocco, Anita Rabedeaux, Scarlett Michelle
Reardon, Karen Marquez, Herminia Canchola, Bill Sterbenk, Tom
Dingwall Sr, Rose Vierra, Ray Pato, Fran Pato, Lynn Vierra, Sharon
Ornellas, LaVerne–Ornellas Saltz, Denny & Irene Deaver, Kathy and
Paul Zunino, Jeannie Rigod, John D. Baltazar, Nancy Gard, Carol
Scott, Michael Cernas, Ofelia Alive, Gerome Alloysius, AnnMarie
Hansberg, Benito Villalobos, Sara Hernández, Margie Tellez, Evangelina Gomez, Miguel Mosqueda, Walt and JoAnn Cannon, Dorothy
McDonald, Patricia Schmidt, Travis Brasier, Lucille Rammoni, John
Jojola, Gaylene Hines, Doris McKenna, Tyler Kreuger, Hope Brewer,
Andy Skonberg, Marcia and Bob Chalk, Hank Lescher, Ray Cernas,
Sharon Turner, Gloria Jimenez, Juana Hernandez-Briones, Janette
Payne, Juan Erquiaga, Catherine Quistgard, David Quistgard.
Nestegg Investment Consulting
Know when to be in the Stock Market
And when NOT to be in the Stock Market
Available for ALL your investment accounts
See Rian Sommerfield, or Phil Myers
3970 Main St, Kelseyville, CA 279-1846
Mendocino-Lake Audiology
Glynis Tambornini, M.S., CCC-A
Home With Us
In Home Care Services
Insured & Bonded
When family matters & peace of mind
are important call us!
Southern Smiles
200 Lakeport Blvd.
(707) 263-WHAT (9428)
Hearing Aids | Sales | Service
Accomplished Insurance Marketing
Customized Personal Insurance Service
Marketing Agent #OB74777
Maryann Sanderson
10918 Rosa Trail Kelseyville, CA 95451 F ax 928-5914
[email protected]
755 11TH St. Lakeport
Antoinette’s School of Dance
Antoinette Goetz, Owner
91 Soda Bay Rd.
Mail: 730 Crystal Lake Way
Lakeport, CA 95453
707- 263-5617
Chapel of the Lakes Mortuary
A locally Owned Family Business. Serving
Clearlake, Lower Lake & All of Lake County
Since 1977 Estevan P. Estrada, Owner
We Provide the “Care” In After Care
1625 High St. Lakeport, CA
Flowers by Jackie
Pat Tyrrell
108 South Main Street
Lakeport, CA 95453
Dr. MarkBuehnerkemper
Family Vision Care
120 South Main Street
Lakeport, CA 95453
Farmers Insurance
Pat Lambert
Insurance Agency
License: OC86728
[email protected]
(707) 263- 7111
367 Lakeport Blvd. Lakeport,
Knights of Columbus #7611
Queen of the Lakes
Catholic Men Serving the Church
And the Community.
Jim Goetz (707)237-1561
Meetings: 1st Tuesdays of the Month
6:00 P.M @ St. Mary’s Parish Hall
John H. Tomkins Tax Consultants
Diane Tomkins Plante, CPA
P.O Box 1140
QuickBooks ProAdvisor
5925 E. Hwy 20
Lucerne, CA 95458
Individual– Partnership
707.274-1843 p
Estate– Corporation
707.274.1206 f
Not-For– Profit
Kelseyville Appliance
Dave & Mary Morse, Owners
3532 N. Main St.
Kelseyville, CA 95451
707-279-8559 707-279-9715
[email protected]
Wanda Holson-Lopez,
Realtor Lic#01198282
Re/Max Lake County Realty
1675 S. Main St. Lakeport, CA 95453
707-292-0687 cell , 707-262-5700, ext. 107
[email protected]
Susie Q’s
Made Fresh Daily
414 S. Main Street, Lakeport
Open 7 days 6:30 am – 2:00 pm
Special Orders 707 413-3055
Westgate Petroleum
Home Heating Oil Gasoline - Diesel
Biodiesel - Lubricants
Claude Brown, Manager
3740 Highland Springs Rd Lakeport, CA
Tel: (707) 263-6512 Fax: (707) 263-0225
Jones Mortuary
Lake County Memorial Crematory
Karen Karnatz
Manager FDR 2505- EMS 8691
115 South Main St. Lakeport, CA 95453.
(707) 263-5389
Fax (707) 263-1665
Mac’s Marine & Land
Macario Tejeda
Cell (707) 245-9201
Home (707)279-9414
[email protected]
Lic. # 993800
Lincoln Leavitt
Insurance Agency
Tom Lincoln
850 N Main St.
PO. Box 850
Up Town Dog Grooming
Shauntel Stark Groomer
5281 State Street, Kelseyville
(707) 245-8042
[email protected]
Dog and Cat grooming!

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