sunday july 10, 2016 bulletin



sunday july 10, 2016 bulletin
July 10, 2016
Your words, Lord, are Spirit and Life. Psalm 19
9905 SW MCKENZIE ST., TIGARD, OR 97223 (503)639-4179
Saturday Sábado 5:00 pm-English
Sunday Domingo 7:00 AM 8:30 AM 11:00 AM in English
1:30 PM in Vietnamese
4:00 PM en Español
7:00 PM Youth
DAILY MASS Misa Diaria
8:30 AM Monday-Saturday
6:30 PM Thursday in Vietnamese
Call the Parish office
Monday-Friday 8:30 am—5:00 pm Tue-Thurs 6:30- 9:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am– Noon
Monday-Friday 8:30 am—5:00 pm Tue-Thurs 6:30- 9:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 am– Noon
Saturday 3:30-4:30 pm or by appointment
Pray Gratefully, Serve Responsibly, Give Generously
Page 2
It is with great joy that we
welcome Fr. Arje Garcia. He was
ordained a priest on June 4th,
2016. Fr. Arjie was born on May Fr. John Henderson
14, 1985 in the Philippines. He
studied at Mt. Angel Seminary for the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon.
I have had the privilege of working with
Fr. Arjie as his Vocation Director and I must say
he is a very lively, compassionate and a hardworking individual.
He will be involved in all ministries of the
parish and is here to serve, to celebrate the Eucharist, to forgive sins, to anoint the sick, baptize, celebrate marriages, and bury the dead. Fr.
Arjie’s friendly personality is contagious and one
can find it very easy to talk with him.
Fr. Arjie and I will work as a team. He has
moved into our house on Fern street. It is my
hope that soon we will remodel the downstairs
so that Fr. Arjie can have his own kitchen and
study. Every Priest needs to have his own space
but it is great that we can live in the same house.
He tells me that he will have a fish aquarium and
birds. I think that is great as long as it is not
sharks and vultures.
As a new priest it is always good to get a
special blessing so please do not hesitate to ask
him for his blessing. May God bless Fr. Arjie as
he begins his new ministry and it is my prayer
that we can all do our best to help him along the
Have a great week
Your friend,
Fr. John
Rev. John Henderson, Pastor
(503)639-4179 x 112 / [email protected]
Rev. Arjie Garcia, Parochial Vicar
(503)639-4179 x 119 /[email protected]
Marco Espinoza, Deacon Hispanic Ministry
(503)639-4179 x129 / [email protected]
David Hammes, Deacon
(503) 639-4179 x 139/[email protected]
Elise Shearer, Administrative Assistant
(503)639-4179 ext. 113/[email protected]
Gerlinde Lamer, Director of Adult Faith Formation
(503)639-4179 x122/ [email protected]
Cindy Marchese, Director of Religious Education
(503)639-4179 x121/[email protected]
Kathy Fedr, RE Assistant
(503)639-4179 x 123 /[email protected]
Mary Hanlen, Director of Youth Ministry
(503)639-4179 x128/[email protected]
Nichlas Schaal, Director of Music
(503)-639-4179x125 / [email protected]
Andrew Nichols, Principal of School
(503)-639-4179x 223 /[email protected]
Sally Plasker, Vice Principal of School
(503)-639-4179 x 224/[email protected]
Tom Barr, Business Manager
(503)-639-4179 x 114/[email protected]
Jeanette Gent, Financial Services
(503)639-4179 x 115/[email protected]
Jean Stein, Financial Services
(503)639-4179 x 115/[email protected]
Lucille Borsch, Receptionist / Secretary
(503)639-4179 x 0 /[email protected]
Viridiana Morales, Evening Receptionist
(503)639-4179 x 0 / [email protected]
Steve Morton, Custodial Team (head)
(503)639-4179 x 116 / [email protected]
Greg Borsch, Custodial Team / [email protected]
Support the businesses that help make this
bulletin free to the church.
This week’s Advertiser of the Week is
Cecilia K Nguyen, Attorney at Law
St. Anthony Parish
9905 SW McKenzie St.,
Tigard, OR 97223
Phone: 503-639-4179
Fax: 503-624-2364
E-mail: [email protected]
Page 3
Travel with Fr. John Henderson, Pastor of St.
Anthony Parish, Tigard, OR on our Canonization of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta –
Italy Round trip.
Where: Rome, Assisi, Tuscany, Florence,
Trip Dates: September
01-09, 2016
Cost: $3,900.00 Airfare
and ALL-Included.
To register, please contact (855) 842-8001 or
(508) 340-9370. You can
also register online at
Clergy Roster for July 16th and 17th
Reconciliation 3:30 to 4:30 PM Fr Arjie
5 PM
Fr Arjie Garcia
7 AM
Fr Arjie Garcia
8:30 AM Fr John Henderson
11 AM
Fr John Henderon
4 PM
Fr Arjie / Deacon Marco Espinoza
7 PM
Fr John Henderson
Clergy schedule is subject to change.
July 1st -June 26
Offertory $1,041,599
(difference between 2015-16 and 2014-15 giving)
Variance ($)
Variance (%)
July 1st -July 3
(difference between 2016-17 and 2015-16 giving)
Variance ($)
Variance (%)
(Variance due to one-time gift in
July 2015-2016)
Music Ministr y
Anthony Music Ministry Needs Your
Help! We are trying to grow our music ministries and can’t do it without you. The time commitment is a 1.5 hour rehearsal during the week,
and an hour or ½ hour before mass to set up.
5PM Vigil & 11AM
Instrumentalists: All are welcome with a special need for a guitarist, bassist, and drummer.
Proficiency in an instrument with good sight
reading or improvisational skills required.
Singers: Looking for singers in all vocal ranges.
Experience in singing in parts, and or good sight
readings/improvisational skills required.
Audio Mixer: Someone with an ear for music or
a desire to learn. Experience in audio mixing/engineering is a plus. The volunteer will operate the mixing board with an iPad during mass.
(There will be some up front training but no
weekly rehearsal.)
Cantor: Looking for singers with a strong singing voice to lead all the music at mass. Being a
good sight reader and having a basic liturgical
knowledge is a plus but not required. An audition
is required. (No weekly rehearsal)
Singers: We want to build our choir. If you enjoy singing, this is the place for you. Experience
singing in 4-part harmony is a plus but not required. All vocal ranges welcome, with a special
need for Sopranos.
Cantor: Looking for singers with a strong singing voice to lead the Psalm and announce songs.
Being a good sight reader and having a basic liturgical knowledge is a plus but not required. An
audition is required. (Membership in the choir is
Music ministry is a wonderful place serve the community while building your faith in fellowship. Never hesitate to comment, encourage, or share ideas
with us. And most importantly keep praying and
singing with us. Please contact Nichlas Schaal
at [email protected] for more information.
Page 4
Parish office Hours Monday-Friday
8:30 –12PM 12:30 - 5PM
Evening Hours Tues-Thurs 6:30-9pm
After hours sacramental emergencies call:
541--230-4494 and leave a message
Clergy 503-639-4179
Fr. John Henderson, Pastor x112
Fr. Arjie Garcia, Vicar x119
Deacon Marco Espinoza x129
Deacon David Hammes x139
Adult Faith Formation
Gerlinde Lamer
(503)639-4179 ext. 122
Annulment Advocacy
Fr. John Henderson
(503)639-4179 ext. 112
Deacon Marco Espinosa
(503)639-4179 ext. 129
ESL(English as a Second Language)
Eva Garcia
Adminstrative Assistant /Facility Rental
Elise Shearer
(503) 639-4179 ext 113
Gerlinde Lamer
(503)639-4179 ext. 122
Catholic Daughters
Eileen Rosko
[email protected]
Andrew Nichols – Principal
Sally Plasker – Vice Principal
(503)639-4179 ext. 214
Clare Jaramillo – Assistant
(503)639-4179 ext. 222
Linda Olsen – Office
(503)639-4179 ext. 244
Julie Stump – After School Care
Sunday Nursery
Cindy Marchese
Knights of Columbus
Brian Fihn (503) 707-5155
[email protected]
Deacon Marco Espinoza
(503)639-4179 ext.129
Tom Barr
(503)639-4179 ext. 114
St. Anthony School
(503)639-4179 ext.
Business Office
(503)639-4179 ext. 114
Funeral Coordination
Hispanic Ministry
Gerlinde Lamer
(503)639-4179 ext. 122
Thomas Barr
(503)639-4179 ext. 213
Faith Formation
Cindy Marchese – Preschool-8th
(503)639-4179 ext. 121
Cindy Marchese – Sacramental Prep
(503)639-4179 ext. 121
Mary Hanlen, Youth Ministry
(503)639-4179 ext. 128
Kathy Fedr, RE Assistant
(503)639-4179 ext. 123
Archdiocese of Portland
(503)639-4179 ext. 121
Toni Stotts
Wedding Preparation
Fr. John Henderson
Steve Morton
(503)639-4179 ext. 116
(503)639-4179 ext. 112
Ministry of the Sick and Homebound
(503)639-4179 ext. 129
Music Ministry
Community Resources
Diane Bohan
Nichlas Schaal (English)
503-639-4179 ext 125
Phiet Loung Vietnamese
Deacon Marco Espinoza
St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry
Pantry hrs/utility/rental assistance
Gerlinde Lamer Spanish
503-639-4179 ext.122
Jim Haberski
Life, Peace and Justice
Good Neighbor Center/Shelter
Finance Office
Prayer and Worship
Sue Sammons
Jeanette Gent
Jean Stein
(503)639-4179 ext. 115
Fr. Arjie Garcia
(503)639-4179 ext. 119
Paul Lamer
Bulletin Items/ Mass Announcements
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Lucille Borsch / Elise Shearer
(503)639-4179 ext. 111
Gerlinde Lamer
(503)639-4179 ext. 122
RCIA / Returning Catholics
Geneva Stegemoller
Community Café
Steve Kemp
Confirmation (Adult)
Gerlinde Lamer
(503)639-4179 ext. 122
Confirmation (9th-12th grades)
Mary Hanlen
(503)639-4179 ext. 128
Gerlinde Lamer
(503)639-4179 ext. 122
Reception /Parish Office /
Mass Intentions
Lucille Borsch (day time)
Viridiana Morales (evenings and Saturday)
(503)639-4179 ext. 0
Sanctity of Life
Gerlinde Lamer
(503)639-4179 ext. 122
Severe Weather Shelter
Carol Herron
St. Vincent De Paul Tigard
Dick Bailey
St. Vincent de Paul Vol. Coordinator
Gerlinde Lamer
(503)639-4179 ext. 122
Caring Closet
Tri-County Help Line
Care to Share – Food
Care to Share - Utilities
Love Inc.
Union Gospel Mission Thrift Store
Page 5
July 12th
S T . A NJuly
H OMonday
N Y C O July
M U N I TTuesday
10 de julio Lunes
11 de Julio
12 de Julio
8:30 am St Andrew the Apostle
Chandler, AZ
8:30 am
7 AM Mass (Church)
7:30-12:30 Fellowship (center
8:30 AM Mass (Church)
11 AM Mass (Church)
1 PM mass Vietnamese (Church)
4:00 PM Mass Spanish (Church)
5:15 PM SALT (Francis hall)
5:30 PM Community Café
7 PM Mass (Church)
8 AM Bible Study Exodus (On line)
8:30 AM Daily Mass (Church)
11 AM Funeral Mass Lou Ebling
Reception Following
8:30 am Daily Mass
9:15 am Women’s Bible Study (Library)
11 AM Funeral Mass Charles Woodard
Reception Following
7:00 PM Pastoral Council (Upper room)
Charismatic Bible Study (O’Reilly)
7:00 am
8:30 am
11 am
4 pm
7:00 pm
+Bart Haunsperger
+Lou Ebling
+Pietro Vitiritti
People of St Anthony
July 13th
13 de julio
July 14th
14 de Julio
July 15th
15 de Julio
8:30 am
8:30 am
8:30 am +Paul Dexheimer
8:30 AM Daily Mass
9:00 AM Nutrition for Children
9:15 AM Quilt Tying (Library)
9:30 AM Mom’s Support group
6:15 PM Spanish Mass (Church)
7:00 PM Confesiones Espanol
Rite of Christian Initiation
for Adults (Upper Room)
8:30 am Daily Mass (Church)
9:00 AM Nutrition for Children
9:15 am Women’s Faith Sharing (Library
6:30 pm Mass Vietnamese (Church)
7 PM Confessions Vietnamese/English
8:30 am Daily Mass
8:30 am Bulletin Crew (Parish Office)
9:00 AM Nutrition for Children (O’Reilly)
10 am Making Rosaries (Upper Room)
7:00 PM Charismatic Prayer Group
July 16th
16 de julio
July 17th
17 de julio
8:30 am
5 pm +Nick Cassinelli
7 am
+Joe Borsch
8:30 am
11 am
+Lou Ebling
4 pm
For those who have died:
7 am Men’s Bible Study (Upstairs
8:30 AM Daily Mass (Church)
3:30 PM Confession (Church)
5 PM Vigil Mass (Church)
7 AM Mass (Church)
7:30-12:30 PM Fellowship (Gathering
8:30 AM Mass (Church)
11 AM Mass (Church)
1:30 PM Mass Vietnamese (Church)
4 PM Mass Spanish (Church)
5:30 PM Community Café (school)
7 PM Mass (church)
New Parishioners:
Page 6
Children’s Sacrament Preparation News
Contact: Cindy Marchese at 503-639-4179 x121 or
[email protected]
The Children’s Faith Formation Ministry at St. Anthony is
designed to aid parents as the primary religious educators
of their children and their youth and to facilitate the student’s discovery, recognition, and experience of God’s
activity in their lives.
Registration for 2016-17 Sunday
Children’s Faith Formation classes is
now available on-line.
Visit this link:
Or pick up forms from the parish office. Contact
Cindy Marchese at 503-639-4179 x121 or [email protected]
Preparing for the Sacraments at St. Anthony
Our parish prepares students using the following components:
1. Regular Sunday mass attendance
2. Foundational Catechesis through Sunday Faith Formation Classes or Catholic School.
3. At home parent/child sacrament book completion.
4. Parish support through parent meetings & family retreats.
Parents are encouraged to enroll children as 1st graders.
Preparation for sacraments begins in the 2nd/3rd grade by
enrolling in foundational catechesis. For 4th graders and
older who are in their 1st year of formation, preparation begins in year two. Register for 2016-17 Sunday Religious Education classes now or enroll your child in our parish school
to begin their formation.
1st Communion 2015-16
Group photos taken at all our 1st Communion masses are
available in electronic format. If you didn’t get the email
with pictures, let Cindy know.
Looking for a way to get involved in the parish?
If you love children, love your catholic faith and
can work with a team of adults….this might be
your ministry! Contact Cindy at the parish office
if you’d like to learn more about sharing your
faith with children. 503-639-4179 x121
Tilikum registration has closed! Call Kathy Fedr
for information on how to register through Camp
Tilikum, 503-639-4179 x123
We are asking for adults and youth who will be
entering 9th grade or older in the fall to join us
out at Camp Tilikum as youth & adult counselors!
Come for one or more days! Contact Kathy Fedr
for information at 503-639-4179 x123.
Do you have a child that
you would like to baptize?
Have you been asked to be
a Godmother or Godfather
for a child? Our next class
for the preparation of infant
baptism is Wednesday July
13th at 7 PM . For questions or to make an appointment please call
503-639-4179 ext. 122 or email [email protected]
Page 7
Saint Anthony’s Life Teen
is a ministry open to all
high school students.
We meet Sundays at
5:00, starting with dinner, and ending at 6:45,
before Mass.
Newcomers and visitors
are always welcome—just
walk in the door, write
down a few pieces of
information, and join the celebration!
With summer break underway for students and teachers,
activity continues at the school with cleaning up and out the
classrooms, making repairs, and upgrading our computer
systems and safeguards. In the middle school, Summer
Camp is off to a great and wet start. With last Monday’s 90
degree temperature, campers beat the heat with a little water action.
Summer Life Nights
God loves you all year long, and so do we!
Whenever you’re in town, please join us, 2nd
and last Sundays for summer fun!
Games at Life Night tonight, July 10
Also, July 31, August 14, and August 28, we’ll
see you for our summer excitement! Remember,
dinner is not provided during Summer.
Through the middle of August, campers will be enjoying
gym time, crafts, more water activities, fort construction,
computer games, a field trip, movies, bike riding, library
time and much more.
Some of the student campers are also attending Vacation
Bible School’s “Cave Quest: Following Jesus—The Light of
the World.”
On-line Registration is open!
Registration is needed for those who are:
*Regularly attending Life Nights and other
youth events. (For those going in to their first or
With any and all questions or concerns, call
Mary at 503-639-4179 x128
Although the school will be closed the month of July, we will
continue to schedule tours and register students throughout
the summer. If you would like to learn more about our programs or refer a family to St. Anthony School, please feel
free to give me a call.
Clare Jaramillo, Enrollment
(503) 639-4179, ext. 222
Page 8
The Faith Formation Commission met on June 16th to review the status of the parish survey and plan the next
steps in the survey process. Attendees included Mary, Gerlinde, Kathy, Veronica, Donna, Susie, Cindy, and Kevin. The Commission made the following decisions:
The “target” for the minimum number of survey responses is 200.
The survey schedule was extended through the Summer.
A number of actions will be taken to advertise the survey and promote responses, including an outreach during the fellowship time after Sunday masses.
The next meeting is scheduled for July 21st and all are welcome to attend!
Highlights of the Life, Justice & Peace Meeting – June 9, 2016
Community Alliance of Tenants Workshop: We agreed that 20 people attending was a good showing
for the first year. The hope is to reach more tenants next year.
Interfaith Power & Light Postcards: Response to this Earth Day event was disappointing. Next year we
will advertise more and have the actual postcards available for parishioners to sign.
2016 Offering of Letters: Ten letters were written over the three Sundays we had a table at fellowship
and were hand-delivered to the archdiocesan office. With an eye toward growing this campaign next year
we will encourage participation in a letter writing event with the video presentation from Bread for the
Union Gospel Mission: The Lifechange for Women program run by Union Gospel Mission in Beaverton
could accommodate a tour on Tuesday or Thursday after 10 a.m.
Feast of St. Francis Catholic Climate Covenant program: The feast of St. Francis is Oct. 4. We will
look into providing informational materials to raise awareness in the parish about this feast and the ties to
Care for Creation called for by Pope Francis.
October is Respect Life month: Sept. 28 – Nov. 9 is the “40 Days for Life” this year. We will try to provide pamphlets and display posters during this time.
Oregon Care Partners classes: Oregon Care Partners offers free classes for caregivers on a wide variety
of topics to help with issues common to caring for aging loved ones. We will explore this further at our
next meeting.
No July meeting: The next meeting will be Thursday, August 11 at 7 p.m. in the parish library.
Page 9
New Parish Photo Directory !
Everyone groans when it’s directory time.
Not only do most of us not
enjoy having our photograph taken, but the directory experience seems
uniquely grueling
What can you expect? A
handsome back drop.
Heirloom quality artwork.
Friendly low-key photographers.
Signing up is easy!
Annual Family Barbeque
Sunday, August 7, 2016
12 Noon to 6 PM
3600 SW 170th, Beaverton
Sweepstakes Tickets
Cash Prizes of $1,000, $500, & $250
Phone for more details at
5th Annual Catholic Women Rejoice
Conference - August 19 & 20
St. Anthony Catholic Church in Tigard, OR
The theme is, "Rejoice and Be Free"
Opening Mass with Archbishop Alexander K.
Sample, Confession, fabulous vendors and
door prizes.
Keynote speakers include Hallie Lord
Mary Lenaburg
MC/Event Founder Heather Renshaw,
and more!
Group discounts and Early Bird pricing are
available. For event schedule and registration,
visit: today!
Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as A.A., is a worldwide Fellowship of men and women
who help each other maintain sobriety and who offer to share their recovery experience with
others. In June, an A.A. group called “Saturday Reflections” began meeting on Saturdays from
7:00to 8:00 AM in the lobby of the Parish Community Center. The meeting is open to the public. Anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or just wants to learn more about A.A. is welcome
to attend. More information on A.A., including times for other meetings, is available online at or by calling 503-684-0415.
Page 10
Bear Patiently Those Who Do Us Ill
Are you looking to reconnect to your
faith? Do you have questions about
your relationship with God and the
Thursday August 4th we will begin
reading and discussing the boo Rediscover Jesus.
To be a part of this group email
[email protected]
Faith Formation and Enhancement Survey
The Faith Formation Commission would like
your feedback so that we as a Parish can serve
you better! How do you want to deepen your
Faith? What issues are you facing right now?
What's the easiest way for you to grow, and
when is the best time? Please help us by filling
out this brief survey to let us know the best way
to serve you!
God is so patient with us. Let us ask for the
grace to have that kind of patience with others.
July contains the Feast Days of St Elizabeth of
Portugal (Patroness of Peace) and
St Benedict (Patron of Community)
Compliment or thank someone who “has done
you ill”.
Participate in a peaceful and prayer ful vigil:
For peace in our homes and in our world
For an end to abortion
For an end to gun violence
You may receive pushback and counter protests
- remain peaceful and prayerful
If you hear of gossip or talk against someone in
your workplace, family or circle of friends, step
up to the defense of the person who is not there
to defend him or herself.
Our on line Bible Study has begun.
Its not to late to start.
Registration is now open at
Join us beginning July 19th after
morning mass in the gathering
space. 35 Psalms have been chosen
to show us how the Psalms express
the relationship between God and
God’s people as they form and transform the community of faith.
To order your book email [email protected]
Plan a date night.
Write a letter of affection to your spouse.
Practice being quick to forgive.
At night, pray for each other.
Say “I'm sorry”.
Frustrated with someone? Step away from the
situation , take a few deep breaths, pray the Our
Father, asking God for patience.
Reflect and follow-up: The work of mercy isn’t
finished when the activity ends. Spend time in
prayer, reflecting on where you saw and experienced the love and mercy of Christ.
Monday - Friday, July 11 – 15, 2016
43rd Institute in Catholic Teaching
Speakers: Fr. John Horgan; Sr. Ann Shields, SGL; Fr.
George McInnis, CPM
Schedule: Morning Prayer- Holy Mass- Classes and
Eucharistic Holy Hour.
Evening Lectures: a Speaker each day, and a
performance by St. Luke Productions.Resident: $500
($550 Canadian) includes all classes and evening lectures, room and all meals; Day Student: $325 (all classes and lunches); Per-Day: $70 (3 classes and a lunch);
Per-Class: $20; Evening Lectures: $10 per person
(includes light refreshments).
Visit our website at to register,
Window into Divine Mercy
Join us as we go LIVE from Krakow in
three weeks: World Youth day, St. John
Paull II, and St. Faustina.
Jesus, I trust in You
Losia Radominski
Masses are not just for the dead!
Do you want to thank God for a blessing? Do you
have a family member or
yourself that could use
prayers? Perhaps there is
an anniversary of the death
of a loved one you want to
remember or a birthday/quinceanera of some
one living.
Requesting a mass intention is as simple as picking
up the phone and calling the parish office or coming into and talking with either Lucille or
Viridiana. 503-639-4179 ext. 0
Page 12
Es con gran alegría que damos la bienvenida al Padre Arjie
García. Fue ordenado sacerdote el
4 de junio de 2016. El Padre Arjie
nació el 14 de mayo de 1985 en las
Filipinas. Estudió en el Seminario
Monte Ángel de la Arquidiócesis de Portland en
He tenido el privilegio de trabajar con el
Padre Arjie como su Director de Vocaciones y tengo que decir que es una persona muy alegre, compasiva y muy trabajadora.
Él estará involucrado en todos los ministerios de la parroquia y está aquí para servir, para
celebrar la Eucaristía, para perdonar los pecados,
para ungir a los enfermos, bautizar, celebrar matrimonios, y enterrar a los muertos. La personalidad amistosa del Padre Arjie es contagiosa y se
puede encontrar muy fácil hablando con él.
Padre Arjie y yo voy a trabajar en equipo. Se ha
mudado a nuestra casa que es la rectoría. Es mi
esperanza de que pronto vayamos a remodelar la
planta baja para que el Padre Arjie pueda tener su
propia cocina y estudio. Cada sacerdote tiene que
tener su propio espacio, pero es muy bueno que
podamos vivir en la misma casa. Él me dice que va
a tener un acuario de peces y aves. Creo que es
grande, siempre y cuando no es tiburones y buitres.
Como un nuevo sacerdote siempre es bueno
tener una bendición especial así que por favor no
dude en pedirle su bendición. Que Dios bendiga al
Padre Arjie ahora que comenzó su nuevo ministerio y es mi oración que todos podamos hacer nuestro mejor esfuerzo para ayudarle a lo largo del camino.
Te deseo una buena semana,
Fr. John
Eucaristía (Misa) 4:00pm
Misa en Español Miercoles 6:15pm.
Grupo de Oración Kerigma:
Asamblea: (O’Reilly Hall) Viernes 7:00 PM
Pronto se les informara.
Martes (O’Reilly & Youth Center) 7:00 PM
Clases PRE-Bautismales:
Proxima clase de bautismo August 6, 6 PM
Clase por cita con Diacono Marco
Llamar al 503-639-4179 Ext. 129
Requiere una entrevista con el Diacono
Marco 503-639-4179 x129
BAUTIZOS (niños menores de 8 años):
Bautizos Julio 16, 2:00pm
Cuarto Domingo en la misa 4:00 PM
Hablar con el Diacono Marco
Sacerdote/ Párroco
Fr. John Henderson
503-639-4179 Ext.112
Vicario Parroquial
Fr. Arjie Garcia
503-639-4179 Ext. 119
Ministro Hispano
Deacon Marco Espinoza
503-639-4179 x 129
[email protected]
Asistente de Pastoral (Bilingüe)
Viridiana Morales Ext.0
Horas de oficina:
Martes, miércoles y Jueves de 6:30-9PM
Sábado de 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
Favor tocar el timbre de la puerta.
Page 13
Lo que Dios unió que
no lo separe el hombre.
Favor llame a la oficina
y haga una cita con el
Diacono Marco al
503-639-4179 Ext. 129
6 meses de anticipación
La inscripción para Educacion Religiosa
Ven a registrar a sus hijos a la oficina o internet.
Para la formacion de Sacramentos.
Actividades de la comunidad San Antonio.
Directorio de la Parroquia.
Invitamos a todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad a participar en el directorio de la parroquia, puede ser individual o en familia. Para
hacerlo favor hacer una cita en la oficina o por
Convivio Familiar Hispano.
El domingo 24 de julio invitamos a toda la comunidad a participar en un convivio familiar
después de la misa de las 4:00PM. Favor traer
un platillo para compartir y muchos deseos de
disfrutar de una variedad de juegos y actividades. Los esperamos.
Día de Adoración.
El viernes 29 de Julio es día de adoración del
Santísimo. Inicia a las 9:00AM después de misa
con la exposición del Santísimo en la iglesia, de
7:00pm a 8:00pm hora de adoración y alabanza
con música, oraciones y termina con la bendición del Santísimo Sacramento.
Picnic de la Parroquia St. Anthony.
El sábado 13 de agosto invitamos a nuestra comunidad a unirnos en una sola comunidad San
Antonio para celebrar el Picnic de las 6:00pm en
adelante. El evento consiste en traer un platillo
lo suficiente para compartir, disfrutar de juegos
y competencias incluyendo premios por el mejor
platillo o ensalada y muchas actividades para
toda la familia.
XV Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
Primera lectura Deuterono 30:10-14
Si tú escuchas la voz de Yahveh tu Dios guardando sus mandamientos y sus preceptos te
conviertes a Yahveh tu Dios con todo tu corazón y con toda tu alma.
Salmo 69:14, 17, 30-31, 33-34, 36-37
Busquen al Señor, y viviran sus corazones.
Segunda lectura Colosenses 1:15-20
Jesús es también la Cabeza del Cuerpo, de la
Iglesia. Él es el Principio, el Primogénito de entre los muertos, para que sea él el primero en
Evangelio Lucas 10:25-37
El fariseo contesto, amaras al Señor tu Dios con
todo tu corazón, con toda tu alma, con todas
tus fuerzas y con toda tu mente; y amaras a tu
prójimo como a ti mismo, Jesús contesto haz
eso y vivirás.
Practica de Coros.
Coro de Jóvenes/ Niños
La práctica de los coros de niños y jóvenes
es el 1ro, 2do y 4to martes del mes a las
7:15pm en la iglesia. Niños deben ser
acompañados por sus padres.
Coro de Jóvenes Adultos
La práctica del coro de jóvenes adultos es el
3er martes de cada mes.
Bienvenido a la Parroquia de San Antonio
Gracias por acompañarnos esta tarde. Es nuestro
mayor deseó que la Eucaristía que hoy celebramos
nos anime a vivir una profunda experiencia de fe y
vida. Le invitamos para que junto con sus familiares y amigos vuelvan a participar con nosotros, su
comunidad y familia, de la iglesia de San Antonio
en Tigard.

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