Second Quarter Newsletter



Second Quarter Newsletter
South Lake High School Shark Bite
Seattle Public Schools
Volume 7, Issue 2
Every Student — Every Classroom — Every Day
The Parent Involvement Policy and C-SIP are available for review in the main office.
South Lake Students Volunteer for Japanese New Year
February 26, 2016
Mission Statement:
South Lake High
School welcomes all
students to a small,
supportive and
structured educational setting where
achievement is the
celebrated outcome.
Upcoming Events:
 3/15-3/17 HSPE
 3/23 Two-hour early
 4/11-4/15 Spring
 6/17 Graduation
 6/24 Last Day of
Message from the
Carbon Dioxide
On February
14th, Noel
Woods and
Tessa Hill
volunteered for
the Shizuoka
Kenjin Kai Club at the
International District’s
House of Hong restaurant.
Each year, people who are
either from Shizuoka,
Japan, or people whose
families are from that
prefecture (state) gather in
the winter to celebrate the
Japanese New Year.
Unlike the Lunar New
Year, which was on
February 8th this year, the
Japanese celebrate on
January 1st, similar to
what is done in the United
Throughout the evening,
games were played, people
were honored, and speeches were given. One particular guest of honor was
Seattle’s Japanese Consul
Tsuyoshi Ohtsuka.
Noel and Tessa both said
it was a great opportunity
to give back and learn
about another culture. “I
loved being able to help at
a Japanese event,” said
Tessa. “It was great to
support and was cool to
get Chinese food, flowers,
and snacks at the end of
the event. What a wonderful way to spend my Valentine’s Day.”
Welcome, Jordan Allen 2
Farewell, Mrs. Spenser 3
Writers in the Schools 3
and Title I Information
Spanish Translation
Tessa Hill and Noel Woods standing at
the podium before guests arrived.
Noel Woods standing by for Consul Tsuyoshi Ohtsuka’s response to a discussion.
Welcome, Jessica
Some tasks performed by
Noel and Tessa were
filling goodie bags,
handing out papers and
pencils, arranging bouquets of flowers, and identifying winners for games.
Lillian Hayashi, president
of the Shizuoka Club, said
their help was indispensable and much appreciated.
Noel and Tessa each
earned five hours of
service learning for their
time and hard work.
Tessa Hill identifying the prize winners.
Noel Woods and Lillian Hayashi
presenting the prizes to the winners.
South Lake High School Shark Bite
Project Mister
Welcomes, Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen attended
Franklin High School
and graduated in
2013. While at Franklin, he was a student
of Project MISTER
(Males Involved to
Support & Encourage
He thoroughly enjoys
remaining active in
the community and
hopes to set the bar
high for all young
men and women to
strive for. Leaders are
definitely needed
today, so leaders must
stand up TODAY!!
Jordan Allen, center.
Page 2
Message from the Principal
In January 2016,
Schools and
the City of
launched a
community partners in Rainier
Beach to support the use of a
proven framework for promoting
positive behaviors and reducing
negative behaviors at the five
Rainier Beach schools, the
Rainier Beach Community
Center, the Seattle Public Library
branch, local businesses, and in
the community at-large. The
federally-funded project will use
an evidence-based, non-punitive
approach called Positive
Behavioral Interventions and
Supports (PBIS) and will build
on the work of an existing
community-led public safety
effort called, Rainier Beach: A
Beautiful Safe Place for Youth.
This project is a community-led,
data-driven, and researchinformed approach to addressing
juvenile crime hot spots through
non-arrest strategies that began in
2013 as a federal grant and is
now funded by the City of
Seattle. This project has
mobilized over 200 diverse
community members, dozens
of community-based
organizations and
institutional partners, and
over 80 businesses in Rainier
Beach. The project’s nonarrest interventions include:
Safe Passage, designed to
increase after school
supervision of youth.
Community Safety
Specialists walk throughout
the Rainier and Henderson
hot spot between 2pm and
6pm. They ensure youth get
safely to the bus or light rail,
diffuse potential conflicts,
and encourage youth to
attend activities at the
community center and
physical and operational
improvements to reduce crime.
Corner Greeters, in which a
dynamic group of local high
school students, supervised by
the Rainier Beach Action
Coalition, create pop-up
activities at each of the five hot
spots. From art projects, to
Pictionary, to poetry, and giant
chess, the Corner Greeter
intervention brings positive
activity to each hot spot and
provides a leadership
opportunity for the youth.
We welcome family and friends
to join us in making Rainier
Beach a beautiful safe place for
our youth.
Thank you,
Keith Smith
Business Outreach, designed
to connect the diverse
business owners at all five
hot spots with information
and resources to make
Carbon Dioxide Footprint
Students in Mrs. France’s
Biology course finished up the
quarter studying changes that can be
made to simple everyday tasks to
help decrease the amount of carbon
dioxide emissions. As seen on
Khanani Dewberry and Taylor
Smith’s poster to the left, there are
many ways to reduce carbon
dioxide emissions. Here are some
examples: (1) Use a reusable water
bottle; (2) conserve energy; (3) walk
or take the bus; (4) plant a tree; and
(5) unplug electronics. Something
else you can do as a household is
buy locally grown produce. We
really must come together
collectively to make changes to
better our environment. Visit to
find out how you can get involved.
Post-Secondary Options and Day of Empowerment
On January 29th, South Lake welcomed several different
presenters from local colleges and programs. Students were
able to learn about different post-secondary options like
Green River College, AmeriCorps, and Year-Up. South
Lake’s very own Antonious Dean was the key note speaker.
The all-day event was informative and useful for students,
prompting several of them to start working on their high
school and beyond plans and applying for financial aid.
On February 12th, community partner, G.A.M.E., put on
a day of events which included speakers and break-out sessions. They also had raffles and games. Students were given
prizes for their involvement in certain activities. Student
Monique Thomas got a purple pen and a glow stick for interacting with the presenters. She said, “The day of empowerment is great to empower yourself and know you are not
alone in life.” Another student, Shadre Brown, said, “The
Day of Empowerment showed me that you could do anything you put your mind to, no matter what happens. Your
struggles help you become the person you are today. You
also learn from your mistakes.”
Breakfast or
Lunch with
Principal Smith
Join Us! Chicken and
Waffles, or some other
delicious breakfast
treat, every Monday.
Hosted by the
D.A.D.S. volunteers.
From 7:15 am to 7:45
am. Mr. Smith will be
available to chat at this
time and on Fridays
during lunch. Please
come by to meet the
Saturday Math
Get help with current
math work or work on
preparing for state
math assessments.
You can also earn
extra math credit.
Email Ms. Wakamatsu
for more information:
Prom Planning Tuesdays
Time is running short
and prom is fast approaching! Come to
Ms. Wakamatsu’s
room on Tuesdays
after school to start
planning. Your help is
valued and needed.
Volunteers Needed
South Lake always
welcomes parents/
guardians and community partners to volunteer in the building.
We can use help filing, grading, organizing, etc. Let
the main office know if
you are interested. You
can reach
them at (206)
South Lake High School Shark Bite
Page 3
Mrs. Michelle Spenser (Green) is Due Any Day Now
We said a temporary goodbye to Mrs. Spenser on February
12th, which was her last day before going on maternity leave. Mrs.
Spenser and her husband Jarome are expecting a healthy little boy
toward the end of the month. Jarome is excited that the baby might
be a leap year baby, if he is born on February 29th. We wish them
the best with their first little one and will be excited to have Mrs.
Spenser back next school year.
South Lake Welcomes Jessica Monfils to the Team
South Lake has had the fortune of finding a wonderful long-term guest teacher for Proud parents to be: Michelle Spenser
and Jarome Spenser.
Mrs. Spenser while she is out on maternity
leave. Get to know Ms. Jessica Monfils: “I
am originally from Wisconsin where I was born and raised in a rural
farming community. I attended College at the University of Wisconsin
Stout majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. I taught
high school FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) for 2 years in Wisconsin before moving to Seattle this past June. I come from a large family and have 4 nieces and 3 nephews who I love spending time with! My
favorite hobbies include: baking, snowboarding, sewing clothing, hiking,
reading and running. I love to travel and have visited 23 states in the U.S.
and I hope to visit Alaska, California and Idaho in 2016. When I am not busy with activities I like
to relax and watch Netflix or play a fun game of cribbage!”
Writers in the South Lake School
Ms. Gomez and Ms. Blackburn's language arts classes were able to work with
Writers in the Schools (WITS) and local
spoken word artist Daemond Arendell for
four weeks in January. Daemond led the
classes through various writing exercises
and students worked on "I'm from" poems, persona poems, and "underneath
my..." poems, among others. Several
students, including Anastasia Lawson,
Mariela Orozco, and Tre Miller wrote
poems that will be published in WITS
annual poetry anthology. To the right,
there are four student poems that were
created with Writers in the Schools.
Title 1: What does it mean?
Title 1, Part A is a federally funded program that allocates additional monies to schools who
have a high percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunches. The monies are generally
used to fund staff who provide additional academic support, enhance before or after school tutoring programs, purchase supplies or curricula to use with students who are below standard, and
support parent involvement activities. South Lake High School is a Title 1 school. The 2015-16
Title 1 Parent Involvement Plan is available in the front office for review by our parents and families. As part of our being a Title 1 school, South Lake documents the ways in which we encourage families to become involved with their student's education. Please feel welcome to chat with
staff about ways you can become more involved in South Lake High School. If at any time you
have concerns about the use of Title 1 funds, please contact Mr. Smith. The district contact person for our school is Helen Finch, Consulting teacher Title 1, [email protected] (206)
252-0160, who also is happy to take your calls. A procedure for written complaints is found on
the District website, on the Title 1 page.
Page 4
Volume 7, Issue 2
Estudiantes son Voluntarios para el Año Nuevo Japonés en South Lake
En febrero 14, Noel Woods y Tessa
Hill fueron voluntarios en el club Shizuoka Kenjin Kai en el restaurant
“House of Hong” en el Distrito Internacional. Cada año, gente que son ya sea
de Shizuoka, Japón, o de familias de
esa prefectura (estado), se reúnen en el
invierno para celebrar el Año Nuevo
Japonés. Diferente al Año Nuevo Lunar, que fue en febrero 8 este año, los
Japoneses celebran en Enero 1ro, similar a lo que se hace en los Estados uni-
Durante la tarde, se hicieron juegos,
se honró a gente, y se dieron discursos.
Un invitado de honor fue el Cónsul
Japonés en Seattle Tsuyoshi Ohtsuka.
Algunas cosas hechas por Noel y
Tessa fueron llenar bolsas con regalitos, repartir papel y lápices, hacer arreglos florales e identificar ganadores en
los juegos. Lillian Hayashi, presidente
del Club Shizuoka, dijo que su ayuda
fue indispensable y muy apreciada.
Noel y Tessa ganaron cada una cinco
horas de aprendizaje de servicio por su
tiempo y duro trabajo.
Ambas, Noel y Tessa, dijeron que fue
una gran oportunidad para devolver y
aprender acerca de otra cultura. “Me
encanto poder ayudar en un evento
Japonés,” dijo Tessa. “Fue Bueno apoyar y divertido tener comida China,
flores y bocadillos al final del evento.
Que maravillosa manera de pasar mi
Día de San Valentín.”
investigativo para dirigirlo a sitios
críticos, a través de estrategias sin
arresto que comenzaron en el
2013 como una concesión federal
y que ahora es financiada por la
Ciudad de Seattle. Este proyecto
ha movilizado más de 200 diversos miembros comunitarios, docenas de organizaciones de base
comunitarias y compañeros institucionales, y más de 80 negocios
en Rainier Beach. El proyecto
intervención sin arresto incluye:
Pasaje Seguro, designado a
incrementar supervisión después
de la escuela en jóvenes. Especialistas en Seguridad Comunitaria
caminan a través del sitio crítico
de Rainier y Henderson entre las
2pm y 6pm. Ellos garantizan que
los jóvenes lleguen seguros al autobús o tren ligero, dispersan conflictos potenciales y animan a los
jóvenes a atender actividades en el
centro comunitario y la biblioteca.
Participación de Negocios,
designado a conectar los diversos
dueños de negocios en todos los
cinco sitios críticos, con información y recursos para hacer mejoras
físicas y operacionales para reducir crimen.
Saludadores de Esquinas, en
la cual un grupo dinámico de estudiantes de preparatorias locales,
supervisados por la Coalición de
Acción Rainier Beach, crean actividades improvisadas en cada uno
de los cinco sitios críticos. De
proyectos de arte, a Pictionary, a
poesía, y ajedrez gigante, la intervención del Saludador de Esquina
trae actividad positiva para cada
sitio crítico y provee oportunidad
de liderazgo para jóvenes.
Mensaje del Director
En Enero 2016, las Escuelas
Públicas de Seattle y La Ciudad
de Seattle comenzaron una colaboración con los compañeros comunitarios en Rainier Beach para
apoyar el uso de una buena infraestructura para promover conducta positiva y reducir conductas
negativas en las cinco escuelas de
Rainier Beach, del centro comunitario Rainier Beach, de la Biblioteca Pública de Seattle, negocios
locales y en la comunidad en general. El proyecto financiado federalmente usará una estrategia no
disciplinaria llamada Intervenciones de Comportamiento Positivo y
Apoyos (PBIS) basada en evidencia, y se levantará del trabajo existente del esfuerzo publico primario de la comunidad llamado, Rainier Beach: Un Bello y Seguro
Lugar para Jovenes (A Beautiful
Safe Place for Youth). Este proyecto es primariamente comunitario, basado en datos y con enfoque
Acogemos a familiares y amigos
para que se nos unan para hacer de
Rainier Beach un bello y seguro lugar
para nuestros jóvenes.
Con Agradecimiento,
Keith Smith
Escritores en la Escuela South Lake
La Srita. Gomez y la Srita. Blackburn de las clases de artes del lenguaje pudieron trabajar con Escritores en las Escuelas
(WITS) y palabras habladas del artista local Daemond Arendell por cuatro semanas en enero. Daemond guio las clases a través
de varios ejercicios de escritura y los estudiantes trabajaron en poemas "Soy de", poemas de personajes, y poemas "debajo de
mi...", entre otros. Varios estudiantes, incluyendo Anastasia Lawson, Mariela Orozco, y Tre Miller escribieron poemas que serán
publicados anualmente en poemas de antología WITS.
Desayuno o Almuerzo con el Director Smith
¡Unasenos! Pollo y Waffles, o algún otro delicioso desayuno, todos los lunes. Patrocinado por los voluntarios de D.A.D.S. De
las 7:15 am a 7:45 am. El Sr. Smith estará disponible para charlar durante este tiempo y los viernes durante el almuerzo. Por favor venga para conocer al Director.
Page 5
Volume 7, Issue 2
Opciones después de la Preparatoria y Día de Fortalecimiento
En Enero 29, South Lake les dió la
bienvenida a varios diferentes presentadores de colegios locales y programas.
Los estudiantes pudieron aprender acerca
de diferentes opciones después de la preparatoria como el Colegio Green River,
Americorps, y Year-Up. El presentador
de South Lake, Antonious Dean, fué el
presentador principal. El evento de todo
el día fué informativo y útil para los estudiantes, instigando a varios de ellos a
comenzar el trabajo en su plan de preparatoria y más allá de la preparatoria, y
aplicar por ayuda financiera.
En Febrero 12, el compañero comuni-
tario G.A.M.E., puso un Día de Fortalecimiento el cual incluye oradores y sesiones de grupos. Ellos también tuvieron
rifas y juegos. A los estudiantes se les
dieron premios por su participación en
ciertas actividades. La estudiante Monique Thomas obtuvo una pluma purpura y
una barra luminosa por interactuar con
los presentadores. Ella dijo, “El Día de
Fortalecimiento es bueno para fortalecerse uno mismo y saber que no estás solo
en la vida”. Otro estudiante, Shadre
Brown, dijo, “El Día de Fortalecimiento
le mostro que uno puede hacer cualquier
cosa que piense, no importa que pase.
Tus esfuerzos te ayudan a ser la persona
que eres hoy. También aprendes de tus
errores”. A través de los años, G.A.M.E.
ha estado comprometido a ayudar a los
estudiantes de South Lake a ser exitosos.
Ellos también han traído ocho estudiantes de ingeniería de la Universidad de
Washington para dar tutoría a nuestros
estudiantes en ciencia y matemáticas
todos los jueves. Gracias, G.A.M.E., por
todo lo que hacen.
La Sra. Michelle Spenser (Green) dará a luz en cualquier momento
Le dimos un adiós temporario a la Sra. Spenser en Febrero 12, el cual fue su último día antes de salir en ausencia de maternidad.
La Sra. Spenser y su esposo Jarome están esperando un saludable niñito para fin de mes. Jarome está entusiasmado de que él bebe pueda ser un bebe bisiesto si nace el 29 de febrero. Les deseamos lo mejor con su primer bebito y estaremos ansiosos de tener
a la Sra. Spenser de regreso el próximo año.
South Lake le da la bienvenida a Jessica Monfils en el equipo
South Lake ha tenido la fortuna de encontrar un sustituto a largo plazo para la Sra. Spenser mientras ella está ausente por maternidad. Conociendo a la Srita. Jessica Monfils: “Soy originaria de Wisconsin donde nací y crecí en una comunidad de agricultura
rural. Atendí el Colegio en la Universidad de Wisconsin en la Carrera de Educación en Ciencias de Familia y Clientes. Enseñe
en preparatoria FACS (Ciencias en Familia y Clientes) por 2 años en Wisconsin antes de cambiarme a Seattle este pasado junio. ¡Vengo de una familia grande y tengo 4 sobrinas y 3 sobrinos con los que me gusta pasar tiempo! Mis pasatiempos favoritos incluyen: hornear, snowboarding, coser ropa, caminar en la montaña, leer y correr. Me gusta viajar y he visitado 23 estados
en los Estados Unidos y espero visitar Alaska California y Idaho en el 2016. Cuando no estoy ocupada con actividades me gusta
relajarme y mirar Netflix o jugar un juego divertido de cribbage (cartas)!”
Oportunidades a Voluntarios
South Lake siempre le da la bienvenida a padres/tutores y compañeros comunitarios en el edificio. Podemos utilizas ayuda archivando, calificando, organizando, etc. Déjele saber a la oficina principal si está interesado(a). Puede contactarlos al (206) 2526600.
Matemáticas del Sábado
Obtén ayuda con el trabajo actual de matemáticas o trabaja en prepárate para el examen estatal de matemáticas. También puedes
ganar crédito extra en matemáticas. Envía un correo electrónico a la Srita. Wakamatsu para más información: pywakamatsu
The Quarterly Shark Award Winners!
Mariela Orozco Echeverria and Lesley Morris
Shark Characteristics:
Earning A’s and B’s in all classes
Excited to learn
Team player
Great Attendance
Awesome Class Contributor

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